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No. 2521 [Edit]
Anybody else heard of this? It looks pretty damn nice. You can pretty much do whatever: build villages with people, ride around on horses and slay monsters, farm, be a pirate, and tons of other shit. I'm kind of reluctant to get too hyped for it, because MMO devs tend to promise the moon and deliver nothing, but still ;_;
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>> No. 2530 [Edit]
Found this neat:

>Can players, pets, or NPCs get sick?

>Yes, there are some illnesses that both NPCs and players can contract. If you wander into a town that’s full of infected characters, you’ll probably catch something yourself! Then again, you could get sick on purpose and then pay a visit to someone you don’t really like, but that’s risky in it’s own way…

>> No. 2560 [Edit]
Did anyone else see those trees growing? Peter Molyneux is going to be so jealous.
>> No. 2562 [Edit]
Not to stereotype Chinese programmers or anything but most MMOs from this part of the world tend to look and sound cool but end up being total shit.
>> No. 2563 [Edit]
But it's being made by koreans! I get your point though, which is why I'm trying not to put too much hope into it
>> No. 2565 [Edit]
I read somewhere that you can grow grapes and make alcohol from them, which you can give/sell to people. I really want this game to be good so I can make a cute bitchy usually-drunk pirate girl who runs her own personal vineyard when she's not trolling the open sea for people to rob, but it seems too good to be true.
>> No. 2582 [Edit]
File 130385488789.jpg - (74.09KB , 738x690 , ferres.jpg )
Ha, the race of animal people you can play is called "Ferres". I kind of wish there was a race that let me be a cute catgirl or something but whatever, human's fine.
>> No. 2661 [Edit]
Game's gonna have a court/prison system for if you go around murdering other people a little too much

>In any criminal trial, will play the price. Reckless homicide, robbery, assault to commit a crime if such evidence is collected, it will build up the crime index. Accumulated over a certain crime index is summoned to court, depending on the seriousness of sin, punishment will be given. Than before, with increasing number will be given a heavier penalty. In addition to subpoena witnesses, may participate in the trial, an agreement is possible between them

Not sure how it will all play out, but if it means my pirate character will actually have to be careful of bounty hunters or law people after I get a reputation of raiding and burning peoples' ships down then good lord, take my money.
>> No. 2728 [Edit]
>Was excited for AoC
>Was excited for Fallen Earth
>Am excited for this

Well I guess it will flop, sorry guys.
>> No. 2729 [Edit]
Yeah, happens that way with me too. Fallen Earth, APB, every MMO I even think might be cool turns out to be shit. Maybe I should send a letter warning the devs of ArcheAge and Secret World
>> No. 2730 [Edit]
Part 3 of the korean closed beta (which has no NDA) is in 18 days, so I guess we'll know then if it's shit or not.
>> No. 2731 [Edit]
File 13046502009.png - (85.36KB , 262x520 , 9 - 9th Man.png )
At this point I have just outright refused to pay even the slightest attention to Guild Wars 2.

I don't even know what it looks like, sans the logo.
>> No. 2736 [Edit]
File 130471537557.jpg - (201.35KB , 1191x741 , rope.jpg )

Screenshots so far are pretty cool to look through. I guess you can climb around on a lot of objects, so maybe you can sneak your way into other players' cities and stuff. God I hope this game doesn't suck ;_;
>> No. 2748 [Edit]


Apparently, large ships will require a team of people to pilot (guy at the wheel, guy manning the sails, etc..) so I guess I won't be having any large ships unless you guys play or something



My house is going to be cool as hell, and probably on a desert island, unless there's going to be a Tohno-village (゚∀゚)
>> No. 2749 [Edit]
Is this really an RPG? Because it sounds like a medieval second-life to me.
>> No. 2750 [Edit]
It's an RPG, it just has it's side activities really fleshed out, to the point where I doubt I'll even care about quests or story.
>> No. 2753 [Edit]
I really hope I can do what I said I would do earlier: Have fun in the game just by living as a cute alcoholic pirate who occasionally battles sea monsters. I guess I'll need a pirate crew though...
>> No. 2754 [Edit]

Can I be your quartermaster?
>> No. 2755 [Edit]
Sounds a lot like Ultima Online.

