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File 131403779774.jpg - (42.03KB , 590x242 , dota2_championship.jpg )
4381 No. 4381 [Edit]
Didn't see any thread related to either the tournament or the game. Did anybody watch it? What do you think about the game and the tournament matches?
>> No. 4383 [Edit]
I hope people on tohno start to play this instead of LoL
>> No. 4384 [Edit]
Tournament was enjoyable and exciting but I don't know will I buy the game. I didnt't even sign up for beta yet. Gameplay requires you to have too much social contacts and hardcore playing. So unless I suddenly happen to get lots of free time and friends - I won't play Dota 2. I will watch professional games sometimes tho.
>> No. 4388 [Edit]
Although I've already signed up for beta, I stopped playing the original DotA because I agree with you on the heavy social and time requirements.
That and the fact most people I know which played DotA for long periods of time became elitist assholes themselves.

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