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File 135063301912.jpg - (338.49KB , 1228x1740 , army.jpg )
17813 No. 17813 [Edit]
Today i had an interview with an army recruiter and after gathering info about the police i'll be deciding what force i'll be joining in the next week. I can't stop thinking oh Haruhi, what that fuck are you doing? Anyone here thought (or plan to) in joining the security forces of their country?
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>> No. 17814 [Edit]
Heeeeeeelllllllllll no. No. Not at all, ever.
>> No. 17815 [Edit]
Haha, nope.
>> No. 17816 [Edit]
I did once, even went with my dad to see a recruiter, but that was mainly out of desperation for a job. After finding employment, I decided never to contemplate enlistment again. I'll gladly take my boring, low-paying job over being yelled at and ordered around any day.
>> No. 17817 [Edit]
Back when I went to school and all that shit, I thought that it might be useful ot raise myself to a higher position and maybe live an easier life. Good thing I didn't end up finishing school or succeeding at any area of my life to waste even more time on that stupid shit.
>> No. 17820 [Edit]
I've always wanted to be military commander/strategist, but before I could join to military academy, I need to complete military service. So no.
>> No. 17821 [Edit]
I'll would be living your life if i weren't fired twice, that's why i'm thinking in a more permanent solution, plus, i don't want to deal with my family anymore.

Well, i wanna live a easy life with a minimal wage, that's why i finished highschool two months ago. I don't want to lecture you but if a 25 years old spic living in a 3rd world country finished his scholarity you can do it too, man.
>> No. 17823 [Edit]
/so/ material.
>> No. 17825 [Edit]
I'd only join the military if this country ever faced a real threat of invasion which will probably never happen, considering we have nuclear weapons.
>> No. 17826 [Edit]
Thanks OP, it makes me feel good to be able to sleep at night knowing that people like you are protecting me and responsible for taking the lives of others.
>> No. 17827 [Edit]
There was a time when I wanted to join the military, but then I realised it would be a terrible idea. But either way military service is compulsory here( I didn't actually went to the army for a number of reasons, but I'm still "enrolled" in it) so if my country ever decides they want me to be soldier, then I'll have to.
It's very unlikely that will happen though.
>> No. 17829 [Edit]
I never thought about joining the military, always seemed like shitty forced training with low payment. Also, I hope you don't end up killing another Tohno-channer when WW3 starts.
>> No. 17831 [Edit]
Honestly? I might be joining my country's armed forces next year. There is hardly anything else I'd consider doing that doesn't land me in the 9-5 scheme of things, not to mention I have no interest/enthusiasm/qualifications for most of the jobs available out there.

I think I'd prefer to live the more dynamic lifestyle the armed forces have to offer, even if there's a chance that I'll die in combat (it just seems like the kind of thing that would happen to me). Mai waifu will be by my side at all times, so the thought of being in a hostile environment doesn't phase me much.

It's kill or be killed out there. Don't be so ignorant.
>> No. 17832 [Edit]
I was in a military academy. I've got some tips for those planning on joining

-Adjust your internal clock, make sure you don't have to go to the bathroom before midnight.
-You won't have much time to clean up, so make sure your logs are solid. Eating little pieces of coal helps a lot.
-Bring TONS of bandaids and cotton and cover your feet in them before you put on boots for the first time. A extra pair of socks also helps. Our skin is naturally soft and the boots will cut it. It takes a few months for the skin to harden. This is VERY important. If your feet get hurt you won't even be able to walk.
-Learn how to sew. Alternatively, take one of those little auto sewing machines with you, just make sure you're not seen using it.
-Get a stopwatch and practice dressing and undressing. Your goal is to get dressed in 30 seconds or less.
-Talk as little as possible. Do not open your mouth unless talked to. Answer with yes, no, or I don't know, and save the details for yourself. I can't emphasize this enough.
-A lot of people in the army are not... well. Try to spot out the problematic/insane ones and stay away from them. Keep your money somewhere safe.
-If you have enough money, go to a military surplus store and buy TWO OF EVERYTHING. In your first week, they'll give you a LOT of things. Keep them in your bag, and don't use them. Pull them out when it's time for a review, or if a tovarich loses their stuff and needs help. You should only wear and use the stuff you bought for yourself, because it will wear out pretty fast.
-Learn how to cut your own hair and shave in the dark.
-Take a empty plastic bottle and lots of powdered juice.
-Alcohol smells. Put on perfume before going to bed.

