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11413 No. 11413 [Edit]
What's it like to have friends? Is it worth trying to gain friends? If it is, how/where should I try meeting people?
>> No. 11414 [Edit]
Friends are okay for the most part.
The hardest parts are losing friends and jealousy. You could say that most online friends will end at some point and if you are a jealous person you can go about stalking other people they talk to which isn't good for either party.

You could meet people anywhere, offline at a club or something you join, online during a game. There's no predefined places for friends!
>> No. 11415 [Edit]
I had friend(s?) once, they sucked and only used me for my money, as I was the only one among them with a job, then the only one of them with a car.

People only want to be friends with people who have something to offer.

Post edited on 19th Aug 2012, 3:11pm
>> No. 11416 [Edit]
Back when I had friends I constantly felt like I was letting them down by not doing more with them, and even when I did things with them I would get sick of it and want to be alone after an hour or so. Friendship isn't nearly as fun as anime (or any fictional media) makes it out to be, at least in my experience. Maybe I just haven't found the right people
>> No. 11417 [Edit]
It really depends. Some people find having friends isn't necessary. I'm not sure I agree with the view that humans 'have a need to belong to a group' though being part of this community kinda defeats the point I was trying to make, but everyone's unique in this sense; some will feel unable to function without a 'social life', others will only really feel they need one or two close friends, while others still prefer complete solitude.

Having friends can be beneficial, but don't bother wasting your time with those that don't give you the respect you deserve.

>You could meet people anywhere, offline at a club or something you join, online during a game. There's no predefined places for friends!

This. I'd suggest first trying to meet people with mutual interests as this will act as a firm stepping stone in establishing relationships with others.

If this is your first time on TC, congratulations! You've just taken your first step towards meeting new people!
>> No. 11418 [Edit]
“Friends” are a waste of time.
>> No. 11419 [Edit]
friends will betray you, don't bother.
>> No. 11420 [Edit]
People just have different needs is all. Some people feel like they need to be surrounded by friends, or people who they think are friends. Others just have a few people they are close to, and others just want to be alone. I personally like having a few non-annoying people to chat with on the internet whenever I feel like it and don't feel like I need anything else

Post edited on 19th Aug 2012, 3:43pm
>> No. 11429 [Edit]
I used to want to be around friends at every single moment. Now I avoid them as much as possible. Sometimes I feel like I want to know what they have been up to, so I'll call once a year.
>> No. 11431 [Edit]
I used to have a friend when I went to school. We parted ways mostly because of my negligence, now he only looks for me on IMs when he needs something.

Having friends isn't something to look forward to, but talking to people online can be nice sometimes.

Also this.
>> No. 11432 [Edit]
>Now he only looks for me on IMs when he needs something.

Story of my life.
>> No. 11433 [Edit]
Depends what friends we're talking about.

IRL is really tiresome for a brohno. People can almost always get arbitrarily close to you, keeping distance without looking like a weirdo or someone trying to take advantage is hard and being taken advantage of is a bit easier too.

On the other hand, internet friends is really nice. The medium already imposes a quite comfortable distance, managing it is easy, if people miss you or something they'll just call you to play some game with them rather than asking you to leave your house and do something IRL. And unless you're not careful with your personal information they can't do much harm shall they turn agains't you.
>> No. 11434 [Edit]
Friends are nice but they are too resource consuming for me. I'm just not cut out for this. Doing stuff together is nice but it takes a lot of time and it's tiring. And then they will sometimes want to do stuff when you don't want to go outside/want to spend some time by yourself and you have to either decline or force yourself to do it. And it keeps happening. Don't say I didn't warn you, I told you about friends bro.

It's been 3 years since I finished high school and I haven't really talked (IRL of course) with anyone but members of my family since then. Sometimes I get lonely and I wish I had friends I could hang out with but then I get reminded of why I don't have any in the first place. It can't be helped.


>People only want to be friends with people who have something to offer.

That's true but it's give and take, really.
>> No. 11437 [Edit]
I have one very distant IRL friend and a small handful of online friends but in IRL we don't do much and that person probably hates me too. It's not going anywhere. I don't have much to offer anyone. I live in a area that is mostly only middle aged to old people. You really don't want friends unless you have something to offer each other. And the only thing I'm good for is being someone's personal love/sex toy. I don't have anything to offer but my body and affection to anyone. Maybe if I found someone who didn't care about anything else but childish day dreams like myself but I doubt anyone like me is active outside the house. Couldn't find a friend if my life depended on it because there is no one around here anyways.
>> No. 11447 [Edit]
Friends are people with similar interests as you.
The friends I have are what they are because we grew up together, from early middle school and past highschool.

I don't actually physically meet with them much anymore though, but we are still great friends. We went through the runescape and WoW mmo phases, talk about our interests like computers or cars, stuff like that.

It's when you can just talk about anything, and you don't have inhibitions about it. When you talk with a random person, you wont talk about your feelings, life situation, or stuff you masturbate to right? With friends all that stuff is open and you can just talk about it without feeling nervous.

I don't really know how to make friends though, I've had these very few same friends since forever. I didn't have friends before them, I moved around a lot.

Is it worth it? I don't know, sometimes its a bit annoying when they want to talk and you don't.
>> No. 11473 [Edit]
The feelings of friends is well. Like talking to cool people on forums where you discuss EVERYTHING with each other. Not much difference IMO between IRL friends and OL friends. Actually OL Friends tend to eb ebtter to me.
>> No. 11509 [Edit]
You know I find it far easier to talk to normal people than losers like me in real life. I don't mean normal people as in people who go clubbing every night and want to be Kim kardashian or whatever, but your average person.

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