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File 133314916883.png - (1.18MB , 854x480 , shot0005.png )
9109 No. 9109 [Edit]
I recently finished watching Daliy Life of High School Boys and I was thinking about what made seem kind of different from most other shows and I realized that it lacked a main character. So I tried to think up other shows that lack an MC and came up with Doki Doki School Hours, Baccano and Azumanga Daioh; all excellent animes and also maybe Minami-ke (although I kind of think Minami-ke just has 3 MCs rather than none).
So as a result of this I've developed a theory that all animes lacking an MC are good. About a year ago I came with with a theory that all animes that have "Strawberry" in the title are good and it turned out to be true and I got to watch some good shows in testing out my theory, so now I want to try out the same thing with "Ensemble Cast". I went to TVTropes and only found one new (to me) show to test my theory out with.
Anyone want to discuss my new theory or add shows to the "Ensemble Cast" list?
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>> No. 9112 [Edit]
File 133315102736.jpg - (124.02KB , 640x480 , Doki_Doki_School_Hours_Ep04_(EE018DAA)_mkv_0000116.jpg )
>shows that lack an MC and came up with Doki Doki School Hours
>> No. 9114 [Edit]
You know, you might have something there.
>> No. 9121 [Edit]
There are lots of pros of using such approach. Most importantly the anime/manga stays fresh as you're less likely to get bored of the characters. Another huge pro is the ability to kill of one of the protags if you use that approach.

But the examples given on TVTropes are debatable at best. If you want to include all the series which aren't clearly centered around one character... Well, let's just say you'll have a problem with that. I bet there are actually more examples of series where there's more than one protag compared to ones that follow a single person all the time.

‣ If you really can't tell who the protagonists are in LoGH there must be something wrong with you.
‣ Just like they said, Soul Eater has three pairs of protags. The distinction between them and background charaters is very clear, though.
‣ FMA - no, just no. The series is named after it's protagonist. Let's be serious here.
‣ Simoun - not really. The screen time is hardly spread evenly. It's obvious Aaeru is the real protagonist.
‣ DRRR - if we're talking about the anime then again, the time is hardly spread evenly (with Celty/Mikado getting most of it).

I can live with 20th Century Boys, I agree with Baccano! (the joke is the author claims Firo is the protagonist of the series).

If 'ensemble cast' is supposed to mean 'series where all introduced characters are of equal importance' then you'll get somewhere as there aren't thousands of series like that. Of course, most of them will be SoL anime/manga about those 4 schoolgirls.

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