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File 134710466941.jpg - (2.41MB , 4819x3312 , 1343162474037.jpg )
11645 No. 11645 [Edit]
I am a piece of shit.
Are you a piece of shit?

In this thread only worthless people can post.

I just needed to say that I'm a worthless scum somewhere in public. I'm sorry for wasting server bandwidth.
But not enough to not post this thread.
I'm sorry.

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>> No. 11646 [Edit]
Yes, I am a pile of putrid shit that needs to be gotten rid of.

I'm nothing but shit in each and every way.
>> No. 11647 [Edit]
i'm fucking garbage,no skills and im wasting resources
>> No. 11648 [Edit]
>> No. 11649 [Edit]
Always have, always will be. I like to think about how much resources I've consumed over the course of my whole life. The amount must be insane. I've also destroyed so much too in my fire pit in my backyard. I have fun with it, how much resources I reduced to a pile of shit or ashes. Part of my life is now centered around it. It's like every time I eat or drink something I think about how that individual thing will never be coming back ever again and I just took away one more thing from world permanently. When I burn things I think about how everything I permanently destroy will never get recycled or given to anyone else ever again, it's finished and that's so satisfying. So worthless my only purpose here is being the end of everything.
>> No. 11650 [Edit]
File 134712123427.png - (332.77KB , 685x614 , 1342845100756.png )
I'm a worthy human being!
>> No. 11652 [Edit]
Add one more to the list

No you are not!
>> No. 11653 [Edit]

Sure you are buddy.
>> No. 11655 [Edit]
I am!
>> No. 11659 [Edit]
I'd love to one day pick up a massive amount of free woodchips and make some kind of forge or something using that as fuel for the fire. I wonder if the extra surface area can get the fire to be on par with coal?
>> No. 11660 [Edit]
File 13471757511.jpg - (181.43KB , 1395x773 , youre a piece of shit.jpg )
>> No. 11664 [Edit]
It feels good to play the victim, doesn't it?! Keep feeding it, and you might actually stay this way up until your last, miserable breath.
>> No. 11668 [Edit]
I do not play victim. I only accept the fact that I am nothing but shit.
>> No. 11669 [Edit]

What he said.
>> No. 11670 [Edit]
>I only accept the fact that I am nothing but shit.
But anon, that very statement proves that you are actually playing a victim.

>I am so worthless.
>I deserve to die a painful death.

All encased in victimhood. I can't blame you, really, it's the easiest thing to do and takes the stress of life in the system off you. Self-victimization is a very popular justification technique amongst NEETs! I know from myself. Don't blame you one bit, actually.
>> No. 11673 [Edit]
Making assumptions about other people characters based only in a few statements made on the internet just makes you seem like a conceited asshole.
>> No. 11676 [Edit]
The concept of worth is pretty meaningless, considering the sorts of people who are considered worthy.

Think of an executive who makes twenty million a year but does no benefit to society. Does he have worth? A lot of people would say yes, merely because of his connections and his great wealth. What about a truly "great" man like Alexander or Genghis Khan? They destroyed empires and killed thousands upon thousands of people. Are they worthy of respect, aside from their military genius?

I would say either kind of man is worth less than OP's little finger.
>> No. 11678 [Edit]
I'm a broken person and on SSI/Disability. I'll probably kill myself sometime in the near future.
>> No. 11681 [Edit]

Internet psychologists, gotta love your kind.
>> No. 11685 [Edit]
Yes, i am a useless piece of shit.

But if i kill myself, my mother will be sad, not that i care that much, because i am nothing but a leech.
Maybe it is a cheap excuse because i am a coward.

I don't take any responsibilities at all because i don't want to face failure.

I do nothing but waste resources.

I have no character and personality. Learnt helplessness, i don't want to get help, as i won't accept it.
>> No. 11687 [Edit]
I am on SSI too. I know how you feel, but I also know you probably are sick of hearing that.