That's off the top of my head. If you have any questions just ask
>> No. 17833 [Edit]
Oh and I forgot.
Make up a story about losing your virginity. Yes, you will need it.
>> No. 17836 [Edit]
No one will hire me, so at one point I was thinking about joining the Navy, where I would have been a nuclear power engineer. But as far as I could tell, the shortest term you could join for was 6 years, so my college credits would expire by then.

Instead, I'm just going to run out of money and then suicide.
>> No. 17837 [Edit]

Sounds like a shitty place, like I imagined
>> No. 17845 [Edit]
I would only do it if I were an officer candidate, or could be somehow.

Working up from enlisted sounds like cutting your limbs off with a rusty butter knife.
>> No. 17846 [Edit]
Sounds like a plan.
>> No. 17847 [Edit]
A friend of mine attempted to join as an officer but he got rejected after taking a few psychological tests where they found his beta status. Seems that you have to be a charismatic fella with tendencies to leadership or being a smart guy to join up.
>> No. 17848 [Edit]
Officer candidates have it much, much worse than regulars. They are held to higher standards, have frequent reviews, their units usually have obscure initiation rituals, and their seniors chew them up at every possible opportunity. I'm not saying this is wrong, I know that's the way things should be, but if you join just for the $$$ they WILL notice. They may be overly patriotic, but they're not stupid. Most of them feel true passion for what they do, and believe me, you don't want to stand out. Unlike regular units, where commanders know that most of their troops joined up because they needed money or couldn't get a normal job, officer schools are designed for the kind of guy who has been daydreaming about joining the army ever since he was 12. Those who don't have that kind of dedication can take the entrance exams, pass the tests and interviews and get in, but they will most likely get flushed out in the first 2 weeks.
>> No. 17854 [Edit]

>It's kill or be killed out there. Don't be so ignorant.

The very fact that you willingly ended up there is the problem, though.
>> No. 17860 [Edit]
It's times like this I feel happy they wouldn't even take me.
>> No. 17861 [Edit]
I dont know what country you're in, but in the US if you join a military academy you basically make a promise to be an officer for at least 5-10 ears or so I think.
>> No. 17862 [Edit]
Are you russian? you used the term 'tovarisch' so i wonder if you're russian...or ukrainian or belarusian.

If so, tell me info about race or ethnic aspects of the military. hell, whatever unit youre in please tell me info on that

Also the "make up or be prepared to tell a story about losing your virginity"....ugh.
>> No. 17863 [Edit]
Beta status? Uhhhhh

I've heard of the weird rituals that academy officers get. The stuff with their rings, and how they apparently form weird cliques to the exclusion of officers from 'regular' colleges and ROTC programs or "mustangs" - enlisted who rejoined to become officers. The fact that....most of the military academy officers have a certain outlook on life, often described as "conservative" is worrying.

note: this refers to the US military.

read this PDF. it's an alternate/future history of the results of a US military coup. A military officer wrote this shit as a scenario/warning.....the in-universe POV is that of a military officer awaiting execution for refusing to go with the coup.


"the american military coup of 2012" should get if if that link doesnt
>> No. 17866 [Edit]
I've been rejected twice, but I'll try again.
Note for prospective recruits: It's not as easy to join as many people think it is. If you can't fake normality convincingly don't even try because they have psychologists who are trained to look for weakness.
>> No. 17873 [Edit]
I am literally not heavy enough to join the armed forces.

Too bad, I would have liked to join the coast guard and be in some sort of desk job. I could draw on my experience to make a moe anthro comic about coast guard stuff.
>> No. 17876 [Edit]

I guess that gives me hope, just in case the draft is ever reinstated. After all, it's not like I'd have to fake being weak-willed, overly sensitive, and borderline suicidal.

Post edited on 21st Oct 2012, 8:21pm
>> No. 17894 [Edit]
>Anyone here thought (or plan to) in joining the security forces of their country?

I already served in the army (signed up at 19); now I'm just sitting in the inactive reserves
>> No. 18836 [Edit]
if there's a draft they'll lower the standards and prolly put you in a second line or rear echelon unit (i.e. you're less likely to get shot)
>> No. 18837 [Edit]
I think the military and all who join/support it are disgusting, along with promoting murderers as "heroes" that goes for any country.
should they try to force me into the military I'll just say "if you give me a loaded weapon, I'll use it to shoot the first commanding offer I see."
I'd rather go to prison than the military.
Better a dick up the ass than a rpg.
>> No. 18850 [Edit]
Armed forces should be viewed as a nessecary evil, not a patriotic merit.

