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File 137401889050.jpg - (135.68KB , 630x940 , YT0NH.jpg )
22446 No. 22446 [Edit]
What type of otaku would you classify yourself as? Is there anything you feel passionately about?

Would you care to share a bit of what it is you enjoy so much about it?

Examples would be train otaku, militay otaku, and so on.

Post edited on 17th Jul 2013, 3:37am
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>> No. 22447 [Edit]
I would say video games, but I only play a ton of them, I don't really research them like most enthusiasts seem to. Or the vocal ones, anyway.
>> No. 22448 [Edit]
>Is there anything you feel passionately about?
Not really, no.
>> No. 22449 [Edit]
History otaku, if that's a thing. That's what I am.
>> No. 22450 [Edit]
Evangelion, of course, above all things.

Others include: more manga/anime/VN; figures; butterflies; philosophy; ballet.... and recently: dolls.
>> No. 22451 [Edit]
I dunno. I like what I like. I don't really try to fit into anything since I don't really like the idea of forcing some ideology onto myself.
>> No. 22453 [Edit]
I collect pictures of cute 2D girls for most of the day, every day. So I'm a cute otaku maybe?
>> No. 22455 [Edit]
lol. Hardly.
>> No. 22456 [Edit]
I'm a girl, but I'm not >>22450
How may I assist in your inquiries?

>> No. 22458 [Edit]
Well, mainly moe.

I guess I'm still a military otaku. I still find myself looking at military uniforms and such. My latest search is for a set of JGSDF fatigues. Really difficult to find though...
>> No. 22459 [Edit]
>Is there anything you feel passionately about?

Music, 2D, my waifu. And even outside of those things I tend to obsess over a lot of things. Even stuff I hate I obsess about, for example you could say I passionately hate 3D.
>> No. 22460 [Edit]
modern japanese audiovisual culture. i love anime with a true passion, but i don't spend enough time with it to consider it an 'obsession'. the same with gunpla, manga, etc... but together, it comes out as truly what i spend like 90 percent of my time. that sounds more otaku-like. please ignore the lack of capital letters, my keyboard is wrong.
>> No. 22462 [Edit]
Seiyuu-ota here.
>> No. 22464 [Edit]
I guess I'm the antiotaku, maybe an ADD-otaku if I ever get around a diagnostic.
>> No. 22465 [Edit]
A writing/philosophy otaku. I spend a lot of time reading and writing philosophy. I also write poems and occasionally read other people's poems.

I also like to play old video games, try to make computer games (pixel art is my strong point) and sculpt things out of clay. I'd try to make an automaton but I'm too retarded to do that (at least right now).
>> No. 22466 [Edit]
Ambiant Otaku

share a poem?
>> No. 22473 [Edit]


Don't love an institution
for they eventually crumble
don't love an ideal
for those always fade away
don't love one another
for Haruhi knows
that will never last
and most importantly
don't pine for a significant other
for not even your own mother
can love you
more than yourself.
>> No. 22481 [Edit]
Computer otaku. I've built >30 computers, and I spend my time researching new hardware and technologies. I hoard old parts and have built them into several servers and NASes on my room's network. The only thing I spend money on is my computer. I sleeve and crimp my own cables and build my own fan controllers, and I'm finally completing a watercooling loop (2x120.4 1x120.2 push/pull 80mm rads, for 2 GPUs and a CPU). I take apart and rebuild my computer or recable it for fun or when I'm bored. I have spent days doing nothing but tweaking my overclocks.
Despite this all I use it for is anime because I'm not really into games anymore. Hardware is about all I care about anymore.
>> No. 22482 [Edit]
nice poem. is the advice for us or for yourself?

you lead a dismal existence, carry on friend
>> No. 22483 [Edit]