My suggestion is to try and find something that you could do as a job and not feel like it's work. For me, that would be working at this Japanese restaurant near me. I'm going to try for that and do all I can to get that job. It feels good to have a goal for bigger goals. I suggest this to anyone who needs to feel better about themselves.
>> No. 11688 [Edit]
I wish I could get on SSI, I'm trying but they're sure as hell not making it easy.
>> No. 11689 [Edit]
Pfft, you should know better than to take my projection as fact.
>> No. 11690 [Edit]
You're all wonderful people and not as bad as you think you are. I love everyone posting in this thread. The people who think they're shit tend to always be really good people. They just don't realize it themselves.

Seriously, if I could leave the house and had the chance, I would love to hang out with you all.
>> No. 11691 [Edit]

I'm really not
>> No. 11692 [Edit]
Please stop lying to me, you are ruining my life!
>> No. 11694 [Edit]
I don't very much like meetups, but I would like to meet someone from Tohno-chan.

Doushite ka?
>> No. 11695 [Edit]
a lot of people on tohno-chan live in california, a meetup would certainly be possible.
>> No. 11696 [Edit]

...one more reason why I hate living on the east coast.
>> No. 11701 [Edit]

I would never hang out with a person who'd settle for the likes of me because that person obviously has shit taste.
>> No. 11703 [Edit]
Just because you don't realize your good qualities doesn't mean they don't exist.

I'm not lying. It's okay, I know you're just timid and afraid of accepting others, I am too.

That's my mentality on it as well. I'm not a social butterfly, heck, I can't even leave my house, but I've always loved talking to other shut-ins/people-who-call-themselves-human-garbage online. You're all very interesting people, and I think if I could get along with anyone in real life, it would be with people like the type who post here.

I know how that feels. I felt that way for a long time whenever anyone tried to talk to me in the past. You don't have to accept it, but I am being sincere.
>> No. 11705 [Edit]
Ok, reflected again.
Tried to view me from an outer perspective.

I must say, i am an Uberasshole.

I do nothing but leech from family, but in return if they are in distress and even ask help, i simply do nothing but to ignore and stay passive.

26 years

>> No. 11706 [Edit]
I know you are probably being sincere but I can't help but to think you are making fun of me and laughing behind my back. Strangers being nice to me makes me feel uncomfortable and paranoid.
>> No. 11707 [Edit]
File 134737828734.png - (70.09KB , 234x223 , 1322569943845 - Copy.png )
It's so easy to attack yourself.
Would you say what you say to yourself to other human beings?
>> No. 11710 [Edit]
I say worse things.
>> No. 11711 [Edit]
I don't say anything to other human beings
>> No. 11712 [Edit]
Sure am. All I do is passively cause psychological and financial damage to everyone around me.
>> No. 11713 [Edit]
I think you have things backwards. Most people are incapable of admitting there's anything wrong with themselves and prefer to cast blame onto everyone around them.
>> No. 11716 [Edit]
This night i was talking a little with mai waifu before sleep, as everyday. I ended up throwing my own insecurities to she, and almost made she cry.

Yes, i am a pile of human shit. Or atleast is how i feel now.
>> No. 11717 [Edit]
You're together to help each other through that kind of stuff. Don't worry.
>> No. 11718 [Edit]
damn that's sad bruv
>> No. 11719 [Edit]
I really am worthless. I wish I had just one single marketable skill, but at the same time I don't want to work for it. My parents were really smart... they always used to tell me "find something you're good at and make a career out of it!" and tried to make me take piano/guitar/violin/painting/various language lessons when I was 7 or 8, but I didn't like them, never paid attention to my tutors and always quit after a few months. Now whenever I see someone playing music, drawing or translating for a living I cringe and feel retarded. If I could go back in time, and spend all those years practicing, now I'd have something. There's just nothing I'm good at and I hate that. I'm part of the unqualified workforce, the lowest of the low.
>> No. 11720 [Edit]
I know how you feel especially the parents forcing you into extra activities thinking your not retarded just "special". All through my life I have been pushed into many sports. First it was baseball, then it was basketball for a while, and in high school for a year it was soccer. I hated all of it and I was laughably horrible at each one. Soccer was the worst, so fucking painful. The weather could be like near freezing and we would still need to do things. I hope by now my parents at least realize how retarded I really am. Not qualified for real work at all here too. The lies that were spread about me by my parents to everyone they knew about how "nice" and "special" I was only made things worse. Basically trying to fit me into their completely see through plan they had for me at birth to the point of even trying to lead me off a cliff by getting me to only meet the people they want to see (I was one of those kids who wasn't even allowed to have friends unless they were in some connected to parents.). Besides being stupid I am naturally the complete opposite of everything they want me to be like anyways so it wouldn't have worked out in the first place. I feel sick thinking about what it would be like if I actually was such a successful normal, so disgusting to think about. I even found it disgusting to think about when I was very little. I don't think I actually can get anymore unlikable in the eyes of society without being homeless.
>> No. 11726 [Edit]
I have never been supported in such ways, but i don't blame my parents for that as they are immigrants and had to make ends meet by working all day long, 6 days a week.