It's like being proud of your family for being the bullies in a high school for generations.

Often the two correlate.
>> No. 18851 [Edit]
How are high school bullies a necessary evil?
>> No. 18853 [Edit]
think i forgot the put my roof on
>> No. 18854 [Edit]
That simile applies to the "patriotic merit" part.
>> No. 18859 [Edit]
Ah, I see now.
>> No. 18866 [Edit]
I'd prefer a militia/citizen-based defense. Given people general arm themselves decently well (in the US at least)
>> No. 18873 [Edit]
Letting civilians own firearms opens up a huge can of worms and such a defense is useless in modern warfare. For instance, when was the last time a group of gun owning civilians organised a combined arms attack with artillery, tanks and aircraft?
>> No. 18875 [Edit]
What bothers me the most is the tremendously entitled attitude of the people who join. They act as if they had no other choice in life.
>> No. 18876 [Edit]
>They act as if they had no other choice in life.
in the case of the under privileged lower class people who can't find work, joining the military can be hard to resist their offerings. I'm not sure if I'd say they're 'forced' into it, but recruiters can be very pushy/persuasive and know who to target. I can only feel sorry for people placed in a hell like warzone just becuase he couldn't pay for collage any other way. as they say, it's the poor fighting the wars for the rich.

But yeah, gung ho jocks and bullys who join by choice just so they can play with guns, act like assholes in foreign countries, and shoot some 'towel heads' then claim they're heros protecting their country from the evils of the rest of the world (while starting shit everywhere they go), they're some real dipshit motherfuckers.
>> No. 18879 [Edit]
Does the Soviet Army in the Russian Civil War & International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War count? I know they're a bit iffy
>> No. 18884 [Edit]
Did you see the shit they did in Japan on Thanksgiving weekend?

They literally need to cage them up like animals at this point, it's fucking ridiculous.

And a fresh batch of the fuckers is on their way down there this month, too.
>> No. 18885 [Edit]
I have not. Tell me.

Also, tell me what is your opinion on that one popular korean song on youtube.
>> No. 18887 [Edit]
Pissing in manga cafes, gang rapes, a guy broke into an office building through the ventilation shafts.

Oh and one guy broke into a house, kicked in a TV, and punched a boy in the face.

Also I have nothing but satisfaction that the one thing Korea didn't try to push on the world is the thing that got popular.
>> No. 18893 [Edit]
link me sources please, even if it's sankakucomplex
>> No. 18956 [Edit]
Although a simple google search would do it, http://www.stripes.com/news/pacific/okinawa-marine-arrested-after-crashing-into-3-cars-1.198957

Several more articles on the other shit they pulled on that site. naturally none of the major news outlets in the US dare say any ill of their heroes.

Look at the comments for christ's sake. "Oh my commanding officer told me not to rape women and get drunk and crash into cars! Naturally I'm going to do it anyways and blame liberal policy for it, because I can't take responsibility for my own actions! It's my right as an American to (literally) piss and shit on all these second class nationals!"
>> No. 18963 [Edit]
>"Did you know that some idiot went drinking out at gate 2 last week, walk into a private apartment and hit a 13 year old in the face and then jumped out the window"

lol the comments here are great
>> No. 18964 [Edit]
File 135457672762.jpg - (106.76KB , 600x621 , f824358d6bf2dc6a875871b5cbd4652d.jpg )
That sounds a lot like an anime.
>> No. 18966 [Edit]
support our troops! they can do no wrong.
>> No. 18970 [Edit]
That legitimately happened though, it also made the news.

I would link but NHK World deletes their articles after 48 hours.
>> No. 18971 [Edit]
More like Family Guy.
>> No. 18974 [Edit]
File 13546133971.jpg - (8.09KB , 219x230 , tsukasa.jpg )
why does America need military bases in Japan and all over the world?
>> No. 18975 [Edit]
Japan has no military of its own, and the US defends Japan as per the terms of The Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan
>> No. 18980 [Edit]
I'm going to guess that America feels paranoid and wants to keep tabs on which places it can consider "friendly" while trying to ensure that there aren't many places getting ready to try and destroy it.