The poem is for anyone. Although I suppose love can exist; it is just very fleeting and fragile.
>> No. 22484 [Edit]
Are you an electrical engineer?
>> No. 22486 [Edit]
Nope. This is all self-taught hobby stuff.
>> No. 22487 [Edit]
Can we please keep the threads where 3D shitheads talk about themselves on /so/ where they belong?
>> No. 22489 [Edit]
I'm a shortwave radio otaku. Very passionate about it. Very sad that the medium has gone down the shitter in the last 10 years because of the Internet.
>> No. 22490 [Edit]
What is your favourite period of history? I quite like the classical era in Europe, I think people focus too much on ww2.
>> No. 22492 [Edit]
Cool. If you have some documentation or useful pages could you please upload them or something? Thanks.
>> No. 22493 [Edit]
Oh man, do you listen to UVB-76? Anything new? Around November some eerie shit started happening on there. I haven't heard much since.
>> No. 22497 [Edit]
[off-topic] What was on UVB-76? Some voice message again, perhaps?
>> No. 22498 [Edit]
Do tell. Number station shit fascinates and terrifies me at the same time, like a hidden, unseen world. Any recordings or transcripts of what it was?
>> No. 22522 [Edit]
It is a Soviet era station that just played a buzzer over and over again, all day, every day, since the 1970s. And nothing else more. Sometimes a few numbers (on unbelievably rare occasions), and sometimes a voice was picked up.

But last year from about November to this January it was broadcasting numbers and letters almost daily.

Another Russian radio oddity was the "Russian Woodpecker" which made TICKTICKTICKTICKTICK noises that bugged radio operators for years. Turns out it was a radio array for detecting missile launches from anywhere in the world and was shut down (it was right next to Chernobyl)
>> No. 22532 [Edit]
File 137470553431.jpg - (138.58KB , 1200x882 , oyasumi-punpun-1928723.jpg )
I'm a worthless otaku, I'm not specialized in anything. I do like music though, but I can't play any instrument or make anything on my computer
>> No. 22533 [Edit]
I'm the same...
>> No. 22534 [Edit]
I'm an otaku for losers and weird people. Stalkers, hikikomori, people with weird fetishes, people with asperger's syndrome, people with severe social anxiety, obsessive otaku, etc. Basically an otaku for other otaku. I find such people really interesting, I can't stop thinking about them or trying too find out more about them. And I've found that over the years I've involuntarily come to acquire their characteristics- become one of them.
>> No. 22545 [Edit]

I'm sort of like that as well. Places like this tend to be the more interesting sites on the internet.
>> No. 22546 [Edit]
You don't have to necessarily know how to play music to be really into it. Downloading and listening to a bunch of it and diving deeper into artists and genres is enough to build on that obsession.
>> No. 22547 [Edit]
I agree with this.
>> No. 22548 [Edit]
Well, it's not like any of us do anime is it?
>> No. 22556 [Edit]

You'd be surprised, I don't think they are around anymore but we had a bunch (well, at least two) of animators-in-training back in the day.

Not exactly 'making anime' but close enough I'd say. Not like those of us who play instruments are world class virtuosos or anything.
>> No. 22562 [Edit]
Plenty of people make fanart, doujins, and the like, which is probably more analogous to what most people that play instruments and make music do.
Speaking of this, I've always thought it was strange that I love anime and manga just as much as music, but have never had the desire to do anything related to it other than watch/read it. But with music, I've always felt the need to create it was well, and learn as much as I can about it. I don't really think of myself as a music otaku, though, because my interests and knowledge are pretty broad and generalized. And, pretty much everyone is into music to some degree.
>> No. 22570 [Edit]
giascle's stuff was not just poor but always half-assed (just like his 2D love). But I get what you mean: otaku tend to want to partake, derivatively, in the things they love. However, doing the stuff professionally, competently or not, that really makes it an entire different thing; which leads me to...

I'd go even further: I think that's what makes the difference between an otaku interest and a vocational call. The former is a passion about things you can receive (pathos), the later about things you can give (ethos). They can overlap or even coincide, of course, but not necessarily; and it can lead to great frustration alright.
>> No. 22577 [Edit]
Once in a while I'll listen to the Cuban numbers stations, but that's about it. The Russian buzzer stations annoy the shit out of me.

It's worth noting though that the Russian Woodpecker operates/operated from a site near Pripyat. Yes, THAT Pripyat.

If you're interested in hearing more of that check out the Conet Project, which is basically just a bunch of weird fucking recordings of numbers stations. It's hosted on archive.org, which seem to be down for me for right now, so here's a Wikipedia link:


>> No. 22584 [Edit]
Do you have a favorite from that compilation?
I quite like English Lady 00000 Ending.
>> No. 22742 [Edit]
My waifu otaku.
Music otaku.
Train otaku.
Politics otaku.

Post edited on 18th Aug 2013, 10:27am
>> No. 22756 [Edit]
Radio Otaku
Music Otaku
Electronics Otaku
Sci-fi Otaku

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