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File 133489684333.jpg - (103.18KB , 1280x720 , [CMS] Sakamichi no Apollon 01 [720p][758EFE60]_mkv.jpg )
9433 No. 9433 [Edit]
Surprised there isn't a thread for this already.

Who else is following Kids on the Slope?
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>> No. 9446 [Edit]
I just finished the last episode. It's so gay. In a good way.
>> No. 9448 [Edit]
>> No. 9449 [Edit]
Really like it. It's refreshing compared to other high school anime with the dynamic between the characters and what they are doing together.
>> No. 9451 [Edit]
Wow, I really like this anime.

I'll keep watching it.
>> No. 9464 [Edit]
Watched the last episode a while ago, it was grate.

I hope this is going to be a 24/26 episode series.
>> No. 9465 [Edit]
Thank God that there won't be a love triangle now that almost harassment victim showed up.
>> No. 9468 [Edit]
File 133515427643.jpg - (576.06KB , 1280x1440 , [CMS] Sakamichi no Apollon 02 [720p][6721FA1C]_mkv.jpg )
Yeaaah.... there's nothing gay about this anime at allll.
I have nooooo idea what those people are talking about.
>> No. 9471 [Edit]
File 133518202115.jpg - (256.07KB , 1920x1080 , Bell.jpg )
Yeah, it's pretty gay. I still like it, although I wouldn't mind them focusing on music a little more.

And actually I'm pretty sure there is a thread already.
>> No. 9475 [Edit]
Huh, I thought it was odd how they focus on that bell like they did. now I know why...
>> No. 9481 [Edit]
I never noticed that...
>> No. 9509 [Edit]
What is this now, a love quadrangle?
>> No. 9511 [Edit]

A love quadrilateral.
>> No. 9520 [Edit]
File 133557613633.jpg - (124.14KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
If this isn't some sort of typical misunderstanding, then it could not have been any more out of the blue. That was too much progression in such a short time. I actually thought it was a dream sequence or something at first.
>> No. 9580 [Edit]
I'm kind of surprised no one jumped in to interrupt Kaoru while he was confessing.

I'm guessing misunderstanding, probably just something related to painting.
>> No. 9593 [Edit]
File 133636543064.jpg - (45.67KB , 854x480 , Sakamichi no Apollon - 04.jpg )
I know it's only four episodes in, but I haven't had a series make me feel quite the same way since Honey and Clover. And not just on account of the Yuki op, either. It just seems to have that same way of capturing everything that's weird and beautiful about being young and passionate. I really hope it can keep up it's level of quality.
I'm also wondering if this series might make me get into jazz the same way Nodame Cantabile made me get into classical. Jazz is one of the few music genres that I've never connected with.
>> No. 9594 [Edit]
I agree. This anime is pretty interesting and somewhat also makes me want to learn how to play an instrument just to play some Jazz.
>> No. 9598 [Edit]
Oh man, I was just about to ask around for a k-on like anime but with guys instead.
This looks good.
Wish they were drawn in a cuter style though.
>> No. 9600 [Edit]
>Wish they were drawn in a cuter style though.
I agree. I'm enjoying the romance of this, but I keep getting put off by Ritsuko's giant man jaw.
>> No. 9610 [Edit]
File 13365202743.jpg - (194.14KB , 518x500 , Front.jpg )
I am so grateful to Jazzhands for the albums (and the information about them) that he used to share on /mp3/. I wouldn't be enjoying this series half as much if it wasn't for him inspiring me to love jazz and it feels great to recognise all the songs that are played.

If you're still around Jazzhands, know that someone still remembers and loves you. And everyone else should download Portrait in Jazz, one of my favourites.
>> No. 9611 [Edit]
"Someday My Prince Will Come"

"But Not For Me"


Anyway, I wanted to listen to "But Not For Me" on Youtube, and I see a bunch of comments on there about this anime.
>> No. 9612 [Edit]
Wow, a episode that focused on jazz.
and it sounds like they got some actual native English speakers for this ep.
drama also took an interesting turn, kind of nice in a way to see Kaoru isn't beating around the bush at all, like most protagonist.
also, seems like if things keep going the way they are, the old love triangle will grow into a love Tesseract by the show's end.

