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File 134774959791.png - (811.43KB , 704x392 , shot001.png )
11283 No. 11283 [Edit]
Which was your favorite Haruhi OP, the first one or the second one?
>> No. 11284 [Edit]
>> No. 11285 [Edit]
i use that one as a non-numerical benchmarking tool.
i can tell how well a machine is running by how much the frame rate drops during the stars, rainbows and glitter segment.
>> No. 11286 [Edit]
>> No. 11287 [Edit]
I went to check out the OP on youtube and sure enough, the frame rate on the video drops horribly when it gets to that point.
>> No. 11288 [Edit]
I actually like the second one better. I like the song a lot more. The bold visuals. The quantum mechanics words in the background. The little dance they do.

But I actually liked endless eight as well so you should disregard my opinion.
>> No. 11289 [Edit]
uh... none?
>> No. 11291 [Edit]
what was it you liked about endless eight? I don't mean that in a 'what the hell is wrong with you?!' type of way, just curious is all.
>> No. 11292 [Edit]
  I never stopped listening to Super Driver.

I'm not that guy. I kind of enjoyed endless eight as well though. Probably because I watched this show after it aired so I got to watch it within a few days (and not wait a week to get the same episode). I found it interesting spotting the differences between episodes as well.
>> No. 11293 [Edit]
I also thought it was interesting looking for the differences, I thought it would be worth it in the end becuase I thought they were all parts of an elaborate puzzle that they would need to solve in a clever and climatic conclusion... but then kyon fixes everything by just yelling at haruhi, and none of that other shit mattered at all, making endless 8 truly a waste of time to watch.
>> No. 11306 [Edit]
Just landed on this thread but I saw your question and wanted to answer it to you. I did not watch endless eight but I did like it.
I actually followed through with a friend that was keeping up with Haruhi at the time when it was airing E8 and I could not believe my eyes, someone in the anime industry was actually trying to use of a different, risky method of narrative in such a stale, traditional and conservative media such as the japanese animation one. It was not revolutionary in any way since nothing else came out of the step they tried to take, but to see a production studio trying to do something in a different way truly excited me.
>> No. 11311 [Edit]
So, not only did you not watch it, but you think it's awesome, regardless of what they did, for no reason other than being different? my, aren't you easy to please? you know, doing something stupid and shitty that other people aren't retarded enough to do doesn't make the act any less stupid or shitty. trying to do something creative bold and new is all well and good, but not when there's actually nothing at all creative or good about it, such as airing the same episode eight times in a row for no good reason.
>> No. 11314 [Edit]
So you really enjoy watching the same thing over and over again? I doubt so, since it seems that you are so eager to attack Endless Eight. Based on that, I presume you enjoy diversity on your forms of media, you enjoy seeing different things, not the same thing over and over again, like what Kyoto Animation did.
With this in mind, how can you actually be against a studio that attempts to tell a story without using the same narrative methods all other animes alredy used? Did it dissapoint most of its viewers? Most of them, yes. But why is that? Because most of them, like you, were expecting the same, rehashed shit. They wanted crap like almost every show that airs every season: the same gimmicks, the same stereotypes since 1999. I actually dare you to present me a single component of any recently aired show that inaugurates anything of any kind that has not been done several times before.
I do not enjoy most of the shit that has been produced recently because of such said lack of creativity or even dare by the animation studios; they'd rather just feed you with the same crap, you know, that loli anime you probably enjoyed, that shounen that, by overusing everything popular, is able to sell millions, do notice that is the same that the author of Twilight does, and not give a fuck about it. They have simply accepted that the stagnant formulas present today sell, and even mock themselves by being sarcastic in some shows. That the anime industry is completely stale is not an opinion but a fact. And yes, the simple dare to tell the situation Endless Eight had to, using a completely unexpected way, and lead the viewers to a long-expected climax on to the very end is something I very much respect of those who made the choice to produce it so.
And as a footnote, I don't even know why you actually watched it if you didn't like. Maybe you are just dumb.
So fuck you.

Post edited on 18th Sep 2012, 6:51pm
>> No. 11315 [Edit]
THIS IS WHY I SAID YOU SHOULD DISREGARD MY OPINION. Haruhi Christ, I didnt mean to derail the thread by bringing up Endless Eight.
>> No. 11316 [Edit]
The first golden rule of anime: anime can do no wrong.
some people really will defend the most idiotic horrible shit anime got to offers, there ain't nothin someone wont defend to the death and dis shit a perfect example to that
I ain't even gonna waste my time redden all that crap
y'all suckers is whack in dah head

Post edited on 18th Sep 2012, 8:08pm
>> No. 11317 [Edit]
Top notch rhetorics. Go back to the third grade and learn how to conjugate "read" and then give my writing another try.
>> No. 11318 [Edit]
It's not your fault
>> No. 11319 [Edit]
I prefer the first one, OP. I guess I just liked the first season more and it kinda connected to me.
>> No. 11331 [Edit]
Adventure, right?
I like the first one, however I like the second one just a bit less.
And about E8 - it's genius because it tells you in a nutshell how anime works. It's the same shit EVERY time, you just choose shit you like. That's all. Oh, and I do like it because I watched it on LSD trip and it was interesting to enter this "endless recursion of time" over and over again.
>> No. 11358 [Edit]
You people are seriously reading way to much into endless8 and giving it much more credit than it deserves. all you're doing is projecting your own feelings onto it. you're acting like the ignorant idiots at /a/ who claim all anime is "moe-shit"

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