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File 132433033196.jpg - (165.38KB , 1362x765 , 1321775359252.jpg )
7799 No. 7799 [Edit]
Kyoani announced their new show a couple weeks ago,
and since everything they do is massively popular, i guess we may as well start thinking about it now. Are planning to get on the Hyoka train or be raped by it? I'm thinking about getting on, I was raped by the last two kyoani shows and although this isn't the season three they should have been making, it don't look bad.
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>> No. 7804 [Edit]
File 132433310344.jpg - (237.79KB , 618x799 , d8183b21bd4c318579ace946fc8efd28.jpg )
I think you mean the season 2 they should be making.
>> No. 7805 [Edit]
I don't know what you're trying to say by getting "raped" or what they should or should not be doing, but I'll most likely watch it when it airs.
>> No. 7995 [Edit]
File 132572710168.png - (1.17MB , 848x480 , shot0012.png )
As with every KyoAni show for the past few years (almost a decade?), it will be massively popular and you will be seeing tons of content about it weather you like the show or not.
>> No. 7998 [Edit]
Nichijou bombed pretty hard compared to K-ON and Haruhi.

Also it was terrible.
>> No. 7999 [Edit]
I guess this is the reason why they haven't been pumping out tons of Nichijou figs?
>> No. 8000 [Edit]
Nicjijou didn't "bomb" - it just wasn't a show of fan service worth marketing. It's presentation was too erratic, and the series very long despite it being well written.

They're re-airing it again next season, cut down to 12 episodes. Maybe after that they'll put out some more figs or something.
>> No. 8001 [Edit]
It's a huge shame. I generally hate fanservice anime designed to sell figs like K-on but something about Nichijou brought a smile to my face every episode.
>> No. 8108 [Edit]
I wonder how they're going to decide what to remove.
>> No. 8110 [Edit]
honestly I thought nichijou was awful...
Anyway,horror anime generally turn out bad, but since it KyoAni I'll give it a try.

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