This ep sure had a lot going on..
>> No. 9715 [Edit]
File 133737586527.png - (176.25KB , 542x305 , txresthf.png )
This anime just got a little fabulous〜.
>> No. 9727 [Edit]
File 133762236735.jpg - (83.40KB , 1280x720 , [NemDiggers] Sakamichi no Apollon - 06 [720p] [H26.jpg )
You mean it wasn't already?
>> No. 9742 [Edit]
File 133774599960.jpg - (80.48KB , 854x480 , Sakamichi no Apollon - 06.jpg )
Did anyone else get the impression that Seiji is rather shady? The bit where he tells Sentaro that Yurika said their date went well sounded like an obvious lie, and his statements about being poor and his large family seemed too well placed, like he's trying to drum up sympathy from Sentaro.
Or maybe I'm just responding this way because I empathize with Kaoru (and am not much of a Beatles fan), but whatever.
>> No. 9743 [Edit]
I also got that vibe, especially when he talked about releasing Sentaro from what was keeping him down.
>> No. 9744 [Edit]
I actually thought the same, to be honest. He's probably getting the information from Yurika to manipulate him, but I'm still not entirely sure that it's not just a huge coincidence.

I understand how Kaoru feels. I wasn't expecting things to happen like this at all.
>> No. 9836 [Edit]
I love the Beatles and I still think Seiji is up to something.
>> No. 9839 [Edit]
I can feel the drama coming from the next episode. Damn, I feel bad for Sentaro. I hope he doesn't do anything too drastic in the next episode with how things are happening.
>> No. 9898 [Edit]
Ma, now i feel really bad for Sentaro as well, this has disaster written all over it.
>> No. 9982 [Edit]
Kaoru and Sentaro's friendship is beautiful. So much so that I am envious of it.

I don't want anything bad to happen to either of them!;_;
>> No. 9990 [Edit]
Unless they go full homo for each other, I can't see how any of this will end well.
...maybe if they introduce another character?
>> No. 10031 [Edit]
File 134024616849.jpg - (180.67KB , 800x447 , sakamichi.jpg )
This shot of what his math notebook ended up as made me laugh.
>> No. 10046 [Edit]
I don't want this to end next week. I don't want this to end at all.
>> No. 10047 [Edit]
Ha, I can't believed I missed that when I was watching the episode.
Same here, but I was excited to learn that the finished manga is completely translated.
Hopefully we'll get a second season though, this is easily my favorite series from the last couple of years.
>> No. 10048 [Edit]
I feel your pain. I really like this show.
>> No. 10104 [Edit]
File 13409339742.jpg - (320.41KB , 1229x2085 , sakamichi no apollon ended.jpg )
Fuck. I feel really horrible right now. Like when you part with great friends knowing you won't see them again.
>> No. 10106 [Edit]
Oh haruhi, this was so beautiful. I'm glad that it had a good end.

I will miss this anime.
>> No. 10114 [Edit]
File 134097751157.jpg - (127.20KB , 1280x720 , aaff6e99.jpg )
Over? I thought this was going to be a full 24 episode show...that's a let down.

I put it on hold for a few reasons so I guess I never noticed.
>> No. 10118 [Edit]
File 134100527925.jpg - (64.92KB , 1280x720 , [Commie-Commie] Sakamichi no Apollon - 12 [DEF1C79.jpg )
>good end
No, I'm pretty sure we got the fine end.
>> No. 10119 [Edit]
I don't usually rewatch anime at all but I just had to rewatch the last episode to this. Was great.

I'm glad it wasn't longer though, every episode just ended up being everyone falling out then getting back together again.
>> No. 10120 [Edit]
I wonder if the creators realized how boyish that hairstyle makes her look.
I thought that screen cap was of Kaoru at first.
>> No. 10121 [Edit]

Wait, that's a girl?
>> No. 10122 [Edit]
File 134102622789.jpg - (71.13KB , 1280x720 , [CMS] Sakamichi no Apollon 08 [720p][1A55900D]_mkv.jpg )
They used the same jawlines for both male and female characters.
The hair and clothing was all that would identify a character's gender.

It really doesn't help things when girls in this show get their 'character development'.
>> No. 10123 [Edit]

Well, in the 1950s things were more "modest". Hair, clothing etc.
>> No. 10143 [Edit]
File 134115993134.jpg - (33.88KB , 854x480 , Sakamichi-no-Apollon---12.jpg )
I'm kind of torn on the last episode. I was not expecting the timeskip at all, and having it occur midway through the last episode made the ending seem really rushed. However, a big component of my love for this show was how unpredictable it seemed, and it was true to form up to the very end.
Parts of this episode were some of the most beautiful that I've ever seen in anything. Kaoru's train departure was cliched enough that I should have been groaning, but after everything that had happened it just seemed, well, I don't know. It was moving. Same with Kaoru and Sen's reunion session.
Off to read the manga now!
>> No. 10225 [Edit]
This show left me with a melancholy feeling in my heart.
>> No. 10251 [Edit]
Same here, I wasn't exactly satisfied with the ending. The romance could have been fleshed out a little better, and the fact that he left her for 8 years pissed me off a little.
And her cutting her hair at the end? I would have dropped the show if it wasn't the last few seconds already.
>> No. 10279 [Edit]
girl's gotta get her character development.

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