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File 136013297972.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , that thing.png )
13886 No. 13886 [Edit]
Do you ever talk about anime with people, offline?
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>> No. 13887 [Edit]
I've tried but not anymore. It just always comes out painfully embarrassing.
>> No. 13888 [Edit]
I don't talk to anyone offline
>> No. 13890 [Edit]

This and even when I still did I never talked with anyone about anime.
>> No. 13891 [Edit]
No, since I don't know anyone who watches anime.
>> No. 13892 [Edit]
>> No. 13894 [Edit]
One of my co-workers has kids who watch anime so I have talked a little..
>> No. 13896 [Edit]
File 13601956807.png - (162.74KB , 640x480 , Matsushiro_Ken.png )
My local Japanese grocery started selling choco coronets and they're quite good.
Certainly a step up from the more traditional chocolate croissant.
>> No. 13897 [Edit]
I don't talk to people offline.
>> No. 13903 [Edit]
Mostly drunken reminiscing of old shows that aired in my country with friends. We recommend each other manga on occasion, but that's about it.

My friends find watching contemporary anime tiresome, thought I've been trying to get them to watch Fate/Zero.
>> No. 13904 [Edit]
Yes, my friend has gotten into anime because of me. We watched Kaiji together. I wouldn't be able to talk about the fanservicey/generic anime that I watch, though.
My sister likes anime, but has started to get over it.
>> No. 19607 [Edit]
Even for an aspie like me, talking about anime with someone makes me nearly die of embarrassment.
>> No. 19608 [Edit]
Sometimes, when the topic comes up. Doesn't make it any easier to estabilish a dialogue.
>> No. 19611 [Edit]
I talk about anime with a good (pretty much only) friend of mine, our hobbies overlap a lot. Nobody else though.
>> No. 19613 [Edit]
>>13887 This.
It's just not something I can be comfortable talking about. Not that I talk to people afk much anyway. Last time someone tried bringing up anime with me it became clear they were only interested in really old dubbed stuff like 'robotech' and didn't seem to understand the concept of following stuff as it aired.
>> No. 19624 [Edit]
>they were only interested in really old dubbed stuff like 'robotech' and didn't seem to understand the concept of following stuff as it aired.
Weird. I mean, that's weird, right? It's got to be weird... It's totally weird.
>> No. 19626 [Edit]
It is when they're the ones who bring up anime and ask what stuff you're watching.
>> No. 19628 [Edit]
You know what is terrible? I only watch anime after its been released on blu-ray and then subbed and released again by some group.

Sameish thing for video games... I wait about a year or more until the game is all patched up before I will even play it.

I miss out on so much talk/interest in things.

Must be a condition. I only want the best.
>> No. 19629 [Edit]
I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Both are perfectly reasonable. TV versions of anime are filled with tons of errors, watermarks, weather warnings, scrolling text based adverts, and general quality issues. Then there's videogames which these days are released half done while charging people to become beta testers. If anything I commend you on your patience.
>> No. 19638 [Edit]
I do this too. About missing out on chat, I don't personally think it's much of a loss. Often I find that taking about a show mid air ruins the experience. There's always people saying whatever is shitty or godlike and upon exposure it affects my personal perception of it. Slowpoking it ain't so bad.
>> No. 19642 [Edit]
I have the same issue. I've been getting into Monogatari, and I really want to see the latest when it comes out soon, but after looking though Monogatari Second Season, the quality between the polished BD fansubs and the day-of-release Aniplex and Commie releases is a tad too noticeable for my tastes, especially where signs and word play is concerned.

I will probably be a giddy schoolkid and watch it regardless.
>> No. 19643 [Edit]
File 140221807241.jpg - (74.94KB , 557x796 , yamanosusume.jpg )
I talk with my peers about anime. It's cool. Expect some food/politics/tech side-tangents with it.
>> No. 19645 [Edit]

This. You're doing it right.
I also don't watch on-going anime but that's purely because I hate watching one ep/week. It takes me a day or two to get through a 12 ep series so it's just me being impatient (somewhat ironically).

As for games I usually pick them up late, too. Sometimes not late enough, though. Seeing all remakes or versions with bonus content is irritating, there's no way I'm gonna go replay the whole game because of that but I end up feeling I'm missing out.

