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File 135336511143.jpg - (117.72KB , 800x1000 , 1338752593070.jpg )
10910 No. 10910 [Edit]
Does anyone ever worry about their waifu?

Like, for example, maybe she has a very stressful or dangerous line of work? Maybe she is a fighter-type character like Nanoha or the Strike Witches and has to fight dangerous enemies that could hurt or even kill her? Or maybe it doesn't even have to be that, maybe she is an idol, and that particular line of work can be mentally taxing and stressful because of how brutal the profession can be. Or maybe it's just something really simple on the outside... like she fights with her best friend or parents. I figure many of us have our ideal scenarios about them and how they might act with us, or things we do with them... But I dunno.

I know that the reality of it in my mind and soul is that she truly can't be hurt, but there are times when I really do just want to hug her and tell her it's okay. Do the rest of you have any opinions on the matter, or stories to share? Sorry if this post is kinda blog-ish, but it's been on my mind all day.
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>> No. 10911 [Edit]
File 135336577752.png - (220.94KB , 426x529 , 23747723.png )
Sometimes. She has a lot of things that upset/worry her or that she feels guilty about. Usually just being there for her is enough, because she's escaped from most of them. Only the memories haunt her. She's a strong girl, she doesn't need me to worry for her.
>> No. 10912 [Edit]
File 135337342045.jpg - (25.29KB , 276x300 , Suigintou-40-276x300.jpg )
Of course, most of the times are when I'm rewatcing the anime or reading the manga. I connot help it but worry for her on some moments.
However, when I'm rewatching the anime is more worrying about her mood more than her well-being.
Aside from this I don't worry much for her well-being, because I'm sure that no matter what things she may face, she'll be able to overcome them. That's why I love her, or at least, one of the many reasons wht I do.
>> No. 10913 [Edit]
I'd worry about her getting a papercut while reading, or cutting/burning herself while cooking.
If she was involved in something actually dangerous, it would be too much for me to bare.
>> No. 10914 [Edit]
File 135337656828.png - (919.07KB , 1000x1409 , 3d8261d880f5017aeda3bb9d448ac6b7.png )
I do almost all the time. I'm worried about her looked on as a guy and her feelings getting hurt because of that. I know she understands that she must keep a persona up, for the happiness of her female fans, but an individual can only take so much.. I also do worry about her work as an idol. Mainly, I'm worried about her stress during auditions or festivals. Of course, I'm worried about her being a female, a popular one at that (thanks to our efforts)... A lot can happen when you're a popular idol.
>> No. 10916 [Edit]
File 135342861272.png - (4.45MB , 2322x1736 , 3f43c4bd61794854bfbc82092c7eaaec.png )
Considering that my waifu is Marisa, I don't think I need to worry about her physical state. She's a tough girl, a confident woman and a magically strong person. She faced a lot of enemies and won, and practically lives in a deadly forest, handling chemicals that could kill the average person slowly in experiments that can potentially involve life-threatening forces or worse.

But about her mental state, I dunno. It makes me wonder and worry, she's been practicing and researching her stuff for a long time, in a solitary state. While she ain't a hermit, that's another problem. Her pride doesn't allow for her to show any sign of helplessness or weakness and she's afraid, I think, of being pitied and being seen as trying hard. She doesn't seem to have a good relation with her father and her personality can put some people off her. Moreso, she claimed to be insane when she stared at the fake moon and didn't go lunatic.

Yeah, I worry about her mental well-being.
>> No. 10918 [Edit]
She surpasses me in alsmost every mental and physical department, I am not even that much concerned that her beahavior could get her into trouble. But i fear that i might lead her into a Neet/Hikikomori livestyle since she´s only with me all the time and cares little about making friends.
I feel bad for leaving her alone so often because of my worthless work, i´m working on a solution though.
>> No. 10920 [Edit]
File 135345885194.jpg - (236.97KB , 593x750 , 1205067651179.jpg )
The thing i worry about the most is if she feels lonely, i mean her best friend is dating her brother, she must feel very lonely that her childhood friends hangs out with her only for her brother sometimes, and being the one without a boyfriend, and how most of the cast of the show doesn't care about her, being a "secondary" character and all, or if her college life is being tough, or that she may have trouble with her part-time job, i wish i could be with her to help her overcome life hardships.
>> No. 10921 [Edit]
File 135345929671.jpg - (324.75KB , 600x960 , 2227afc14951396a9651de4714629e2a.jpg )
A bit. I barely have any canon information on her daily life so i can only wonder.
Patrolling the mountain seems like a job that alternates between very boring and stressful depending on the situation. I can only wonder how much actual danger is involved, and the only time we see the mountain experiencing a real problem with invaders was in Mountain of Faith where the protagonists barges in and beats everyone up but that's business as usual in Gensokyo.

Another problem would be her rivalry with Aya, the two of them get into fights constantly, this can't be good for her.