Aside from the legitimate reasons such as the retards that do whatever they please in Japan, there are also groups of people that hate Americans for reasons that they don't have or because of some fabrication that they had heard or some other stupid shit.

I'm not trying to say that America and it's Americans are better, but I'm also not trying to say that the rest of the world is better. I'm trying to say that the world is shit and everybody on it is shit, so America tries to use this as one of its ways of safeguarding itself.

In case somebody tries to throw in a "America sucks and so do Americans!", I'll just tell you that you're all the same dumb fucks, you're just from different places and if that's enough to rustle your jimmies then you should kill yourself.
>> No. 18981 [Edit]
Th SDF is more than capable of defending Japan. The US doesn't trust them to be able to do that though. The US gets good economic prospects from Japan, as well as coveted bases of operations that the Western world has salivated over getting since the mid 1800s. Japan gains a double defense from this as well. Also, being a non-NATO signatory, the SDF gains a lot of their technology and intel through the US from NATO.

However, the instrumentality of the US forces being based in Japan can be questioned. I mean, having security forces on tour of duty in Japan is okay, but US bases shoul be turned into Joint Forces bases. As in, both the US and Japan own, operate, and maintain them. I would like to see that setup more than a physical euphemism for occupying forces.

America fosters a culture of smugness, of exceptionalism. They claim to be the protectors of freedom, and of free speech, while actively trying to supress free speech on the truest medium free speech has ever known; the Internet. That's not to say all Americans are in the same boat, but the American brand of culture is very hypocritical, vain, and ignorant. Not to mention very insensitive (I.e: "go kill yourself.")

Deep down a majority of Americans really do think they are superior to all other nations and people. Most just don't let it be known (and of those, most don't know why they are hiding it). It's a sad concept, but most think it is objective FACT that they are better than other nations. It's a Viking/ Gladiator/ Mongol concept of "the strong are better than the weak, we only let people be because we don't want to wipe them off the planet just yet."

That concept has held true throughout the history of the line of Empire. That's why Japan lost its tentative place ad the successor of the Angle dominated empires, and why the brutal PRC is the more likely candidate for the next dominant empire. After that, it's going to be the next nation that develops weapons capable of destroying everyone even worse. Spiralling into self destruction. It's sad that increasingly the most universal human concept is obliteration. Maybe that's why everyone wants a structural collapse or even a full bloody apocalypse.
>> No. 18982 [Edit]
I would think it fair to say any country that doesn't start shit with other countries is better.
>> No. 18983 [Edit]
>Th SDF is more than capable of defending Japan.
That's not it though. The SDF is for purely internal affairs. Japan's constitution bars it from having a military.
>> No. 18984 [Edit]
That's all any country needs. SDF is a euphemism, if you see their arsenal you can hardly say it's not a military.

Honestly it's the model of what a military's role should be. 1% of GNP put into a force deterring other nations from fucking you up. No nationalist pride fuck up people in a gladiator match bullshit, just shooting down missiles and sinking invaders.
>> No. 18987 [Edit]
I think the secret reason America needs so many military bases is that it would be devestating for their economy if they cut defense spending down to a reasonable amount.
>> No. 18988 [Edit]
This documentary is recomended by me it tells about the ockupation of Japan with great footage


>> No. 18992 [Edit]
Because the United States is a militarist empire which oppresses its' citizens domestically and people abroad. Case in point: Marijuana legalization (the federal government will probably shit on states' rights. regarding the right to smoke weed) & Wikileaks/Bradley Manning

Israel's military is called the 'Israel Defense Forces' and they fuck(ed) up all sorts of countries around them. Naming and all is a good propaganda measure.

The economies of the southern US states rely disproportionately on the military to run their economies. Even better off states like Texas have a significant amount of their engineering companies, tech, etc related to the military-industrial complex. The central government alloated military bases to the US south more often after WWII ended in order to improve the economies of those ass-backward regions more (WWII and industrialization that did uplifted many white and black southerners, but the military-industrial complex continued that).

The southern states also get those military bases as the US military has a significant amount of cultural southerners, many of them from military families. The US south is a militarist culture, the northeast US has had a history of expansion and whatnot, but historically a lot of the impetus for imperialism from Mexican-American War, to Spanish-American War, etc was from the southern US. The southern states were AFAIK also one of the most committed to fighting WWII, as well as the 'old' white families in the northeast.