Just, you know, not a decade old.
>> No. 2756 [Edit]
File 130498409334.jpg - (221.05KB , 1043x649 , character.jpg )
Character design is pretty cute, I just hope there's a flat chest option
>> No. 2757 [Edit]
also twintail hair style
>> No. 2776 [Edit]
Alright. If the ship only has one bed though, I get it. You will sleep in the crow's nest
>> No. 2777 [Edit]

But what if I fall?
>> No. 2778 [Edit]
You won't, as you will be tied up there.
>> No. 2826 [Edit]
File 130522650576.jpg - (277.34KB , 933x869 , lore.jpg )
Here a translated thing about the game's lore, if anybody cares about that sort of thing. What interests me is that incredibly cute girl at the bottom of that image.
>> No. 2829 [Edit]
File 130522972182.jpg - (285.37KB , 700x635 , iku.jpg )
Avast, landlubbers! No ship's hearty cargo will be safe from the Pirates of Tohno! Unless, you know, they turn out to be OK people. Then maybe we won't steal from them maybe. I mean we don't want to be rude! Or do we? Geez I'm no good at this...
>> No. 2876 [Edit]
the "build a house anywhere" aspect kind of reminds me of our minecraft server, where I'd find a random shack full of pork or whatever after hiking for a while.
>> No. 2920 [Edit]
Bunch of landscape videos on the site

I think I see robots in one of them
>> No. 2963 [Edit]

On pirates:

Q: Are there special contents at the sea?
A: Every player needs to ride on a ship to go to other continents. The ship does not limit the movement, but it's a good option. There are great monsters which can be only found at sea, so you can choose to hunt it down by riding on the ships. There is practically no limit in PvPing at the sea with no laws. If castle siege takes place near water, ships can be used in the war then. The ship is currently a player's item. There was feedback about sea trade, but there are problems with that, since the ship is technically a summoned item. You will need to unload cargo when you unsummon the ship, and that is unconvenient, so we did not consider implementing that. However, we considered stealing materials, items, and salvaging ships to take some money.

Q: What's a pirate?
A: If you kill a friendly player, which is on your faction side many times, you increase your crime output. If it goes beyond a certain rate, you will start belonging to the "pirate" side. Pirates are enemies to everyone else, and anyone can attack them with no penalty, and vice-versa. Pirates are more like a 3rd side, which is at war with everyone, so we will make special places, where the pirates can live. Usually, you need to enter a special mode to kill allied players (activating PvP status by clicking a button to start damaging them), but pirates can attack anyone without activating any status.

So basically, if you go around and pirate enough you will be moved to a special 3rd faction that is allowed to kill anyone and be killed by anyone. Sounds like it could be pretty interesting, though it would probably limit the amount of "legit" things you could do. Can't very well take a nice stroll through a neat town if you'll have a big target on your back.
>> No. 2964 [Edit]

Hey, just like us!
>> No. 2965 [Edit]
even in a virtual medieval magical world we will be forced to hide from other people ;_;
>> No. 2966 [Edit]
File 130574297833.jpg - (125.58KB , 400x225 , FRIENDSHIP.jpg )

We'll be fine as long as we don't stab each other on the back.
>> No. 2967 [Edit]
It's weird how that picture is exactly what I imagine a tohno pirate group will look like in this game, except the group will probably have less people
>> No. 2968 [Edit]
also not as cute
>> No. 2979 [Edit]
after looking around on some other sites it turns out theres going to be 8 race, 5 of which havent been announced. crossing my fingers for a loli catgirl race
>> No. 2992 [Edit]
It looks pretty exciting

