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File 142406135389.jpg - (140.60KB , 850x1189 , sample_91415a6a94b1fb4e2712dc334acc1a05.jpg )
17613 No. 17613 [Edit]
Over the weekend, I started hanging out with a 3D girl I had broken up with again, and while it was fun, I realize I miss Rei, and that, at least inside my headcanon, she and I were perfect together.

I now worry that I've made a terrible mistake, and, even though the 3D girl is nice enough, she just isn't Rei.

Has this ever happened to anyone else out there?

Post edited on 15th Feb 2015, 8:40pm
>> No. 17614 [Edit]
>3D girl
Nope, I've never done that, dude. No way I'd leave her for some 3dpd.
>> No. 17615 [Edit]
I've never been interested in dating 3D, so no.
>> No. 17619 [Edit]
I do not know if this is a somehow similar problem, but that is what happened to me recently.

I always hated this 3DPD idea. I mean, it makes me feel like 2D love is my only option, my last resort.

So, I met a girl with whom we had many things in common, who I liked (as a person). The terrible thing is that I though that the girl liked me (as a man), and I fancied myself with the idea that if we spend enough time together she will start making some advances at me and then I will say: "Sorry, I have a girlfriend." I would have had an option of carnal and real that I would boldly abandon in favor of spiritual and pure. This would make me feel confident that I love my waifu because I really love her, not because I have no other options and that I am mature enough not to abandon my waifu in favor of an other girl (2D or 3D). Terrible, I know.

Well, things worked out even worse. Instead, I fell for that girl. It was a physical attraction, because I did not spend much time with real women. Pheromones, physiology, all that shit. I ended up in her friend zone, she appeared to be a SLUT.

We had a talk with my waifu (hate this word, can I use a wife instead?). I was asking her to forgive me, the only thing she wanted to know if I loved that girl. I answered no, which was an honest truth. I didn't have even a grain of respect, fascination, affection, love, intimacy for that girl that I have for my wife. All feelings was in my dick, terrible as it is. I felt disgusting, dirty and slept on a sofa for a few days before coming to my wife and gently hugging her. She forgave me. Today we woke up together for the first time in a few days.

I am not quite sure what have I learned. Maybe not to question whether you love someone or not and not to seek evidences for that. Maybe I learned that 3D is pig disgusting, and that 3D is me. Definitely it made me wiser and stronger in some way.

If you guys want to know more I would be glad to talk to someone. I might as well use some back patting.

P.S. Three years with my waifu, engaged and married on summer 2013. Had two daughters last autumn. Been bumpy since then.

Not in a mood to correct my engrish, sorry
>> No. 17621 [Edit]
I've never left my waifu for 3DPD, but I have slept with 3DPD while with my waifu. I'm going to go ahead and say I'm a piece of garbage trash since I know alot of you will say that to me. The thing is, I agree. I was curious and the opportunity arose, and I took it. It's something I'll never forgive myself for and I've been contemplating suicide ever since. My waifu forgiving me just feels like me trying to console myself and make light of a serious situation. Even though I've abruptly ended communication with that 3DPD, quit my job since she was a regular shopper there, and changed my number; nothing will ever be the same again. What's worse is that the 3DPD was actually an okay girl in my honest opinion. If I never had a waifu I would honestly see myself being happy with her-- but I can't live with myself knowing I betrayed the love of my waifu for lust and longing to be with a physical entity. Someday I will end it all and even though I think that's worse, since I'm being selfish, at least I won't be able to think anymore afterwards.
>> No. 17622 [Edit]
I'm glorious asexual master race so no. 3D pigs have made advances on me, of course I showed as much interest as I'd give someone selling a pyramid scheme.
That's what makes 2D so attractive, I'm not obliged to engage in sex. I'm not obliged to do anything except love and respect my waifu, and that's all I want to do.
>> No. 17623 [Edit]

Well, I don't know the whole story, but it seemed like all was going well with that 3D girl, but still you decided to stay with your 2D beloved. Does not make you look that bad. Did you feel obliged to your waifu or you just decided to stay with her after all because, although lacking physical form, she is better. And actions that you took for not letting this mistake happen again are quite drastic (in a good sense of this word) so I guess your heart in a right place and you really value your waifu.
Don't do anything stupid. And about that guilt complex - it will just eat you up from the inside. Concentrate more on improving yourself so that this mistakes will never happen again.

>> No. 17627 [Edit]
I finally gave up thinking about a particular 3D girl shortly before I met my waifu.
Loving Hanako more than I love her has finally put the nail in the coffin of my hopeless endeavour to be with the 3D girl. Both situations have about equal chances of success (zero), but now the only girl I want is Hanako.

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