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File 134701212832.jpg - (202.83KB , 400x400 , minagi 264.jpg )
10314 No. 10314 [Edit]
How do you approach the issue of the language barrier?
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>> No. 10315 [Edit]
File 134701465614.jpg - (834.64KB , 1024x1164 , 13312112.jpg )
In the dreamworld, we have no need for language.
We're able to understand each other without such a thing.
>> No. 10317 [Edit]
File 134702136974.jpg - (125.91KB , 450x600 , rena_portrait.jpg )
It sounds kind of dumb, but I try to have conversations with her in Japanese if possible.
She pokes fun at me sometimes when I struggle to find the right words and absolutely refuse to use a dictionary.
I've also been trying to read her source material in Japanese, but it's a bit difficult. My brain fries if I study or read Japanese for more than 30 minutes.
Every day until I'm fluent enough to talk to her properly.
>> No. 10318 [Edit]
I´ve guessed that, since she travelled a lot and all, she´d be pretty good at english. Thats sort of a middle step, I know that there´s no chance that she´ll speak my native language (something i can´t even imagine) and my japanese knowledge is not worth mentioning. So for now its english, until i maybe get myself to learn some japanese.
>> No. 10319 [Edit]
File 134703616577.png - (105.79KB , 396x569 , Kurisu-275.png )
Love doesn't need words.
>> No. 10320 [Edit]
File 134706020435.jpg - (29.39KB , 533x399 , 1240865942927.jpg )
Osaka studied English for 3 years in Miss Yukari's English class, so I assume she knows somewhat fluent English.

For that matter, I know a very small amount of Japanese that I learned from anime, so I assume my accent, pronunciation, etc. is horrible.

And what >>10319 said. Love is the universal language. Osaka and I don't need to talk, but we talk a lot anyway. <3
>> No. 10322 [Edit]
Mostly, I ignore it. I just pretend we speak the same tongue within the context, thought she always keep her seiyuu qualities on it.
>> No. 10323 [Edit]
File 13470693444.jpg - (44.14KB , 600x450 , 12546467.jpg )
I am fortunate that she can handle English. Her fairly thick accent is adorable as well.

I should still try to learn some Japanese. Seems only fair.
>> No. 10324 [Edit]
By using it as motivation to learn languages.
>> No. 10325 [Edit]
I know enough Japanese to talk to her. When she talks back to me though, it's in English. Or somehow she just knows what I'm saying.

Nonetheless, it won't get in the way.
>> No. 10326 [Edit]
Reason #4,331,576 why 2D > 3D: She speaks whatever language you want to pretend she speaks.

Sometimes we have whole conversations in Esperanto, just for the halibut.
>> No. 10328 [Edit]
File 134707283732.jpg - (122.87KB , 455x600 , 3204fbfefd2e25a040f367fa7b22229660cf5f39.jpg )
What >>10319 said is very true. That sort of telepathy-like connection is very nice.

We dont talk much, our introspect nature really dont demand much more that the occasional "goodnight" at nighttime. When we do we use English or my native language, depending on what we have to say, or simply at random.
I'm learning Japanese (willpower permitting) too. I'm eager to be able to talk to her in Japanese.

As a side question: How she refers to you? For me, her using my western name seems too unnatural, so I nicknamed a nice Japanese name for me.
>> No. 10334 [Edit]
File 134708846175.png - (172.73KB , 465x720 , Kurisu-145.png )
>As a side question: How she refers to you? For me, her using my western name seems too unnatural, so I nicknamed a nice Japanese name for me.
For me her using my western name seems unnatural too so she calls me by my internet nickname. I think my internet nickname is the name I am most used to, so that's why.
>> No. 10335 [Edit]
File 134708910588.jpg - (1.47MB , 1500x1777 , 28833639.jpg )
She probably knows Old Brythonic and Latin, neither of which are feasible for me to learn. I just pretend she speaks English.
>> No. 10337 [Edit]
File 134708952695.jpg - (491.07KB , 1024x800 , 12544285.jpg )
When she uses a name for me, it's the one I was assigned in this world. I may like very little of the circumstances I was dropped into in this world, but I am fond of this name.
>> No. 10338 [Edit]
File 13470898971.jpg - (261.62KB , 800x1136 , b78687c5e953ff5b380c1c8d85ed09e9.jpg )

Me too, but it's mostly my imagination.
>> No. 10346 [Edit]
File 134715924456.jpg - (35.53KB , 500x500 , 27092239 - いおりん.jpg )
She can speak English, so barrier isn't really much of a problem for me. But since she's so talented that she's so fluent in 6 languages, I hope I can be very multilingual like her so I can at least speak French with her.
Assuming she only knows Japanese? I would let her call me '竜' since that's what my name would translate to if it was in Japanese.
>> No. 10353 [Edit]
File 134716432187.jpg - (312.36KB , 480x800 , 8e57c7bc0982235754a0d6df97af712a.jpg )
She speaks Britannian from her travels in the Witches, and openly laughs at my crap attempts to speak Karlslandic.