I would actually upgrade my computer for this one, assuming people would play.
>> No. 3021 [Edit]
after reading up on the farming aspects I think I might play one character like I'm playing some sort of online Harvest Moon. I'm gonna have a farm somewhere where I'll raise animals and grow crops, and occasionally head on down to a town to peddle my things to people. God I hope this game is actually good.
>> No. 3077 [Edit]
the no-NDA 3rd part of the korean beta begins in a few hours, and this site says they will have livestreams
>> No. 3083 [Edit]
I am way too excited for this game, mostly just because I want to play a game with you all.

Is there any word on a monthly fee or anything like that? Having a monthtly fee on this game would be shit, epecially with Guild Wars 2 around the corner.
>> No. 3084 [Edit]
No idea. I almost hope there is a monthly fee (assuming the game is good) since it means there's less of a chance of item shop shit
>> No. 3088 [Edit]
Here's a stream of a guy playing.

He's not doing anything interesting right now, just killing monsters
>> No. 3110 [Edit]
Character creator. Characters look great but hopefully there's more options when the game is released for real. Then again I see a lot of question mark boxes in the options so maybe you unlock more hair/tattoos as you advance
>> No. 3119 [Edit]
Elves are cute, and I would probably play as one if it weren't for the fact their ears stick out way too much for my tastes. Maybe some of the other races will be cute, and even if not humans still look OK at least
>> No. 3121 [Edit]
Huh, well if this turns out decent enough and is F2P, I'll play it with you bros. I'm lonely ;_;
>> No. 3122 [Edit]
If it is F2P I hope we don't have to do dumb shit like pay real money for ships or something. Like I said earlier I'd rather it have a monthly fee than have to put up with that
>> No. 3130 [Edit]
Oh boy!

>Is there any way to adjust breastsize, or is XL the only size? Maybe a placeholder slider that could influence this?

>Eventually it will be adjustable. The current size is determined by race.
>By the way, these medium-sized.
>> No. 3132 [Edit]
>> No. 3133 [Edit]

>People think that Elves dislike the company of other races, but this is not true. They are just not interested in Nuians or Dwarfs, but are more attracted to the blurry wall paintings carved on the ruins or the morning dewdrops on leaves.

>the Elves in ArcheAge look like they are sick and indifferent. They are very pale and aloof. You get a feeling, that they do not care about you or anyone else.

Confirmed race of hiki elves.

Post edited on 25th May 2011, 5:44pm
>> No. 3134 [Edit]
Like I said, I'd play them if it weren't for the foot long ears that look silly. Maybe there's an even cuter race that hasn't been revealed yet
>> No. 3135 [Edit]
a race...of tohos
>> No. 3137 [Edit]
In which a man tries to kill some guys building a house and immediately gets his shit pushed in
>> No. 3158 [Edit]
cat guys raiding a human ship
>> No. 3159 [Edit]

Dat water effects
>> No. 3178 [Edit]
3rd part of closed beta is over, so maybe we will see some reviews up somewhere soon. also, here's map of the parts of the world the testers were allowed in (which looks like it's not even half of what the final world will be
>> No. 3183 [Edit]

This was my favorite part:

>Let’s get this straight for the hardcore anti-questing crowd out there: you can stop doing quests after you get your free horse and never worry about doing them again. You’ll miss out on a good chunk of experience points that makes leveling nice and breezy, but you will probably be able to keep up with the quest-lovers by gathering and crafting, if that’s what you’re into (seriously, gathering and crafting in this game give considerable amounts of XP, unlike some other games).

