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File 135383582790.png - (268.51KB , 888x480 , 013a6e6907cf651d9fc846c7a0f6193c.png )
12604 No. 12604 [Edit]
Obscure, widely-panned anime that you rather like?

I've always felt that I'm disproportionately attached to Le Portrait de Petit Cossette even though even my simplistic grasp of French can shoot holes in its title.
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>> No. 12607 [Edit]

I haven't seen any obscure anime that disproportionately liked, atleast depending on your definition of obscure. I guess I'm still just working on going through the huge list of relatively commonly known anime that many people praise. Would bokusatsu tenshi count as obscure?
>> No. 12608 [Edit]
File 135385116538.jpg - (119.05KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20091018010155.jpg )
>Obscure, widely-panned anime that you rather like?

so, ITT hipster deep animu that most people aren't intelligent enough to truly grap and enjoy, while probably have never even heard of it?
>> No. 12609 [Edit]
Oh, so that's what this is about.
>> No. 12610 [Edit]
File 135385182478.jpg - (139.52KB , 350x428 , l_p1003973902.jpg )
Tokyo Tribe 2, only known for the GOOSH GOOSH video.

It's an odd one, it feels a lot like a typical shounen series plotwise, but it's about street gangs in Tokyo and hilariously over the top (lots of sex/gore, giant tanks, cyborgs, nazis, etc.). It's really bad but in a very entertaining way, plus the soundtrack is pretty good if you happen to like Japanese rap.
>> No. 12611 [Edit]
I'd like to inteject that Trapeze wasn't what it could've been. A series of accounts of men in confrontation of their prideful ways failing in a land governed by it, turned out to just be a lecture on OCD. Fuck, it could've been so good. It was still one of the better shows in its season, but still.
>> No. 12612 [Edit]
I dropped it before I could even finish the first episode. It gave me a headache.
>> No. 12626 [Edit]
hey, I'll have you know I love confusing boring anime I can't enjoy becuase I'm dumb!
>> No. 12627 [Edit]
File 135388347169.jpg - (164.96KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20091026235739.jpg )
I agree with this completely.
It'd be one thing if maybe 1-2, perhaps 3 of the people had OCD, but it's over half of them.

Way too much shock comedy embarrassment for my taste as well, and I only ended up watching up to ep 7 when it aired, yet somehow I always have this urge to go watch it from the beginning whenever I look at my 1.4 tb backlog (it's not even on my backlog, which is the weird part). The ED is amazing as well, if nothing else watch that.

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