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File 144314560928.jpg - (92.62KB , 1280x720 , breastia.jpg )
27699 No. 27699 [Edit]
i'm a shitposter
i try to limit my shitposting to shitty boards, but i cannot deny that i enjoy shitposting. i bet there are others here who also shitpost and fill themselves with shitposter's shame, but i think that shitposting done responsibly is no sin. shitposting can even be quite amusing.
if you're a shitposter then confess in this thread and none of your sins will be forgiven.
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>> No. 27703 [Edit]
Shitposters should just kill themselves.

It's unfortunate, but if the only joy you can find in this mortal coil is depriving others of happiness, then for the greater good, self-destruction is the best route.
>> No. 27704 [Edit]
killyourself posters are just as bad
>> No. 27706 [Edit]
Don't worry, you will grow out of it.
>> No. 27707 [Edit]
I used to love shitposting like a retard (not the XDlol kind though i'm more subtle than this) but I don't find it amusing anymore. I still like making fun of angry shitposters making a fool of themselves though.

Chill dude.
>> No. 27708 [Edit]
It's pretty much just you now. What's the point of this thread when you're still shitposting? It doesn't look like you have any intention of stopping.
>> No. 27711 [Edit]
I have no idea what a shitposter is.

Is it what kids call trolls these days?
I'm too out-of-touch to follow any of this.
>> No. 27712 [Edit]
It just means using any kind of community or forum to express inane, meaningless thoughts on a whim, somewhat like a microblogging service like twitter. These posts have no intention of provoking any meaningful discussion whatsoever, and can best be described as "pissing in the wind", thus the term "shitposting".

Most of the time people do it in a desperate attempt to distract themselves from how far into a downward spiral of depression and meaninglessness their lives have become. The thought process goes along the lines of something like "If I just never take anything seriously then I won't have the chance of taking myself seriously and thus I'll never come to the realization that I have nothing going for me"

"Shitposting" can be kind of considered a genus of "ironic humor" that's so prevalent in Generation X.
>> No. 27713 [Edit]
Source: your ass?
>> No. 27716 [Edit]
It doesn't mean shit. It's a stupid forum term used as a catch-all for "things I don't like". I die a little each time I see it used unironically.
>> No. 27719 [Edit]
You're already dead.
>> No. 27725 [Edit]
You want a academic source for a relatively new internet slang?
>> No. 27732 [Edit]
only a decade old
>> No. 27733 [Edit]
File 144340372220.jpg - (2.70MB , 2392x3400 , 1428128664294.jpg )
>> No. 27734 [Edit]
Source: your ass.
>> No. 27736 [Edit]
"Shitposting" is just making jokes. Or 'nonchalantly' constructing 'humorous' content. The word "shitpost" is a little zeitgeisty for some reason, so people are compelled to apply it to themselves. I quite dislike it and the whole current climate of internet culture. Search "shitpost" on youtube and get a taste.
>> No. 27737 [Edit]
This is the most accurate description I've read on shitposting.
>> No. 27740 [Edit]
>You want a academic source for a relatively new internet slang?

No. I just wanted to point out that your opinion is just that: an opinion, not a definition. To me, shitposting is anything that shits up a thread. It's like trying to define art: it's too broad, subjective and vague a concept.
>> No. 27752 [Edit]
>I just wanted to point out that your opinion is just that: an opinion
It's not mine; I wouldn't consider microblogging shit-posting.
My interpretation is shitposting is not merely inane, it is deliberately counter-productive.

>It's like trying to define art: it's too broad, subjective and vague a concept.
Art: the expression of the human mind.
Pretty fucking simple; probably too much for a plebeian like you.
>> No. 27771 [Edit]
>t's too broad, subjective and vague a concept
Are you 14?
>> No. 27789 [Edit]
This is a shitpost.
>> No. 27796 [Edit]
File 144433972769.jpg - (20.36KB , 320x286 , Hsien033.jpg )

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