So yeah, again, you've got the right idea there. Especially if you've got a buddy who has the same habits, that'd be combining the best of two worlds.

On that matter I was thinking about creating 'artificial seasons' a while ago. You know, picking like 20 old and not-so-popular shows from a wide variety of genres. And then just reaching an agreement as to what airs when so to speak. In a small community that could be a fun thing to do.
>> No. 19649 [Edit]
>On that matter I was thinking about creating 'artificial seasons' a while ago. You know, picking like 20 old and not-so-popular shows from a wide variety of genres. And then just reaching an agreement as to what airs when so to speak. In a small community that could be a fun thing to do.
Get back to us if you decide to do this. Sounds interesting.
>> No. 19659 [Edit]
File 140239808450.jpg - (686.30KB , 715x970 , 1399665055746.jpg )
You know, since I'm a lazy faggot who'd never actually do anything about this I might as well post what I had in mind. Sorry for derailing your thread OP, if this will actually spark a longer discussion I'll simply create a separate thread and we'll move there.

The basic idea is obvious by now. I figured most people are more likely to pick up new ongoing shows than work on their backlog. If you think about it it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It's very unlikely that 10 somewhat-randomly selected shows from current season will prove to be any better than 10 old shows which you can pick from over 50 years worth of anime.

So yeah, first we'd select 15-20 old shows from various genres. 1-2 mecha, drama, romance, mahou shoujo, action, sports, mystery, psychological, whatever. The point is to have a lot of diversity so that everybody will find something for themselves. As to what exactly consitutes 'old' I have no idea. I guess older than 5 years or so.
We could create a pool where everybody could suggest as many shows as they like. Some shows would inevitably end up popping up numerous times and those would take priority. If we'd end up with 59 shows with 1 vote each there are some criteria which one could use to select one (which I won't name for the time being because that could cause some controversy and it's a pretty irrelevant minor detail) or you could simply pick one at random.
As for what is eligible (aside from the fact that new shows obviously aren't) let's say it has to be something outside of MAL's (or anidb's if you can sort shows by popularity there, the site doesn't matter much) Top 500 most popular shows (or Top 400/300 if 500 is too harsh). The point is it'd be better if the shows in question are something most (?) people haven't seen yet. Obviously it'll be really hard to pick something nobody has seen but since it's nigh on impossible to begin with there's no use worrying about that.

Let's say we have already selected the shows by now. Somebody should make a chart at this point to make it easier to figure out what's what. A chart like that is not something that would magically appear out of thin air but making it would take way, way less work than making a normal seasonal chart. You already have all the info you need. You know the name of the show and it'll take like a minute to look up the genres, studio and grab a short summary from somewhere. You could easily get it done within an hour provided you have a decent template to work with.

Just about the last thing that needs to be decided are the dates when the episodes 'air'. I think it'd be best to speed up things a little bit and make season one month long instead of three. So you'd end up with an ep of one show roughly every 3 days (since you have 31 days to work with at very best and one cour can have up to 13 eps). If somebody has watched ahead - that's fine. If they have already seen the show before the chart was even made - no problem. As long as they can abide by the rule that they shouldn't discuss events that will occur in eps which haven't officially 'aired' yet (thus spoiling them and in some case making the discussion obsolete, for example in mystery show where people are actually trying to figure out what's what).
Since the dates will be set somebody could even >stream the eps but I don't know if that's a good idea, I think it would kill the discussion on the imageboard in favor of low quality spam during the stream.

The thing that really disencourages me from even attempting to make something out of this idea is that /tc/'s current userbase is simply too small. You'd have to have about ~50 people who are genuinely interested in this (and who would actually go through the effort of posting in the threads every now and then) to actually make it worthwhile.
>> No. 20761 [Edit]
File 141215592563.jpg - (183.58KB , 614x859 , Ywalpurgis.jpg )
Yes but because I know they already are fine with anime...
>> No. 20769 [Edit]
There are lots of people here that like things like Dragon Ball, Lupin, Saint Seiya etc. but not current series and I don't think they'd like to talk about those cartoons as much as they like them
It's better this way.
>> No. 20770 [Edit]
please don't mix up cartoons with anime.
>> No. 20771 [Edit]
You're so funny and original
>> No. 20772 [Edit]

