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File 134360846152.jpg - (695.69KB , 1000x1000 , 28430751.jpg )
9937 No. 9937 [Edit]
How do you cope with the varying styles of different artists?
I usually find that, unless it's some wildly abstract image, I simply can't think of it as my dear one if the shape of the eyes or something similar is even slightly off. It seems like such a waste when there are so many perfectly good pictures that just don't look like "her."
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>> No. 9939 [Edit]
I'm picky with it, but I'm open to some variation if the image isn't a complete alternation or whatever. As true as to the original, I suppose.
>> No. 9941 [Edit]
File 134361062869.jpg - (121.29KB , 550x770 , 20110830.jpg )
How do I cope? Not very well. I'm extremely picky to the point of not saving an otherwise good picture due to some relatively minor faults. It's probably more to do with my OCD than anything else, as there are certain styles that I don't mind at all.
>> No. 9943 [Edit]
I'm open to them. I enjoy the most those that stays true to her "default look", but I enjoy other interpretations of her apperance.
>> No. 9945 [Edit]
File 134362072996.png - (39.44KB , 400x400 , 28927773.png )
Usually, most fanart of her reminds me of her enough for me to save it (if it's good).
I have 3 folders set out in order of how much I feel the art truly resembles the girl I love, though.

The amount of images saved, in order of how much I feel they resemble her, goes
Distant: 2223
Closer: 403
Closest: 175
For a total of: 2801
>> No. 9946 [Edit]
Since the only canon sources for her appearance are a low-res sprite and a couple cameos on manga, I've become quite liberal with how inconsistently she's portrayed. Even my own image of her is a morphing mix of personal fantasies and features taken from my favourite fanworks.
>> No. 9948 [Edit]
File 134364458569.jpg - (62.10KB , 550x756 , 1282233193270.jpg )
I usually only save the best art of her, but there's a few that I scroll past every day that I really don't like, but am too lazy to delete. Then there's the times when I post an image, notice a flaw and then never post it again.

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