Because of this development, parts of the US and certain ethnic groups (white southerners, blacks for example) pretty much relies on the military as a form of welfare and a way to live, from bases keeping their economies up, to military families and military culture seeping into those areas (which again already existed for a long time) due to those regions largely being semi-feudal ass-backwards agrarian shitholes who largely refused to industrialize until the federal government forced it to end convict labor, sharecropperism, neo-slavery (yes, neo-slavery of black people) in the 1940s-70s.
>> No. 18993 [Edit]
A side-effect is the creation of a distinct military culture in the US which goes on over generations and generations, a bit like the cossacks in Russia. Given from the beginnign said culture was multiracial (i.e. war brides of WWII vets in East Asia) another comparisons to Cossacks can be made given they did that shit. Unlike Cossacks, military culture in the US is more activist re. the government.
>> No. 18994 [Edit]
oh, and an uncle of mine who was an Army Sgt. involved with Signals told me he thinks that is partially intentional - to promote more 'racemixing' in the US Military and to get rid of the racial divisions in the US. Said uncle is black BTW and has a Thai wife & mixed children/grandchildren. Both children married into 'white' families and said grandchildren largely look white now....

Given there's weird things like the federal UG government uundercounting the black population of the US & arguable attempts of 'multiracial' people on the census to dilute the demographic strength of black america, I can see where he is going from. Also things like the military doctor giving the child the father's ethnicity on their birth certificate as 'white' if the father is white (given this is military culture, naturally most 'mixed' kids will be white - and I know that prolly will not reflect on census reports if the people do not identify as white - but i have a sneaky suspicion that military culture & families will be race-neutral in many cases but leaning towards black or white due to sheer numbers (like how mixed russian/latvian children in Russia identified as Russian due to being surrounded by Russians....but if there was a mixed Russian/Latvian family in Latvia, the children would likely identify as Latvian.
>> No. 18995 [Edit]
I am the samefag for clarification
>> No. 18996 [Edit]
no shit
>> No. 18997 [Edit]
Yes shit
>> No. 18999 [Edit]
I never was talking about the SDF's name. The Japanese constitution does not allow it to have a military force. I'm not arguing about what the US is doing, and if its just, I'm just saying that SDF is not s military force, its more like a combination SWAT and cost guard.
>> No. 19000 [Edit]
Have you ever seen their arsenal? The MSDF is literally the principal native naval force in the eastern Pacific. The only reason they don't have a full aircraft carrier is because they don't want to piss off China.

If you are in San Diego when MSDF ships are making a port call there's no doubt that it's a military. At the very least, it has all the tools and capabilities of a functioning modern defensive military. They just agree not to use it unless attacked.

Plus Germany has an Article 9 equivalent and has a full military they deploy overseas. I feel like a more internationally invested Japan would help out the country and the region. Once the bitching about Takeshima ends perhaps South Korea will realise this so they can band together with Japan, Taiwan, and even both Vietnam and the Philippines, to deter China from bullshit.

In my ideal world, every country would treat national defense as a domestic, neutral issue, while international disputes and such would be handled by a supranational UN-like entity with security forces.

If the internet can be protected, free speech is open to more people without needing to be "defended," and international security should be handled by the UN if they get their shit together and redraft the entire organisation. Looking at it this way, a US with forces on other nations' soil is an antiquated concept. Maybe then the US can do more good. I guarantee if the US stops hardlining against socialism and the ideas of "free market" culture, economic and research xenophobia, and exceptionalist thought, world hunger would be gone, AIDS and cancer would be curable, and bounds in science and industry would be made. All they need to do is cut military spending by 75% or more, and stop putting shit on TV.
>> No. 19001 [Edit]
> I feel like a more internationally invested Japan would help out the country and the region.

Not after both Koreas and both Chinas bitch about that....

If you think Koreans are asspained now, imagine how they would be about Japanese UN troops on the DMZ in Korea....and how if US fuckups trigger anti-US leanings in Korea (understandsble, given the US let the shithold militsary government massacre ppl oin Gwangju) thena Japanese soldier getting into a fight with Korean soldiers while drunk, or worse visiting a Brothel or some shit or some bar fight seems like wayyy worse.
>> No. 19631 [Edit]
File 135659670568.jpg - (91.86KB , 479x720 , military.jpg )

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