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File 133483155445.jpg - (171.12KB , 615x800 , 0dbc865976335457cb048460242f608e.jpg )
9012 No. 9012 [Edit]
How do you deal with The Green-Eyed Monster /mai/?

I myself can't help but get incredibly jealous when it comes to her even if it's just the fact she has an imagedump thread and nothing boils my blood more than people who don't treat her with the uttermost love and use the waifu thing jokingly. Is there anyway to get myself out of this? I've tried reasoning with myself but I still can't seem to help but get so jealous and spiteful.
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>> No. 9013 [Edit]
Jealously and spite are like a part of my personality at this point.

Anyway, to answer your question: I don't know. You could probably try telling yourself that your version of your waifu is the only one that matters or something like that.
>> No. 9014 [Edit]
I would have thought you'd experience more jealousy if someone *was* serious in having the same waifu...?
>> No. 9016 [Edit]
I've tried telling myself that but to no avail.

You would think that but I find the people who do take it seriously take very good care of her so I can't bring myself to resent them that much.
>> No. 9030 [Edit]
I treat it like so : I assure myself that those fools know nothing. They are only people to test my insecurity. They aren't worth my time. I'm capable of of withstanding the massive amounts of insults, jokes, ridicule, etc etc.

Basically, none of what they do is worth my time. Why should I get angry and what would my waifu think about it?
>> No. 9031 [Edit]
She's not really all that popular...
>> No. 9033 [Edit]
I am very fragile with insults too, especially those which are outright slanderous.

However, in order to protect me and her from insults, I pretend that our relationship isn't serious. Or I outright deny that I have a serious waifu when confronted in the real world.
>> No. 9035 [Edit]
I'm not sure how to tell you to not give a fuck, OP. Just stop thinking about it so much as nothing that anyone says about your beloved affects you or her really. It really is hard to shrug your shoulders and walk away.

Both a blessing and a curse, eh?
>> No. 9037 [Edit]
I guess you could say that, but I think it's in a decent zone where it is.
not unpopular to the point of never getting fan art, popular enough to where she got a few figs back in the day, but not popular enough for every other guy to call her his waifu or for boorus to be spammed with x rated fanart.

I guess some of the downsides to not being that popular, is lackluster merch, most of which coming from the VN with the same image plastered on all the stuff, but the popular anime itself didn't get much for some odd reason, and I do wish there was more official artwork out there.
But I suppose she was still popular enough to snag a spot in the Toy's Works Collection Niitengo Key Memorial figure set that was released not long ago... even though, truth be told, they were doing 2 characters per show, and air just has 3 real candidates... and that's another thing, she's just a side character, who's incredibly overshadowed by the main heroine.
but it could be worse, some don't get half of any that.
So I'd say it's in a nice place, just enough for a few nice things, but not to much that I'd have to deal with the unpleasant side effects of popularity.
>> No. 9044 [Edit]
I don't get jealous very often. She is very popular but that doesn't make me jealous. I admire people who like her too. Sometimes I get weird fixation to prove for myself I love her most when someone claims her as his "waifu". So far I've always been able to prove.
>> No. 9051 [Edit]
Seeing other people comment on my waifu doesn't really bother me, really - but then again, she's a PC98 Touhou, so it's not like she's brought up all that often anyway.

What *does* really get to me is seeing her paired with another character. The usual x-rated pics with the usual faceless guys, that's something I can handle. But seeing her paired with another canon character, someone who she has a fair bit of interaction with, and with whom there'd actually be a decent basis for infatuation and a relationship? Ouch, no, that's not something I handle all that well. It's like seeing the one you love fall in love with someone else - and the fact that you know it'd make sense only makes it that much worse.

As for the OP's question: I'm affraid I don't really know how to handle such jealousy, either. In your situation, I'd stop visiting other anime-related imageboards alltogether (which is pretty much what I did about a year ago, albeit for different reasons) and stay away from places where I might run into people who disrespect my waifu. But I admit that that's a somewhat drastic solution.
>> No. 9061 [Edit]
I don't like seeing lewd pics of her. At the same time... I need them...
>> No. 9078 [Edit]

Stick with decently drawn, tasteful pictures and ease yourself into it.
>> No. 9330 [Edit]
Lately I find myself consumed by jealousy, to the point that I'm losing sleep and feeling physically ill.

On one hand, I should feel happy when I see others that like my husbando. Because he's the greatest and deserves all the love in the world.

At least...that's how I should feel. It doesn't help that he's a fairly popular character in a popular series. Then there's those people who write fanfiction about him, or roleplay as him, draw tons of fanart of him, some even know things about him that I don't. Since I don't really do any of those it just makes me feel so inadequate and angry, like I don't deserve to love him at all. Especially compared to those people. I mean, they're putting so much effort into it and most of them don't even love him seriously like I do. He's just favorite character to them. Even just seeing other people talk about him positively and enthusiastically, and being more involved in the "fandom" than I am gets my blood boiling.

I just don't know what to do /mai/, all I want to do is take it easy and love my husbando without worrying about this silly shit.
>> No. 9331 [Edit]
>they're putting so much effort into it and most of them don't even love him seriously like I do

Different people do different things differently. You have things you do that others don't; as someone else said, just loving your beloved is something major. If you really want to match them then do so. You've got a brain and a pair of hands don't you? It'll just take time.

There's no mysticism involved in handling jealousy. You just have to let go. Take to heart the saying, "C'est la vie".

Post edited on 11th Jun 2012, 4:19pm
>> No. 9337 [Edit]

I knew the feeling. Still do in a way, but to a far, far, far lesser extent.

>All I want to do is take it easy and love my husbando without worrying about this silly shit.

The choice is yours; the anon above me is absolutely right. The connection you have with your husbando is real and sacred, and it's flat out impossible for anyone to interfere in that.

And stick the hell around, there's not enough husbandoes here anyway.
>> No. 9338 [Edit]
To all of you who feel jealousy; do you think cause is your bad self-confidence?

I don't feel jealous at all even though my waifu is fairly popular. She even has canon boyfriend and lots coupling fan art. Still I don't feel jealous at all.
>> No. 9339 [Edit]

Nope. I have a certain and relaxed confidence that I would quite easily be able to pick up my waifu. Unusual around these parts. Jealousy is usually due to insecurities, but once these are addressed, the envy evaporates.
>> No. 9340 [Edit]
No, we've spent plenty of time together and I don't lack any confidence.

The problem is, I see a guy posting images of her and I think things like "Oh god, what if he has a really amazing piece of fanart of her that I've somehow missed?" and that makes me both confused and jealous.

I already understand that there is no such thing as having the same waifu, even if the same base character is used.
>> No. 9353 [Edit]
File 133973617344.jpg - (125.30KB , 600x638 , 493694.jpg )
I don't really get jealous, because in my mind, my own relationship with her isn't really something that can be intruded on by other people. If other people say that they love her too, then they have their own ways of loving her that have nothing to do with my relationship.

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