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File 134819744782.jpg - (412.65KB , 800x909 , 1da69416285b7a7ae9a29910896bf718.jpg )
10469 No. 10469 [Edit]
How and where do you want to date your beloved waifu?

First mode: Your unrestricted ideal.
Second mode: Your unrestricted ideal, as humanly possible.
Third mode: You are restricted to your origin country and, by extension, this world.
Fourth mode: You are restricted by your monetary situation.
Fifth mode: You are restricted by reality and your inability to actually meet her personally.

Post edited on 20th Sep 2012, 8:18pm
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>> No. 10470 [Edit]
First mode: I don't even care. The moon. Anywhere would be great. But, in a situation like "Pick a thing you both could do together, you get one date with her and then you'll never see her again", I'd just want to go around with her for a usual day. Nothing could beat it.

Second mode: Vienna. It seems like we'd both really enjoy it and from what I've seen, it's beautiful.

Third mode: Colorado; I went there once and loved it and I think she would, as well.

Fourth mode: The classic dinner/movie date would be nice, but I'd more likely just want to spend a day with her just doing whatever. Like, nothing in specific, just sitting around, doing not much of anything. Maybe go for a walk or something. Just keeping it simple; the point in this case (and in all cases, really) is her, not the place you're at.

Fifth mode: She already goes everywhere with me via the photo in my wallet, so this doesn't really apply.
>> No. 10472 [Edit]
First mode: Empty world with only the two of us.
Second mode: Our house.
Third mode: Our house.
Fourth mode: Our house.
Fifth mode: My house, with her figures representing her.
>> No. 10473 [Edit]
File 134820356583.jpg - (553.29KB , 1050x1050 , 780f2648d82fecb3dbf60e43527ee2d1.jpg )
I never really thought about bringing her to this shitty world, but I'll give it a try:

First mode: My unrestricted ideal is just being with her, so whatever. Meeting her in Gensokyo would be pretty nice, I guess.

Second mode: Switzerland. I think we both would love it.

Third mode: The mountains east of here. It's a place I enjoy, and so would her probably.

Fourth mode: Take her to a nice restaurant, a walk in some park, you know, just spend time with her. Anything would be nice.

Fifth mode: She is always with me, but to give a real answer: have a bottle of wine out in the moonlight while looking at pictures of her.
>> No. 10475 [Edit]
the first through the fourth are a non-issue for me.

I want to go for walks, bike rides, to the amusement park or a festival, and just enjoy each others' company. Also to share experiences. You shouldn't need to go to an expensive restaurant, or fancy vacation spot to do that. I refuse to have financial situation and love to go hand and hand. That is wrong.

The last one is incredibly hard for me. I want to be with her so much. I have figs and a daki of her, but what I really want is her.

I do talk to her, even if it is just about my day. It gives me comfort.
>> No. 10478 [Edit]
File 134820984041.jpg - (273.56KB , 696x1096 , eva_book06_issue02_pg_27.jpg )
1st: The World in my(=her=our) hands.
2nd: Alone together, in the end of the world (however it may come).
3rd: Dunno. An idyllic garden under heavy rain...? (geez, how corny)
4rd: She comes to pick me up at the campus (old fantasy of mine; have mentioned it before)...
But honestly: as long as she hangs out with me, that would be all too much for me to take already. I wouldn't believe it.
5th: Same as ford, but in dreams.
>> No. 10479 [Edit]
File 134822940563.jpg - (85.54KB , 600x834 , Kurisu swimsuit ball drpepper.jpg )
Both of us would feel pretty uncomfortable if we went on date to somewhere with other people around. Maybe picnic on summer day in park or beach would be nice. (in ideal world, only we would be there)

Weather here is always so bad, it's either raining or snowing, I dislike like traveling and I probably will never travel outside my country if I don't have to. So second and third wouldn't differ from fourth and fifth which would be sitting home and doing something nice and calm, if that's even "date".
>> No. 10480 [Edit]
File 134822962639.jpg - (238.24KB , 500x647 , f7fc45ee11aace4ae6818e45b41402f4a4672eaa.jpg )
First mode: Probably, I would want to go on a date around the N-Fields, and probably visit her N-Field. I would want to go there mainly because it's a special place for her. Or we could also go on a date around the many N-fields.
Second mode: Probably some place in Europe
Third mode: Maybe some cultural tourism around my country.
Fourth mode: The typical date, really. I don't really want more than this, I just want to be with her
Fifth mode: Since she's not in there it wouldn't be as awesome as the previous 4. Probably I would just go to any beautiful yet intimate place and think about her.
>> No. 10483 [Edit]
File 134825618311.jpg - (35.71KB , 325x282 , Kanako (77).jpg )
First mode: Visiting an Onsen (preferably in her world)
Second mode: A city like prague maybe
Third mode: Hmn, there are some historical places/cities that are certainly worth visiting.
Fourth mode: A nice restaurant I know here.
Fifth mode: Something like my last trip with her, it really was a lot of fun, even though i´ve only had her pictures in my notebook and her smile in my mind.
>> No. 10484 [Edit]
File 134830005910.png - (213.63KB , 600x720 , まがみん - 地方遠征 - 28084029.png )
I would honestly just follow where ever my princess wants to travel to since I am already content with being with her. As for fifth mode, I will always forever imagine being with her in my heart.
>> No. 10485 [Edit]
File 134831056844.jpg - (148.21KB , 800x526 , 20867570_p0.jpg )
The dreamworld is the answer to all of those questions, for us. It is connected to everything.
>> No. 10489 [Edit]
File 134831813021.jpg - (443.72KB , 1001x1400 , 079c964c831d331898941884d7c755f.jpg )
Well, if she was paying for it, god knows what we could do, but I think all I'd really want is to just hang out with her for a while. Like a close friend, but more intimate. So my answers for the first four are basically the same.

