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File 134556483387.jpg - (15.98KB , 268x293 , 1344068958642.jpg )
10143 No. 10143 [Edit]
I know I'll probably get shit on for this, but has anyone here ever 'broken up' with their waifu? I kind of have a year or so ago. She just stopped being as important to me, I eventually deleted my folder with all of my pictures of her because it was taking up too much space on my hard drive and I sort of just stopped thinking of her.
I no longer feel the emotional attachment I used to whenever I think about her so I guess she isn't really my waifu anymore.
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>> No. 10144 [Edit]
I recently went through a "divorce" after a 3 year relationship. It wasn't so bad when it happened but whenever I see her now it breaks me up a bit. She completely changed my life in that time, making me a completely different, and I'd like to believe, better person. What makes me feel even more miserable is the fact that I found someone new so soon after. Like I threw away everything we had for some new flame.
I hope I wont be so foolish this time and try harder to work things out when the tough times come.
>> No. 10145 [Edit]
Well, due to the nature of these kinds of relationships, it can be a little tougher to determine whether or not your love is true, because it really depends solely on you, and your own feelings.

A while ago, I tried to bury my feelings so that I could just be a normal person, but part of what made me realize that they were true was due to the reason that, even years after I tried to bury them, they came back just as strong as they were years ago.

So, I suppose it's not unreasonable that some of us have once thought we found someone we truly love but it later turned out not to be the case. Or maybe some just don't have that same idea of eternal love that I do.
>> No. 13943 [Edit]
I was in a relationship with mai waifu for about a half year; some of the best moments of my life. She helped me gain confidence in myself, and get out into the world. But mind you we never officially 'broke up'; I just got so caught up in day to day life that my love slowly faded away. I didn't realize until recently that the reason I was feeling so depressed is because she was no longer there inspiring me;when things slowed down I had nothing to fall back on. Never again will I let her slip away from my mind.

Post edited on 24th Dec 2013, 4:35am
>> No. 13951 [Edit]
File 13879178509.jpg - (1.31MB , 1500x750 , Konachan_com - 135681 sample.jpg )
My love will be Eternal, just like Homu's, I don't care how twisted and corrupted it becomes....
>> No. 13964 [Edit]
Anyone who has homu as a waifu is a good man.

You've got great taste.
>> No. 13967 [Edit]
When it gets to a certain degree you will care. When she no longer motivates you to live but rather gives you even less and less of a reason to live by the day, where your desire to be with her destroys any motivation you may have whatsoever, when you love her so much you want to scream every moment you are without her, you'll start to care. There's a point where you can't even cry anymore, just let yourself get destroyed and depressed. There's a point where you even know you would be better off if you never loved her, but you love her anyways because you don't care what you think, you just want to be with her above all else which is a pointless pursuit because you never truly will be with her.

Love is blind. A powerful emotion, but it is blind. It ignores what is practical, but stands strong through it anyways. It can destroy, but rebuild. It gives meaning to life, but is also something to die for.
>> No. 13968 [Edit]
Wow really, really? I know about forum etiquette and all so even though you started it I won't just say fuck off but I've been through all of those damn feelings. I've lied on the bed stunned without feeling anything good when thinking about her or in the halls during summer school since I was unmotivated to do schoolwork junior year. I've been crushed by the guilt of gradually becoming a lolicon/pedo and not being good enough for her, I've imagined being tortured brutally for her.

And yet I was able to rebuilt my relationship as I prepare for tougher challenges in the future, continuing to be romantic and impractical as I am. If you gave up and that works good for you, but I'm not going to until they force drugs into me or split open my skull and screw with my brain.

It took far more than that for Homura to even come to close to giving up, and I still love her despite all the flaws in her psyche coming out in Rebellion.

Post edited on 27th Dec 2013, 6:44pm
>> No. 13970 [Edit]
File 138819890716.jpg - (138.54KB , 437x502 , Asuka is TEH shit.jpg )
I started off pretty much from that perspective (enriched on the way), so it's ok. I mean, I jumped in this Hell train only as a final ride, in order to die with her at some point. That was all I wanted: to be burned and consumed by actual love (and I think I've been doing fairly good at it, up to now).
>> No. 13976 [Edit]
File 138835771216.jpg - (343.94KB , 744x1022 , 9db69d9219c3ce32717117033ec32a06.jpg )
This sort of relates to the topic. I finished Monogatari Second Season today and felt there was quite a bit of truth in what Kaiki said about not crutching on absolute and irreplaceable things in your life. Of course money shouldn't be the end goal of life either and Kaiki died a pretty lame death in the end but perhaps the key to having success with your waifu is not to crutch on her too hard...

Okay I snuggle a lot, draw, write fanfictions, but overall I guess it's good to let your mind think about other things and go out and do stuff every once in a while. If I focus too much on Homura or Madoka in general it would stunt my growth as an artist/storyteller, much like Sengoku's love for Koyomi prevented her from realizing her dream as a manga artist... I guess in the end living for yourself seems pretty pointless to me though, and if Homura was real I'd invest a lot more time into her. I can't help feeling that Homura's love was what ultimately caused her negative transformation in Rebellion but I still can't help but love her because of her being and her beautiful mind.
>> No. 14218 [Edit]
What can I say, this is /mai/, not /a/. I'm certainly not going to judge anyone here for 'leaving' their waifus. People change all the time, and things like that happen. In my opinion, it is best to simply be honest with yourself rather than live a life of lies. Don't be on yourself too hard, /mai/. And take it easy.

Post edited on 17th Jan 2014, 10:58am
>> No. 16917 [Edit]
Ok guys, I'm a pretty liberal guy in this regard.
I dont mind if people do the whole waifu thing, neither do I mind if it gets real serious.

But using the terms divorce and break up kinda freak me out.

So , and i don't mean this as an insult or anything of the sort, but why take it so seriously? Whats the appeal to treat it like an actual relationship or summin

>> No. 16918 [Edit]
Because it is an actual relationship. The appeal is probably hard to understand unless you're involved.
>> No. 16921 [Edit]
Because it's real love, people are not joking about it. This is not a meme.

I would say the appeal is pretty simple: You want to be with the person you love.
>> No. 17003 [Edit]
I loved other characters before, but I eventually lost my feelings for them. They ended, but I don't want to dismiss them as "fake", because I'm absolutely sure that I felt love for each of them, even though it was only temporary.

Now, my idea about love is that what's important is how you feel at the present moment. It might be that right now you feel so sure that you'll love her forever, then one day you don't love her anymore. But for me, that doesn't make the love you felt for her in the past any less real.

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