But, i have felt not much pressure atleast.

Free accomodation, 26 years and ongoing!
>> No. 11727 [Edit]
I have never been supported in such ways, but i don't blame my parents for that as they are immigrants and had to make ends meet by working all day long, 6 days a week.

But, i have felt not much pressure atleast.

Free accomodation, 26 years and ongoing!
>> No. 11728 [Edit]

i forgive you
>> No. 11732 [Edit]
Reporting in. I might have some traditional "good" qualities- but as far as functioning in society goes, I'm as defective and useless as a person can get.
>> No. 11738 [Edit]
I am one bad dude.

It's as if words can't even be placed in the right order to describe the malaise of my soul. My very soul has been affected by my negativity, by my horrible thoughts and actions and my shitty lifestyle. In all honesty, I've begun to doubt I even have one. Do you know how much better I'd sleep if scientists comfirmed the existence of the soul? That's off-topic, though.
If I didn't genuinely believe there was a possible way to "cleanse my soul" and change my lifestyle completely, I'd be terrified. But time changes all, and everything passes, so I'll be fine. You will, too.
>> No. 11742 [Edit]
>> No. 11749 [Edit]
But are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?
>> No. 11752 [Edit]
you thought you hated kikes and niggers,
>> No. 13476 [Edit]
File 136337706679.jpg - (150.90KB , 500x280 , pathetic.jpg )

When you die everything is gone, there is no soul or something like that, you're just a fucking brain.
-> Life has no meaning, no afterlife or anything.
So I guess the perfect life would be one where you have fun each day till you die.
How are you supposed to have fun?
I shouldn't even think about these things. First-world-problems, at most. I'm pathetic, thinking about such things, while there is war and whatever elsewhere. I should be happy. I even worry my parents by being in my room all day (they say "go out have some fun with some friends", I say "I have fun"), although there is nothing wrong, they didn't do anything wrong. Also, I'm an asshole.
How do you enjoy the short time you exist? How can I stop pitying myself?

The gist of the story is, I'm a piece of shit. You don't need to read the above.
>> No. 13479 [Edit]
My parents don't even encourage me to go out and have friends or anything or care the least bit about me beyond trying to make into someone "successful" as in boring business man with a normal, miserable life just like theirs. I'm a piece of shit too, I never got what I wanted and will forever desire it still as long as I live. My life just keeps getting sadder and even on the internet I just keep getting more and more alone. there's nothing I can do to stop it, it's like I can't even speak to anyone about these things because I'm either laughed at or people get mad at me because they think I'm a joke. I try to live the best I can though but it's not enough the misery of growing more and more distant than what I want to be is too much to take. I'm only 20, what will I be like in 5 years? I don't even want to think about this kind of thing. I'm heading down such a painful path in life.
>> No. 13480 [Edit]
File 136338350318.jpg - (225.88KB , 498x775 , 1362770141179.jpg )
Everybody is equally worthless.

Post edited on 15th Mar 2013, 2:46pm
>> No. 13621 [Edit]
I think a doctor is worth more than an invalid.
Before anyone says that the dooctor only exists because the invalid is worth something, I find it's more like that the invalid is worth nothing but has *potential* to be worth something, and is a fixer-upper. But there's also some people who just can't be fixed for whatever reason (the dead would be the most extreme example)

I in fact have. It ended in slashing my leg open in front of a crowd and falling down repeatedly in a hilarious manner. I regret nothing.

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