>> No. 20773 [Edit]
>> No. 20774 [Edit]
Fuck no.
>> No. 20779 [Edit]
Anime is a type of cartoon.
>> No. 20780 [Edit]
Actually, cartoons are a type of animation.
>> No. 20781 [Edit]
you don't say...

apples and oranges
>> No. 20782 [Edit]
File 141235590435.jpg - (896.18KB , 960x788 , 9377_be1c_960.jpg )
This guy is right.
If you think there's a difference between the two, the one comes from japan, but not the other. That's all there is to it.
Was it produced in Japan? Yes? Then it's anime.
Was it produced in the West? Yes? Then it's a cartoon.

There is not fixed 'anime style' everyone has to go by.

If you think there's a difference in style between the two stuff like Panty and Stocking or Dead Leaves would be cartoons even though they were produced entirely in Japan. Makes no sense.
>> No. 20783 [Edit]
No, normie
>> No. 20784 [Edit]
I agree that it's mainly defined by where it originates from, but I think style does have a bit to do with it as well. Avatar in spite of being a cartoon has very clear anime influences which lead people to mistake it for an anime all the time. Like wise P&S was very clearly influenced by western cartoons. While art styles and designs can change dramatically from one show to the next, I think it's safe to say most people can tell if something was western made or not. Cartoons and their characters tend to be stylized in a very unique way and American artists tend to struggle in imitating typical anime character designs. That's not to imply western artists aren't skilled in their trade, it's simply a matter of how they were taught to draw and the culture they were raised in which makes it a hard wall to get over.
There's also the way in which each is animated. The animation in cartoons is typically far more fluid yet less detailed than anime while usually having far more frames. anime in contrast tends to use as little animation as possible with panning shots over still images, scenes with nothing moving but a character's mouth, and other forms of circumventing the need for animation which are common place.

Why some people to this day insist on mixing up the terms is beyond me. To call anime and cartoons the same thing due to being forms of animation is truly just as ignorant as claiming judo and karate are the same thing due to being forms of martial arts. Terminology exists for a reason and is a good thing to have, but generalizations get us nowhere.
>> No. 20785 [Edit]
There's nothing wrong with calling a FPS a videogame.
>> No. 20786 [Edit]
There is however something wrong with calling a FPS a jrpg.
>> No. 20787 [Edit]
That's not how it works, genius.
You're making waaaay too many generalizations. You can't just say that cartoons are always that, and that anime are always this. It always varies.
Also, just compare some older anime from the 80s to older cartoons with the same time period, they look very similiar.

In Japan for example they use the word anime (アニメ) for everything that is animated. They use the term anime for western animation too, that's just what they call it. There really is no difference other than where it came from.
Take this for example, Frozen is one of the best selling cartoons in Japan. Or as they may call it, "anime".

By the way, the animation for anime is almost always outsourced.
Just get off your high horse you weeb, anime and cartoons are technically the same thing, just the country of origin is different.
>> No. 20788 [Edit]
>You're making waaaay too many generalizations
>anime and cartoons are technically the same thing
Next you'll be calling claymation cartoons too.
>> No. 20789 [Edit]
They are. It's just a more modern form.
Good job ignoring all the points I brought up.

Anime and cartoons are technically the same thing. In both cases it's just animation. That kind of animation used to be always drawn by hand in the past, nowadays you also have more and more 3DCG and stuff gets done on the computer or in other creative ways.
It's just animation. Just because it's from Japan doesn't make it special.

Post edited on 3rd Oct 2014, 1:40pm
>> No. 20790 [Edit]
lol wow.
>> No. 20791 [Edit]
I ignored the points becuase they're stupid. Terms and words change depending on country. Hentai is universally accepted in the west as being anime porn, inspire of it being a term the Japanese use for everything perverted, same as anime. that's how language evolves. It'd be great if we lived in a world were everyone used the same words for the same things but that simply doesn't happen. Football for instance gets called soccer in many counties but that doesn't mean everyone who calls it soccer is going to start calling it football. It's a culture issue. There's nothing wrong with having different terms for different forms of the same source. American football and rugby are arguably the same thing, but different enough to warrant different terms. Language is a nice thing to have, it's very useful. please stop trying to dumb it down and generalize everything.

