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File 141274212428.jpg - (377.60KB , 750x1000 , 86abe4277b2aac6650353dd89965f9cb.jpg )
16735 No. 16735 [Edit]
Have you ever wondered what kind of underwear would your waifu wear?

If you do know, what do you will suit her? And what do you want her to wear?
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>> No. 16736 [Edit]
Why would I speak about this on an anonymous imageboard?
>> No. 16737 [Edit]
You rather speak about this on a forum?
>> No. 16738 [Edit]
File 141274953529.jpg - (90.48KB , 1280x720 , 10f94de7.jpg )
People would probably say she wears sexy underwear but I think she actually wears very plain solid color underwear.
>> No. 16739 [Edit]
File 141275337385.jpg - (1.79MB , 1800x1300 , 100000000457.jpg )
It's crossed my mind before. I always thought she'd likely wear simple, comfortable underwear. I'd imagine the color to be pink or purple, or perhaps white and purple striped to match her daily clothing. I think black would suit her well too.

I'd want her to wear whatever she was most comfortable wearing. I remember reading a theory about her outfit somewhere that said she likely wouldn't wear a bra due to the severity of her asthma. This also seems fairly probable to me, seeing as she's a hikikomori and has long multi layered robes that generally render wardrobe malfunctions a non-issue anyway.
>> No. 16743 [Edit]
File 14128026577.jpg - (223.22KB , 620x700 , 567ffc05897f02deceff2e64253d0ce9ca5eca96.jpg )
She likes to keep active, so a sports bra and matching pantsu would make the most sense.
>> No. 16751 [Edit]
I think shed wear plain white ones, but would be willing to switch at my request. I imagine it a case of "I dont get it...but if it makes you happy".

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