She is tough, a reliable girl, I've always been confident that she can handle her problems, I do worry a bit about her emotional/mental state though. She takes her job very seriously and could become stressed because of it, and due to her sense of duty, she could force herself to do more than she needs and wants to, or have this dutifullness exploited by someone
>> No. 10934 [Edit]
File 135380496833.jpg - (368.96KB , 1280x2224 , Super Paper Mario 2.jpg )
If she gets kidnapped, I'll save her. If she dies, I'm sure she had the foresight to get a 1-up at some point. If her game ends... then I'll go to the Overthere to be with her forever.
>> No. 10945 [Edit]
File 135390314359.jpg - (647.20KB , 750x1200 , 19487409_p5.jpg )
Yes. More than I should, probably.
I wish she didn't have to suffer like she did, but her being placed in that situation is partly why I grew so fond of her.
Perhaps it's futile to worry about her more than myself, but I just want to cradle her and tell her she did a good job and that everything's okay.
And that she never has to be alone again.
>> No. 11647 [Edit]
Of course I worry, but Erica is possibly the very best at what she does, and if she isn't, her best friend definitely is. I can't ask for anymore of a solid guarantee than that. We are soldiers, after all.
>> No. 14356 [Edit]
File 139089804960.gif - (2.22MB , 500x281 , alice__mandess_returns_gif_by_mognett-d3iued9.gif )
She was able to mostly put her hallucinations and catatonia behind her when she killed Bumby, but I'm still somewhat worried something might trigger her and cause her to attack someone then herself like she did while in Rutledge.
>> No. 14359 [Edit]
File 139091924784.jpg - (460.05KB , 590x805 , 52b4e94d086901e59f338ce4cfa29cd3.jpg )
Oddly enough I feel better now after Rebellion worrying about her (maybe gives life purpose) than when the original anime ended and everyone just ships with Madoka. I guess I do want to be there for her but in her case it's sort of impossible to know what's best for her, and I'm not a paternalistic person.
>> No. 14361 [Edit]
Her problems are pretty similar to mine;
I worry about her, not about myself, though.
But we have this feeling that everything's gonna be ok, and that's enough for me.
>> No. 14363 [Edit]
File 139092757652.jpg - (30.80KB , 295x437 , 132669.jpg )
Hahaha... ohhh dear. Yes.

It's not as bad as when we were first together, when I was processing what happens in every route but his good one and it was really painful and hard. It was so hard reconciling the fact that he is dead in almost every universe. I've worked around that, though. Even when I know now that he's in no physical danger, there are so many psychological scars that he has to carry and I know how rough PTSD is, I can't help but worry sometimes.

It's kind of funny because like >>14361 our problems end up being pretty similar, but I only worry about his. In turn, though, I can sort of "feel" him worrying about me when I'm most low and he tries to get me out of it. It usually works.

Also, I worry about what would happen to him if I lost my mind. It's a stupid fear I suppose because I can't really help it happening if it does, but I'm scared of getting Alzheimer's or something because I don't want him to die.
>> No. 14415 [Edit]
File 139128884374.png - (1.14MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot-2012-02-13-23h22m43s96.png )
I don't really have to worry. She's with me, she's by my side, she's safe. I always care about her. She will be ok as long as I love her, and my love for her is eternal.
>> No. 14416 [Edit]
File 139129984681.jpg - (170.90KB , 496x700 , なつなぎ - 伊織 - 39425340.jpg )
I would say it is extremely brutal how one can become an idol. Dealing with fans trying to take a single photo of her without giving her a break, haters whose minds are disturbed that wants to torture her very soul and even against rivals who wants your idol out of the picture all at the same time because she is taking over the whole idol industry. As such, taking the role of her producer does worry you a lot more. I would be definitely be worrying about her at all times, seeing that being an idol requires tremendous effort and a strong mind to become one.

However, despite she might run on reckless behaviour which might harm her, I do have complete faith with her. She isn't a nervous person and with a soul of a ferocious tiger, she can do things amazingly on her own. Her mighty confidence will not be broken and if her willpower is about to break then I would do whatever I can to restore it.

After choosing such a very demanding occupation, I think I would try to massage her after a long hard day. That would let me emotionally heal her while physically comforting her at the same time. It wouldn't be a definite solution but it should be a start to strengthen our bonds together.
>> No. 14417 [Edit]
File 139130101672.png - (168.99KB , 500x281 , Nathan+Explosion.png )
>it is extremely brutal how one can become an idol.
>> No. 14428 [Edit]
File 139136396994.jpg - (184.57KB , 900x1228 , Ahri (157).jpg )
Whenever I play her, I do worry about her. She's a champion in the League, and has to constantly fight others. Even though she won't suffer any permanent injuries, and is revived after being killed, I worry about her being hurt while fighting. When she dies I always end up blaming myself, because I could have played that so much better.

I also worry when other people play her, because they won't take care of her like I would. Aside from my foxbrothers, that I trust to love and take care of her, I hate seeing other people play her. They are usually not good enough to keep her from suffering pointless deaths.
>> No. 14438 [Edit]
In the physical sense, probably. In the emotional sense, more likely so. No matter what she does, I'll be there for her. Even if I am against her ideals. My love for her is unconditional and selfless. It matters not whether I worry about her or not because I know she will be fine. All that matters is my love for her.

Damn, you made me read it in his voice!
>> No. 14540 [Edit]
File 139278110653.jpg - (165.61KB , 1024x1449 , 8iKHMQe.jpg )
This last episode has me scared that she will die (either now or at the end of the series). I don't know what I'll do if that happens.
>> No. 14541 [Edit]
Death is just a passing between duties.
>> No. 14555 [Edit]
Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst just in case.
>> No. 14566 [Edit]
I hope she does. What a shitty anime.


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