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File 137157490535.jpg - (345.26KB , 599x846 , idolmaster_cinderella_girls-neet-futaba_anzu-by-ch.jpg )
22099 No. 22099 [Edit]
Japan’s population of NEETs continues to burgeon despite the supposed success of Abenomics, with the proportion of young people now engaged in providing “home security” now at record levels.
Accord to 2013 cabinet statistics published in their “Children & Young People Whitepaper,” government surveys of those aged 15-34 found that the proportion of those “not in education or employment” has actually increased another 0.1% from the last survey in 2011, making them more numerous than ever at 2.3%.
Although overall rates of youth unemployment have lowered slightly, it appears in no small part to have been at the expense of job security – amongst those aged 25-34, the proportion in “irregular” employment also continues to increase at record levels, now being 26.5% of the total, with those 15-24 enjoying a tiny 1.2% decrease to 31.2%.
Just what, if any, implications these statistics have for the rapidly deflating success of Abenomics is not clear, but the Cabinet Office has generously conceded that “policies to support their talents in society are required.”

The online lair of all Nipponese NEETs provides some insight:
“You can only despair…”
“I’m 25 and of my old class 10 are NEETs.”
“5 of my 10 friends are NEETs.”
“Honestly, their figures seem on the low side.”
“When did they even conduct this survey? Nobody ever asked me whether I’m a NEET.”
“Their figures will not catch hikikomori and the like so there are bound to be more.”
“They need to do a proper survey.”
“It’s obvious if companies are shedding employees you are going to see a big group of unemployables form.”
“At this rate they are going to form their own minority group.”
“Even university graduates aren’t confident they can get hired.”
“I’m 30 and last night I realised I haven’t earned a single yen this year.”
“There are loads of NEETs in my town, it’s good as I can go out during the day free of shame!”
“NEETs with skills who choose not to work are OK but most of them are just socially inept scum.”
“You have to wonder how some of these parents raised their families when there are multiple NEETs…”
“I just hope these poor souls blame it on society and not themselves and can move on with their lives.”
“I do think the trend of considering anyone not working full-time in a company as unemployed riffraff is unfair.”
“You see this NEET filth at the pachinko parlours all the time in the middle of the day.”
“Those aren’t NEETs, more like students and freeters. NEETs have no money so pachinko is impossible for them.”
“NEETs are a blessing to their families. Who else will be able to take care of your pets when you go on vacation?”
“Right, they are like jokers. They can take on any role. It should be reassuring to have a NEET available in your household 24/7 to help out.”
“I do suspect that a private security company and a pet hotel would still work out cheaper than the cost of keeping a NEET.”
“Please NEETs, at least make some kids. At this rate the country will collapse, blaming the baby boomers for dumping this on us is all very well, but at this rate we will bestow an even worse situation on the next generation.”
“I would think you should direct those kind of demands at people who can actually earn a living and support some kids.”
“I had 3! We could afford more but my wife couldn’t manage it.”
“It’s obvious NEETs will increase. Even part-time and contract positions are oversubscribed with applicants now. There were 8 applicants for 900 yen an hour work I applied for, and it didn’t even include transportation costs. A lot of people can’t find work and are forced to live as NEETs. Abenomics has failed.”
“I’m not even considered a NEET any more because I’m too old…”
“Right. They’ll start to classify older NEETs as domestic helpers and the like to push the figures down I expect.”
“There are no decent jobs… the ads out there are all for hellish black companies who’ll exploit you completely.”
“The only vacancies I see all require qualifications.”
“Or else they reject you because you have qualifications but no experience…”
“I can’t really blame these people for having realised if you work in a country like this you’ve already lost.”
“You are the elite 2%.”

>> No. 22100 [Edit]
Sounds pretty NEET.
>> No. 22103 [Edit]
Insomuch as Sankaku can be trusted for an accurate overview of the comments, there seems to be more sympathy for NEETs than I would have expected.
>> No. 22114 [Edit]
it's 2channel, so there's that. Also japan seems to be like the US. They need an Occupy. Or a reincarnation of the Japanese Red Army.
>> No. 22116 [Edit]
>They need an Occupy

They need a bunch of ineffectual hipsters to cry about nothing in particular until they get bored? Why?
>> No. 22120 [Edit]
because it would be awesome if soichi negishi put out some new tunes
>> No. 22124 [Edit]
but isnt 2.3% an incredibly low rate of unemployment?
>> No. 22125 [Edit]
It is compared to the rest of the first world nowadays, but it doesn't give a complete picture. Based on the irregular unemployment figures in the second paragraph, it seems that the old are continuing to be employed in the better jobs at the expense of the young. That, and probably the same thing that's happening here: when the old finally do retire, their secure high wage jobs are sometimes outsourced to cut costs and insecure low wage jobs appear to replace them.
>> No. 22128 [Edit]
I live in Spain and youth unemployment is 50%, not 2,3%. Glorious nippon at its full potential.
>> No. 22183 [Edit]
These 2ch[annel] comments are always such a delight to read compared to their counterparts on English boards. Could be that the poor grammar and retarded memes are just lost in translation, though.
>> No. 22230 [Edit]
Yeah I think Artefact 'cleans up' the translations to be legible to people, and doesnt footnote up the ass when a 2ch meme is used.
>> No. 22231 [Edit]
Not to make light of the catastrophic situation in Spain, but freeters are only slightly better than unemployed. If someone spends their entire teens and twenties as a konbini clerk, they're fucked.
>> No. 22273 [Edit]
I think the governments and NGOs are fucking with the definitions a bit. i.e. which of the 50% unemployed arent in college or whatnot. different definition.

also chronic UNDERemployment as well
>> No. 22275 [Edit]
I heard that in America their unemployment numbers dont count people who have given up looking for work, a lot of NEETs would be in that category.
>> No. 22276 [Edit]
Yeah, they only count people who file for unemployment benefits from the state.
>> No. 22284 [Edit]
>unemployment benefits from the state

unemployment benefits come from unemployment insurance that all workers are required to pay into.
these funds are managed by the state, but they do not come from tax dollars.
people who receive unemployment benefits are getting what they paid for just like someone who receives an auto or health insurance payout.
>> No. 22288 [Edit]
you know your post is meta right?
>> No. 22289 [Edit]
There's actually a federal program as well when insurance benefits run out that is funded by taxes.

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