Maybe show her around my hometown, take her out for lunch, go for a walk in the park, play some video games with her...I dunno, I'd rather just meet her and think of stuff to do on the fly. Doesn't really matter as long as she's there with me.

As for the fifth mode, until I figure out lucid dreaming, she's in my heart and mind, and that's all I really need.
>> No. 10490 [Edit]
First mode: Option paralysis. Probably her house. That would be nice. It's a very mundane choice, but I'm not a man for craziness or intensity.

Second mode: Rome. Definitely Rome. I mean, it's supposedly not as cool as people make it out to be, but I just love the notion of going to Rome with my waifu. Or maybe Venice?

Third mode: Aspen. Colorado is the best state, and Aspen is the best city. If I could move anywhere, it'd definitely be to Aspen (or somewhere in Russia, but that's besides the point).

Fourth mode: There's this nice Italian restaurant in town. It's not too expensive, but the food is good. Probably there.

Fifth mode: Well, that's just...the every day, isn't it? It would be the same as most nights.
>> No. 10536 [Edit]
File 13487297066.jpg - (368.86KB , 1062x744 , Jean Leon Huens (The Prisoner of Zenda) I.jpg )
Not my country (or anyone's: it's the town of Zenda in the imaginary country of Ruritania, ruled by the also readheaded house of Rassendyll), but I'd love to hang with her in a place like this. Or even better: to actually meet her there (she could be the princess and queen of Ruritania -and the entire land- in all fair right).
>> No. 10727 [Edit]
It would only be mundane for her, probably not so much for you!
I would actually opt the same for first mode. I would love nothing more than to visit Reki at old home in Glie.
Second mode- I can't really think of a definitive choice. I have always been fascinated by the Scandinavian countries and the Aurora, so perhaps a remote inn along the fjords of Norway.
Third mode- Definitely Norcal. I've traveled most of the US and that was my favorite place by far, especially the Humboldt redwood forests. I think Reki would really love San Francisco, too.
Fourth mode- Well, I could certainly do the Norcal trip, but for a more "date" kind of thing my city usually has pretty neat first fridays in the arts district during the warmer months, and both of us would enjoy that a lot.
Fifth mode- Perhaps one day I'll either master lucid dreaming, which looks unlikely at this point, or stumble upon a drug or drug combination that works better than the ones that I already employ.
>> No. 10774 [Edit]
File 135132456020.png - (241.98KB , 600x420 , Like a Mosaic.png )
1: Eternal paradise and wonderment, to be together forever with bliss.
2:A beautiful garden we could be together in
3: She seemed dismayed by the fact that she didn't get to go to Kyoto, so maybe I could take her there for a few days.
4: There are some nice places here, but I think she'd have the most fun in a book shop with a cafe.
5: I already live this one everyday...
>> No. 12289 [Edit]
File 136514540172.jpg - (486.21KB , 1061x1500 , 15289784.jpg )
First mode: It doesn't matter, as long as I get to be with her. Someone previously made mention of an empty dimension with just me and her. I'd like
Second mode: Possibly the more fashionable cities in Europe like Paris. We'd get to have lovely meals together and she can get invested in one of her favorite things while there.
Third mode: I'd like to take her to a cabin in Mammoth during the winter. They're so incredibly cozy but the towns have some great dining establishments. Just the entire feel of such a place would set an awesomely cozy and warm feeling.
Fourth mode: I know it sounds cheesy but there's this really fun laser tag place that I'd like to take her at least once. She has shown that she can be interested in things that are fun regardless of whether they are dominated by males and has a fairly open mind about things like this. I think we'd have a wonderful time.
Fifth mode: I'd do as I've always done, curl up besides her and just talk to her before I head to sleep.

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