Meine sexy Frau.
>> No. 10378 [Edit]
File 134732747984.jpg - (89.87KB , 477x694 , 217b4d96ad06f0350e161ec7e29da176.jpg )
yeah, same here

and she refers to me most of the times by my name, like >>10337 i'm also fond of it
>> No. 10379 [Edit]
>As a side question: How she refers to you?
"BAAAAAAAAAAAA~KA!" -if she speaks to me at all.
>> No. 10380 [Edit]
File 134738642074.jpg - (858.79KB , 1000x1000 , 21788604.jpg )
We speak the same language.
>> No. 10384 [Edit]
File 134741055394.jpg - (231.17KB , 500x700 , e51b137fa497dd2551f0a626260cacd223bc29c1.jpg )
Since she's an angel, I'm pretty sure she's fluent in many different languages including english.

I love both of her voices, so its not a big deal to me.
>> No. 10387 [Edit]
File 134741899632.jpg - (28.96KB , 240x400 , 11245261.jpg )
I try to learn it, it's not that hard, but kanji it's really annoying.

Just by my name with -kun on it, that's enough for me.
>> No. 10399 [Edit]
File 134748569754.jpg - (396.27KB , 1000x1412 , ba53e3e3a2c0953b125f82c5049a9592.jpg )
A nod, tug of the hand, smile and look in the eye are all we need to know what the other is thinking
>> No. 10410 [Edit]
File 134760878548.png - (289.44KB , 552x786 , buririanto.png )
She can speak English.


She also knows a little French. I can understand a little French myself.
>> No. 12973 [Edit]
File 137407875286.jpg - (69.49KB , 532x680 , 369f7d3b15f0d1b715ff257bc0694d7c.jpg )
She's a genius, I'm pretty sure she's fluent in English.
>> No. 12974 [Edit]
File 137410900824.jpg - (55.33KB , 324x480 , 36562465.jpg )
Classical Chinese was the Latin of the Far East when she was alive. I'm learning Mandarin so I can read the books needed to teach myself Classical Chinese (from during the Sui Dynasty specifically, but it'll likely end up being the Tang Dynasty flavor, since the Tang Dynasty is so much more celebrated).

Edit: I must not have been thinking when I wrote this. Sui and Tang used Middle Chinese, which was contemporary with Miko. In any case, Classical Chinese is my goal.

Post edited on 18th Jul 2013, 9:28am
>> No. 12975 [Edit]
File 137413014819.jpg - (235.64KB , 572x800 , 1366523602300.jpg )
She speaks several European languages, Spanish or English must be one of them.
>> No. 13030 [Edit]
File 137502028823.jpg - (49.81KB , 566x718 , Lizlet L Chelsie pic 11.jpg )
Using the anime and manga canon as basis, she can speak English since she technically came from UK, specifically from Edinburgh
>> No. 13036 [Edit]
Well, for a year I've been "learning" Japanese, so I'd be able to communicate with her.

In reality I've been slacking, taking days off, and when I do study it's just for 20-30 minutes. Can't even read children's manga.

So I guess we wouldn't be able to be together.
>> No. 13062 [Edit]
File 13753042472.jpg - (134.62KB , 480x800 , Asuka has a sweat shirt.jpg )
Yea, this is how I handle it too. Though I suspect she might speak English given her history.
>> No. 13132 [Edit]
File 137636612077.jpg - (136.19KB , 476x692 , wunderkinder.jpg )
Actually, I posted that one about Asuka as well.
Cheers to coincidences.
>> No. 13133 [Edit]
File 137637123725.jpg - (75.11KB , 535x678 , 1373621791615.jpg )
I have no idea how affected by the barrier she would be. I mean, canonically she should be able to speak English but it's from so many centuries ago I doubt it that communicating would work out all that well.
>> No. 13134 [Edit]
If Shirou and her could do it I'm sure you two could also anon.
>> No. 13141 [Edit]
See my post >>10335, she likely doesn't know any form of early English (assuming she lives around 5th-6th century)

Although I would assume the grail could teach her English, it worked for Japanese.
>> No. 13168 [Edit]
File 137670526064.jpg - (272.47KB , 1920x1080 , yuuko_136.jpg )
The school that she haunted probably had English classes. She's had a long time to learn and little else to do.
>> No. 13238 [Edit]
File 137759087292.jpg - (143.02KB , 480x640 , 4309137.jpg )
I can't imagine he knows English beyond the few slang words he uses in the visual novel, and just based on his world, he probably wouldn't ever really have the opportunity to learn it.

I've been teaching myself Japanese but it's slow going. That said six months ago I couldn't read anything and I can read extremely basic sentences now, so it's something. Someday we'll be able to talk to each other normally, but for now just his presence is enough.
>> No. 14268 [Edit]
I'd like to solve the issue of the dimensional barrier first, once we solve that language wont be a problem.
>> No. 14273 [Edit]
Magic and telepathy perhaps? Then again they did say that telepathy was transmitted through Kyubey, but Homura got more power in The Rebellion Story.

Some loving gestures break the language barrier though... Sometimes I feel that I'm so socially awkward that if we actually spoke much it would make things worse, lol.
>> No. 14278 [Edit]
File 139043311973.jpg - (102.02KB , 191x385 , 1379222731237.jpg )
I don't need to.

And I'm also learning Japanese myself, so we'll be able to talk to each other in two languages.

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