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File 132971626411.jpg - (39.03KB , 640x480 , gamecentercx.jpg )
6139 No. 6139 [Edit]
So I started watching this on Saturday and haven't stopped, this show is phenomenal.

For those who are unaware, Game Center CX is a show where the host, Arino, plays usually Retro games from start to finish in one sitting while cracking jokes. Its surprisingly much more entertaining than it sounds.

Anyone else a fan? Favourite episodes/characters?

Mine would have to be Street Fighter II/Abe the cameraman.
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>> No. 6140 [Edit]
I'm not even sure where to watch this.

I'd like to join you anyway because I have nothing better to do with my time.
>> No. 6141 [Edit]
you can see some eps on youtube.
>> No. 6142 [Edit]
ActRaiser episode and Inoko Max. Any episodes with interesting games been subbed lately? As much as I like Arino, if the game itself is boring I just can't watch.

All episodes are uploaded here, subbed or not.
>> No. 6143 [Edit]

Can't remember if all the subbed episodes are in the playlist, but I've almost stopped watching TV just for this.
>> No. 6147 [Edit]
Oh shit. That show is so inspiring but also so addicting. How am I supposed to clear my games if I can't stop watching it?

Thanks for the recommendation though!
>> No. 6150 [Edit]
The show is awesome. Arino really sucks at videogames though, the only way he ever completes these challenges is because the ADs do them for him.
>> No. 6160 [Edit]
So there was a full episode of Game Center CX in the Nintendo conference, it was pretty good too.
>> No. 6161 [Edit]
Oh, so that's what that was.

I wasn't really sure what it was after the conference.
>> No. 6260 [Edit]
File 133113965212.gif - (1.62MB , 240x136 , 1330572383085.gif )
>> No. 6266 [Edit]
Nice, I might pick them up if they don't cost too much.
>> No. 6501 [Edit]
Wow, recently got hooked on this show and it's got me playing nes/snes games again.
>> No. 6506 [Edit]
I remember seeing this thread, and just scrolling down. My friend showed me this and I paid a bit more interest into it. Now I'm hooked after a few episodes!

The playlist I'm watching from.

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