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File 14024014418.png - (151.29KB , 950x450 , x1248.png )
10628 No. 10628 [Edit]
How's E3 2014?

More Assassin's Creed?

More Mass Effect?

More Bungie?

More Arkham?

More Kombat?
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>> No. 10629 [Edit]
I've been watching it and I have to agree that it's been really boring, so far.

I've even began to just look through my tabs and listen to what they were saying rather than watching since what they were talking about was way too uninteresting.
>> No. 10630 [Edit]
I was asleep until ubisoft's presentation and i really don't care enough to go back and watch microsoft's one

No Man’s Sky Looks like it could be pretty cool, especially depending on what you can actually do on the planets and if there's any ship customization or not. I'm really hoping it's the in depth space game that I've been waiting for my whole life, but it's E3 and most of the trailer looked pre-rendered so it could very easily turn out to be shit.

The Crew looks like it could be interesting, I like the idea of being able to do a cross country road trip with my internet friends. I read that it only takes 2 hours to go from coast to coast though, I wasn't expecting the map to be a 1:1 scale but that's a little disappointing. I also try and make a habit of not trusting anything ubisoft says especially at E3 but i'll keep my hopes up for that and rainbow 6

I'm still disappointed Destiny Isn't coming to the PC, borderlands mixed with halo sounds fun but i really don't want to pay for online which is the big thing keeping me from a PS4.

And to finish it off i think it's ridicules that naughty dog is already releasing an improved version of last of, it just feels cheap to do it this soon after it's release
>> No. 10631 [Edit]
That squid game for the WiiU looks pretty great, Interesting concept plus attractive simple art design is always a good pairing. It was nice that they showed so much game play with it too
>> No. 10632 [Edit]
Cute squid girls for Wii U. They automatically win.
>> No. 10633 [Edit]
File 140247676558.jpg - (145.39KB , 412x405 , ys9FbSZob.jpg )
Dradnought LOL

More Alien survival horror?

More Tomb Raider?

More Suda51? Let it
>> No. 10634 [Edit]
File 140248366559.png - (108.57KB , 314x299 , 1402438237022.png )
>> No. 10636 [Edit]
When are they going to give the AssCreed games a rest already? Isn't it enough the main character died like 3 games ago?
>> No. 10637 [Edit]
Ya, in the pirate one you're some guy who works for abstergo's video game branch, Every time you get pulled out of the actual game, you get a bunch of "press X to hack" and "jokes" comparing abstergo to ubisoft. They Kind of started to get bad around revelations but 3 and black flag just felt half done to me
>> No. 10638 [Edit]
Half done sounds about right. 3 was a laughably buggy mess. I never bothered playing Liberation becuase it looked like a re-purposed version of 3. 3 actually being 5 and this new one being 8. I bet all the devs play around with numbers just to make it look like they're not bleeding dry their IPs as much as they are.
People give black fag a lot of praise but when I played it all I saw was a game built around a copy pasted mechanic from asscreed 3(5).
>> No. 10640 [Edit]
I wouldnt play Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Batman Arkham, or Mortal Kombat if you paid me.

A bundle of rehashed Halo games is a dumb excuse to buy an Xbox One but I'll probably get one anyway, may as well.
>> No. 10642 [Edit]
First Arkham was okay, it's only after that the series became retarded crap.
>> No. 10645 [Edit]
File 140272846648.png - (137.09KB , 356x377 , x1248.png )
How much money did Nintendo fork out to make Bayonetta 2 a Wii U exclusive?

Co-op shooter from L4D creators
>> No. 10653 [Edit]
GTAV for PC? Finally!
>> No. 10654 [Edit]
Lol, they can keep it.

Now this is some decent news.
>> No. 10655 [Edit]
File 140317615857.png - (46.58KB , 250x141 , x1248.png )
E3 2014 best trailers?

No Man's Sky
>> No. 10678 [Edit]
File 140369897655.jpg - (57.21KB , 427x640 , sample-40f6dc7d49ba8c86490245948906a2f9.jpg )
Assassin's Creed : Unity had the best cinematic trailer (despite the lack of females)
>> No. 10679 [Edit]
I hated the music used in it.
>> No. 10689 [Edit]
MGSV (1984)
War never changes...
>> No. 10709 [Edit]
I thought FC4's intro trailer was the best but I've never liked the AssCreed series and it was mostly because I liked the Pagan Min character.

Definitely going to give it a pirate just for him.

I'm glad they decided on making a port for the first Bayonetta. The outfits don't look terribly great but the added effects are kind of neat.

Overall, there were a few good games that I might get though I don't think Nintendo will ever convince me to buy another mainline Zelda (I was on board for Hyrule Warriors but post-E3 character reveals are putting me off - and the only reason I would play this is fanservice).
>> No. 10726 [Edit]
GTA V was very disappointing, the singleplayer is very fun as long as you have the missions but the online is one of the most unbalanced things I've ever played.
You can buy a fucking tank and go kill everyone with it. Your tank gets destroyed? Don't worry, call Pegasus and you'll get a new one almost for free.
The userbase is mostly composed of squeaking 12 year olds and niggers who will do anything to get you in spawnkill and make you leave.

At least the jet is pretty fun to fly, the thing is very overpowered and most players are too dumb to get it and use it correctly.

Getting the jet and assraping every kid in a tank and hearing them squeak and voting to kick you from the session, thinking that will do anything is one of my favorite things to do when I'm bored.
>> No. 10728 [Edit]
That does sound like fun
I hope the PC version will not be an unplayable port like IV.

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