Looks like if all you want to do is be a farmer or pirate you won't be fucked over compared to people who run through quests 24/7, so that's nice
>> No. 3185 [Edit]
another one:
>> No. 3186 [Edit]
Yet another one:

>We are now sure on 100%, that ArcheAge is a team-play game. It will be very hard to play it alone

God fucking damn it
>> No. 3193 [Edit]

It's fine as long as we can start some sort of TC guild. Actually that's really the only reason I have interest in MMO's now.
>> No. 3194 [Edit]
>Actually that's really the only reason I have interest in MMO's now

Pretty much the same for me
>> No. 4172 [Edit]
Been a while, but here's a new video showing flying thingies, town building, and a meido
>> No. 4183 [Edit]
The gliders remind me of Nausicaa's mehve glider.
>> No. 5265 [Edit]

OK so get this....We'll be a crew of airship pirates!

We'll swoop over the highest castle walls and use our gliders to soar into the Lord's keep and kill him and pillage the castle,and run with the airship when the reinforcements arrive.
We'll take our place amongst the pirates of legend.Move over Luffy, the pirates will have a new king.

Or we could go on the high seas and charge merchant ships for an escort service.We'd be like the Woman with no name from Zoku Satsuriko no Jango.
>> No. 5266 [Edit]
can we dress as meidos when we do it?
>> No. 5268 [Edit]
Nevermind...I just checked the english site.Airships only fly on a fixed route(and are non-pilotable apparently).;_;

We can still be defenders of justice and slayers of pirates right?
>> No. 5300 [Edit]
I dreamed of a game like that...
I hope that there will be an International version, not an european/american separation.
>> No. 6350 [Edit]
The yogscast guys (they do a lot of minecraft videos) are posting videos of this.
>> No. 6351 [Edit]
File 133213172532.gif - (139.44KB , 278x310 , 1331173956639.gif )
I wonder if people in TC will actually play this game when it comes out, or everyone already lost interest.
I'm probably gonna be the only one.
>> No. 6352 [Edit]
I might. It depends on whether or not the more innovative things outweigh the things I hate. A game where you can build your own house and stuff sounds cool, but not if the core gameplay is dull
>> No. 6353 [Edit]
I lost interest in it before it was even announced.
>> No. 6354 [Edit]
I'll give it a try, but like >>6352 said I'll probably lose interest quickly if the rest of the game is just another World of Warcraft clone.
>> No. 6355 [Edit]
File 133213283846.jpg - (55.60KB , 508x566 , 1332097669695.jpg )
I think there are two unannounced races still.
Here's hoping for a loli race.
>> No. 6356 [Edit]
One of the races in that video looks like a race of young looking elfy people

Post edited on 18th Mar 2012, 10:00pm
>> No. 6367 [Edit]
two more videos from them, where they do house and player-content related stuff
>> No. 6372 [Edit]

I think you guys are being too harsh.All MMORPGs have a generic defeat the evil and save the world M.O. for their stories.It's all the other features that make it interesting and unique.

Imagine if we had a Tohno-chan guild/expedition.With 50 people we could participate in siege warfare.Instead of using cannons and trubuchets though, We could sneak up on the castle in the dead of night using diving gear and go Genghis Khan on them.
>> No. 6373 [Edit]
I don't care about the story, I just don't like typical MMO combat and that's what it looks like this has.
>> No. 6375 [Edit]
This, I really can't care if it has a loli race or the ability to whatever.
It's all the same shit at the end of the day.
killing the same group of animals all day to level up a bit while dozens of retards trying to do the same get in your way, just so your can do the same thing again in the next area.
It's just a enormous waste of time.
I might be a neet who never leaves his home, but I still have better shit to do than waste away my life playing shitty mmos.
....such as wasting away my life watching anime all day every day.

Just go play minecraft if you want to build stuff together, you'd save yourself a week of grinding.
>> No. 6380 [Edit]
At around the 11:09 mark in this video you can see that the "asian" race has a anime-looking face option. It looks kind of bizarre and out of place compared to the other options though.
>> No. 6439 [Edit]
another video
>> No. 6889 [Edit]
Game will come to north america near the end of 2013/early 2014

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