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No. 10175 [Edit]
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>> No. 10178 [Edit]
I think I've seen this before, and I don't just mean the ones posted on /ot/.
Pretty sure they did this exact same thing with the haruhi characters years ago on their site or something like that in flash, they would follow your mouse cursor around the screen.
not exactly brand new ground braking technology.
>> No. 10179 [Edit]
Praise Haruhi! One step closer to fully immersive virtual reality waifu paradise!

Post edited on 27th Aug 2012, 7:10am
>> No. 10180 [Edit]
For Brohnos with Android devices, there are some (free) applications on the market that will let you play with Live2D. 萌え湯 (moe-yu) and とーきんがーるずっ! (Talking Girls) are a couple of examples.
>> No. 10235 [Edit]
While other countries develop weapons technology and new viruses that can cripple a nation's infrastructure in a matter of hours, Japan works on this.

If there's one country in the world that's dedicated to world peace, it truly is Japan.
>> No. 10247 [Edit]
World peace and birth control.
>> No. 10258 [Edit]

You say it like it is a bad thing. I hope not.
>> No. 10261 [Edit]
More people means fewer resources to go around which means more wars.
>> No. 10304 [Edit]
File 134679345383.jpg - (249.54KB , 640x640 , neon-genesis-evangelion-3dcg-by-ikedan008.jpg )
What about moe wars? they could still explode.

Yeah: there was a Kirino App that looked pretty similar, indeed.

However: be it some 2D-3D maping, a nice 3D render, or even the development of sophisticated dutch wives and droids, I celebrate all of them efforts on rendering women obsolete as romatics partners and bringing our beloved waifus to us (if we don't join them first, in frontal virtuality or in the nothing).

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