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File 139939424619.png - (1.36MB , 2225x1800 , 4a5e6204a4012602775a5d053692ec90.png )
15245 No. 15245 [Edit]
What do you think are the things you do, either in online or in real life, that bother your waifu?
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>> No. 15246 [Edit]
File 139940469863.png - (139.77KB , 1600x1200 , kagura-big2.png )
There have been times that I've put off exercising for whatever reason. She definitely gets annoyed at me for that.

Also, some of the things I look at online she'd probably find questionable...
>> No. 15247 [Edit]
File 139940530417.jpg - (40.14KB , 339x481 , c68269ff.jpg )
Eating meat (especially red meat, he hates it), putting myself down when it's unwarranted, and accidentally dehydrating myself (which I do far more than I'd like to admit). Basically he hates it when I don't take care of myself.

Online? Nothing that I can think of. Some of my, er, "tastes" he finds a little odd but he has some quirks himself so it doesn't bother him much.
>> No. 15248 [Edit]
>Also, some of the things I look at online she'd probably find questionable...

this, fapping to other girls, getting distracted by random things, I guess.
>> No. 15250 [Edit]
that I have no confidence in my self
>> No. 15251 [Edit]
Lots. Just lots.
>> No. 15252 [Edit]
Nothing. There are days when I do nothing except lie in bed and daydream all day which I know she would disapprove of.
Precisely this. There's too much I do wrong to be able to list.
>> No. 15253 [Edit]
Probably how little I keep my house clean.
>> No. 15254 [Edit]
File 139941959753.jpg - (97.37KB , 590x710 , fdf253e5695c0a15a7152b137c9618bd.jpg )
Being lazy, talking to myself, smoking, getting angry, worrying too much-- are just a few of them. Basically, everything I hate about myself or regret doing.
>> No. 15256 [Edit]
File 139941978662.png - (376.95KB , 672x1170 , 39486261_p15.png )
Going to sleep early at morning.
Getting distracted/depressed by unimportant things.
>> No. 15257 [Edit]
File 13994479823.jpg - (162.08KB , 640x480 , Saber Lily 23.jpg )
Laziness, stubbornness and racist bigotry...
>> No. 15258 [Edit]
What sort of racist bigotry?
>> No. 15259 [Edit]
File 139945337543.png - (244.64KB , 550x722 , 36321474_p0.png )
I'm a fretful, forgetful pervert.

These things do have their advantages.
>> No. 15260 [Edit]
Are you me? Pretty much this. I also lose interest in things extremly fast.
>> No. 15261 [Edit]
having negative perception about others, specifically the Chinese and quite "noisy" (well in social media), referring them as "Chi-coms" "drooling old Chinese" (in a specific SE-Asian language) and "Dirty chinks"

I do also have some bigot views towards Japan due to WW-2 and Korea which should have been nuked along with China. I also view Middle-East as a haven for terrorism, seeing them as "exploding people". I also see many Europeans as either Neo-Nazis (those in the West and specially Germany) or Russia's stooge (on the East)and lastly see Americans as fat, Latin and Central America as drug haven and dreams that Africa should be nuked to kingdom-come as they only contribute nothing and lastly the good old "bankers" who secretly controls the world.

Yeah, I have degrading views about anyone but I am not vocal about it as I know what will happen to me once my mouth starts saying stuff.

Hell, I am also having bigot views towards my own fellow countrymen who supports the Chinese, labeling them as traitors and "fifth-columns"

I guess this is what you get when experiencing racism for two-years when studying in an international school.

Post edited on 7th May 2014, 6:41am
>> No. 15263 [Edit]
What ethnicity/nationality are you? Australian? I'm Chinese-American I guess although my parents came from Taiwan. I'm not fat and quite quiet to be honest...
>> No. 15264 [Edit]
That's prejudice for you.
>> No. 15265 [Edit]
He's filipino. For some reason all his personal info is available online and tied to his username.
>> No. 15268 [Edit]

I deliberately put it there, besides who would be interested in eliminating a nobody. lol
>> No. 15270 [Edit]
I am Vietnamese Australian and I can tell you, we're multicultural as fuck. We're filled with too much Chinese though.
>> No. 15319 [Edit]
Mentioning real-life circumstances tending towards normalcy is technically against the rules. I don't really mind; just be prepared that others will report your post to all heavens, leading to its deletion.
>> No. 15320 [Edit]
I seriously hope you're kidding
>> No. 15322 [Edit]
>I don't really mind
You should.
You should also stop replying to blatant trolls like that and just report the post.
>> No. 15323 [Edit]
I don't really have anything to add. I'm tired of all the self-loathing I've subjected myself to. It's all said and done, time to move on. I adore all her traits and quirks, and if it was ever meant to be - I hope she would mirror that sentiment. In any case I'm not going to assume upon her disapproval, I'll give her more credit than that any day of the week. Reading through the thread, the gist of it seems to be everyone listing everything bad about themselves. I suppose you can add that in itself to the list. Give her/him the benefit of the doubt.

Sorry, my bad.
>> No. 15457 [Edit]
File 140064043515.jpg - (838.58KB , 624x1000 , 19d633bbeefaf7c9b7d14b8c44d9a985.jpg )
She doesn't like when I'm in a morbid and gloomy mood. At the least she doesn't mind me writing stories about macabre things, but when I talk about it and dwell on it too much it bothers her. Not that she's grossed out necessarily, but she'd rather I think in a more positive and happy light.
>> No. 15465 [Edit]
A lot, can't say for sure, but no one likes drunks and perverts so she probably would disapprove of my love for the bottle and tendency to wither in lust.
>> No. 15472 [Edit]
I rarely brush my teeth, I rarely shower, I never wash my face, I don't work out enough.
I'm poor, I'm uneducated, I'm not of a high social class (I have zero friends for that matter).
I'm atheist, I'm beta, I'm socially retarded, I'm extremely emotional, I've never worked a day in my life and can't be depended on.
And I'm 5/10 at best, maybe I'd be a 6.8/10 if I lost a hundred pounds.
>> No. 15530 [Edit]
File 140080951047.png - (178.02KB , 402x470 , 1176751114475.png )
I drink a lot, either at bars or at home.

I think my waifu would not mind a beer or two here and there, but I can go through a 750 ml of booze in a day or two, which is quite a lot of alcohol.

It's really cutting into my paychecks and harming my liver I'm sure, but I still do it.

Maybe I should cut back for Osaka?
>> No. 15532 [Edit]
Getting drunk with Osaka would be an unique experience that's for sure
>> No. 15549 [Edit]
File 140087373885.jpg - (156.00KB , 1280x960 , 9c6d7a82b2a800eac23f35ff3fce7815d15fd2df.jpg )
Cutting back would certainly be a good thing.

Having said that, I would totally have some drinks with you if I had the chance to.

Now we just need to find a Tomobro to join us...
>> No. 15841 [Edit]

That used to be me. When you get to the point where most of a 750 ML is a single night's supply, or you drink about half, pass out, then wake up and drink the rest of it, you're in the danger zone. When you repeat this process several times in direct succession to the point where you get withdrawal symptoms when you stop, you have a serious problem. Trust me; I'm not joking around. Booze + ronery + living alone != healthy. I'm sure Osaka would agree.
>> No. 15842 [Edit]
I tend to either avoid or push people away.
I'm almost always in a gloomy mood, I don't have much self-confidence and I don't really have a goal or direction
I use forms of escapism that I probably shouldn't.
but probably the biggest thing is that I'm a coward.

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