Post edited on 3rd Oct 2014, 1:47pm
>> No. 20792 [Edit]
>Anime and cartoons are technically the same thing. In both cases it's just animation.
By that logic baseball and basketball are the same thing. In both cases it's just sports.
>> No. 20793 [Edit]
You're the one generalizing things. Both cartoons and anime can take a lot of forms, there is not definite "anime form" and not deifinite "cartoon form".
Same thing also goes for manga, it's just images that create a story.

I'm making use of the language just as often as you do. We're only arguing in what way the language should be used.
>> No. 20794 [Edit]
Yeah exactly, that's basically it.
>> No. 20795 [Edit]

...yeah okay I'm done.
>> No. 20796 [Edit]
It's like >>20785 said.

There's nothing wrong with calling both baseball and basketball sports.
There's nothing wrong with calling both japanese and western animation cartoons.

Both anime and cartoons are produced in the same way. Anime and cartoons can have deceivingly similiar art styles and there's no limit to what can be done. It all just depends on where they were produced.

Dead leaves is an anime, avatar is a cartoon. Both are animated films made using the same methods, thus there's no huge difference between the two.

Post edited on 3rd Oct 2014, 2:15pm
>> No. 20797 [Edit]
>There's nothing wrong with calling both baseball and basketball sports.
There's nothing wrong with calling both anime and cartoons animation.
fixed that for you.
>> No. 20803 [Edit]

>To call anime and cartoons the same thing due to being forms of animation is truly just (...) ignorant

Japan makes no distinction between those two. SpongeBob for example is considered an 'anime' because, you know, it's animated. For that matter I'd have to ask somebody from Japan for confirmation but I bet Toy's Story is an 'anime', too. I talked about this with a Japanese acquaitance for mine long ago and it took me a longer while to explain to him that we baka gaijins make ditnction between manga/comics and anime/cartoons. The trickier part was explaining to him why we even bother ('well, what's the diffenerce?') but I just made something up.

In the end it's just a language thing. Over here things that are animated get collectively labeled as 'cartoons'. As such calling 'anime' 'cartoons' when you're talking in English makes sense to me. In Japan things that are animated get collectively called 'anime'. As such calling 'cartoons' 'anime' when you're talking in Japanese make sense. While I see your point this is nowhere as clear-cut as karate/judo or baseball/basketball. There might be some general guidelines as to how either of those are made or some recurring tropes in both but in the end those are a guidelines and not rules. For that matter let's say there's a huge difference in the way cars are made in Japan and, say, Europe (actually the structure of the corporations is way different but this might be another matter altogether). If that were the case but the results would be fairly similar would you call European cars 'cars' and Japanese cars 'kuruma'?

Either way you're free to use whichever terms you prefer but I plan to stick to calling 'anime' 'cartoons' when the need will arise.
>> No. 20811 [Edit]
>Japan makes no distinction between those two
In case you didn't notice, we're talking about English here.

>Over here things that are animated get collectively labeled as 'cartoons'.
only by the ignorant who don't know any better.

>this is nowhere as clear-cut as karate/judo or baseball/basketball
made in the west = cartoon. made in japan = anime. How is that not clear-cut enough for you?

>recurring tropes
It's a lot more than just 'recurring tropes' they're created differently for completely different cultures, making them different. This is why localization is(or was) a thing. There's no separation in cars because cars are universal.

Post edited on 4th Oct 2014, 2:06pm
>> No. 20812 [Edit]
I think this is just hilarious. People here are so insistent that cartoons and anime are the same thing but as soon as My little pony and Sponge bob threads start showing up on this board those same people will be the first ones reaching for the report button.
>> No. 20813 [Edit]
Just give up already and stop playing dumb.

The difference is that the one is from Japan and the other isn't. It's already been said so many times. Nobody said there's no difference at all.
It's just that anime are cartoons too because it's the same medium. Anime are like a subgenre: japanese cartoons. That's all there is to it.

Post edited on 4th Oct 2014, 2:16pm
>> No. 20814 [Edit]
>The difference is that the one is from Japan and the other isn't.
and it's what I said too??

