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No. 21270 [Edit]
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>> No. 21273 [Edit]
[citation needed]
>> No. 21276 [Edit]
There is no need for citation. The proposition that fun things are fun is an analytical knowledge, since fun things have to be fun for them to be considered things that are fun. You may dislike everything and not consider anything in the world fun, but that does not give you the right to confront fundamental epistemological and rational concepts of the understanding of propositions.
>> No. 21279 [Edit]
my ears hurt, Haruhi why would you upload the dub version?!
>> No. 21284 [Edit]
Please stop that shit. I'm not going to contest that dubs are virtually always worse than the original language, but bitching about four words spoken out of their original language really makes you look like a headband-wearing Japanophile douchebag.
>> No. 21285 [Edit]

It's not even an actual dub, it's some girl that spoke the lines herself and uploaded it to youtube for some reason.
>> No. 21286 [Edit]
>> No. 21294 [Edit]
I suspected as much, but my views stand.
>> No. 21295 [Edit]
Amongst out community in recent years it has been hard not to notice a strong push back against the weebs, the people who are very open and public with their form of otakudom. These people have associated themselves with a lot of things relating to Japanese culture in general and those thing in turn seem to have become anathema amongst the world's non-Japanese true otaku hikki neets, including a great fraction of the local denizens.
I feel this is a mistake.
Part of my own enjoyment of 2D has been it's association with and illumination of various aspects of Japanese culture. For example, I'd have never decided to purchase taiyaki at my local Japanese grocery had I not been made aware of it via anime. The utter rejection of such amusing trivialities is a misstep as it negates a fair amount of the potential enjoyment of an otaku lifestyle. Furthermore, antagonizing the types of people who do delve into practices that have been labeled as "weeaboo" will alienate a good number of educated veterans from our ranks. This little essay is not an obtuse effort to tangentially justify for cosplay and the like, that shit is still gay.
>> No. 21296 [Edit]
>it negates a fair amount of the potential enjoyment of an otaku lifestyle
I've actually never tried pocky up until last week, always felt like a fag for even thinking about buying it. shit's all embarrassing.
>> No. 21297 [Edit]
if we lash out against our own then the normals win

embrace your inner weeaboo
>> No. 21299 [Edit]
>> No. 21300 [Edit]
My intent really wasn't to lash out at anyone. I just thought it was an over-reaction for something so incredibly minor. Again, I vastly prefer subs over dubs myself, as I'm sure almost everyone here does, but there's a difference between getting upset over a 4-second-long fandub scene that someone uploaded and questioning someone that watched an entire series dubbed.
>> No. 21302 [Edit]
As if you've ever seen one.
>> No. 21303 [Edit]
Are you sure you aren't the one over-reacting?
>> No. 21305 [Edit]

You fail to see a much more fundamental point. This isn't about it not being in glorious Nihhonjin masterrace original dub, it's about us associating certain voices with certain characters. I know what Yui's voice sounds like and as such hearing another person reading her lines feels wrong for me.


It does feel like projection 101, yeah.
>> No. 21307 [Edit]
Do tell.......
>> No. 21308 [Edit]
Do tell.......
>> No. 21314 [Edit]
Thats kind of why I made this comment >>21279
>> No. 21317 [Edit]
If responding to you two repeatedly complaining about what I said means that I'm overreacting, then I guess I am. Your wall of text here (>>21295) seems like the best case of "overreaction" to me, though.

>This isn't about it not being in glorious Nihhonjin masterrace original dub
You could have fooled me, but alright. I'll take your word for it. I already agreed to disagree in the last post...do you have any more hang-ups to address?
>> No. 21354 [Edit]
File 136463737242.png - (189.39KB , 477x351 , fix't.png )
>> No. 21357 [Edit]
TL Note: Tanoshii means plan
>> No. 21358 [Edit]
I'm calling bullshit.
>> No. 21364 [Edit]
I just saw this shitty meme while I was playing MH.

I'm sort of surprised that they threw that into it. It's a weird coincidence that I saw it here as well.

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