>Nobody said there's no difference at all.
Ignoring that this thread is full of people calming they're the same thing. Why then are so many unwilling to acknowledge the distinction with the different terms for each one?

>stop playing dumb.
This is what I should be saying.
>> No. 20815 [Edit]
I assume you also made this post: >>20784
You said that anime can't be cartoons because cartoons have a different art direction, etc.
>> No. 20816 [Edit]
>Nobody said there's no difference at all.
>Anime are like a subgenre: Japanese cartoons.
I find it baffling why you'd be so stubborn about this. Do you take offense to the word anime? is it something you're ashamed of? You acknowledge that it's something different but don't want to call it anime. You just admitted yourself it's something different and called it something different yourself.

>Japanese cartoons.
ie anime
Just call it what it is.
>> No. 20817 [Edit]
I don't take offense in the word, but you seem to take offense in the term 'japanese cartoon'. I don't understand why you would not accept that term.
>> No. 20818 [Edit]
That was merely going into how people can confuse one for the other more than anything. How someone might mistake avatar for an anime due to it having a story and being stylized in way that's more common to anime than cartoons. Obviously the defining factor is the point of origin.
>> No. 20819 [Edit]
Now you're just backpaddeling. If you would have said that from the beginning there would be no discussion.
>> No. 20820 [Edit]
well for one that implies anime is subservient of cartoons. Anime is not a genre of cartoons, anime is it's own medium/industry. secondly because you can just call it anime. People rarely call anime 'Japanese cartoons' unless they're doing so in a dismissive or joking manner, similar to calling them Chinese cartoons.

I've already stated multiple times that country of origin is the deciding factor.
>made in the west = cartoon. made in japan = anime. How is that not clear-cut enough for you?

Post edited on 4th Oct 2014, 2:33pm
>> No. 20821 [Edit]
And that's wrong. it's not it's own medium because they are both produced in the exact same way.

>>20782 explained already why.
If the two mediums would be truly different it would mean you could produce an anime even though you're from the west. Like Avatar for example.
The country of origin wouldn't matter anymore when it comes to the distinction because the two mediums would be so difference that it's impossible to confuse one with the other.

I think you can compare it to Drama (as TV show genre) which has Japanese Drama as a subgenre.
It's its own subgenre because they are so popular but they are made the same way and have similiar characteristics, so they are both still drama.
>> No. 20822 [Edit]
>well for one that implies anime is subservient of cartoons
Uh, what? No it doesn't. You'd have to have a pretty insecure or elitist mentality to even think that. The term implies exactly what it says: A cartoon made in Japan. Read what was already stated in the thread:

>Japan makes no distinction between those two.

"Anime" is just a western term for "Japanese cartoon". Nothing more, nothing less. There's no real reason to call anime "Japanese cartoons" in the west, but on the other hand getting upset about it is just picking at semantics. Why are you guys even arguing about this?

Post edited on 4th Oct 2014, 2:39pm
>> No. 20823 [Edit]
Even if we can't agree on the matter can we please stop the discussion? Both sides showed all their arguments but they can't persuade each other. This is going nowhere and the poor thread is being derailed.
>> No. 20824 [Edit]
I agree with this guy. The poor thread.
Sad. So sad. A host of sorrows.

Brought to you by the the Association for the Advancement of Derailed Threads.
>> No. 20829 [Edit]
Because this is the board for cartoons made in Japan and not the west?
>> No. 20957 [Edit]
Cartoon is not a word with English origin, and its meaning can be change from strict to broad. This means Japanese animation is/is not a cartoon depending on which definition you want to use.

However, the Japanese do not refer to their animation as cartoons. So you'd call it 'anime' as that is its word for it in Japan, and Japanese animation in a strict formal English situation. Similar to how Italian noodles is referred to specifically as spaghetti, Fettuccine et cetera.
>> No. 20958 [Edit]
shut up and don't spark this bullshit discussion up again
>> No. 20960 [Edit]
It's not a discussion; nothing I said can be refuted.

And if the purpose of this board is the discussion of anime shows, then this entire thread shouldn't even be here.

Post edited on 19th Oct 2014, 2:12am

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