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File 134944804570.jpg - (120.51KB , 871x708 , 5463452345.jpg )
11606 No. 11606 [Edit]
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>> No. 11609 [Edit]
I didn't like the character design much.
The joints in their arms and legs make them look weird, and the way the only human in the show is animated reminded me of Birdy the mighty.

Other than that, it was pretty cute.
Really light hearted, I thought it was gonna be more serious with the whole premise of them being battle robots, but I like this better.
>> No. 11612 [Edit]
It was too lewd. Why can't the robotic dickfairies wear pants and not spill milk all over?
>> No. 11613 [Edit]
Those joints are very lewd, I like them.
>> No. 11614 [Edit]
Felt like combination of Strike Witches and Infinite Stratos in smaller scale. First episode didn't tell us very much what this show is about, it just was just introduction, so it's hard to say anything so far. Personally I've never liked anime girls who aren't size of real life girls, but it was still cute.
>> No. 11616 [Edit]

>combination of Strike Witches and Infinite Stratos

Put Rozen Maiden in there and we have this show.
>> No. 11617 [Edit]
I've seen some drawings and porn of the doll things sometimes when I visit a booru, but aside from knowing that it existed I knew nothing else.

That sounds very weird. I'd watch an episode, but I'm so very lazy. I haven't even finished watching two animes from last season yet.
>> No. 11618 [Edit]
File 134945664489.jpg - (153.62KB , 1392x1000 , 8457456347.jpg )
I used to think I lifted.
>> No. 11622 [Edit]
It was pretty cute. Much more lighthearted than I thought it would be, which is good.
>> No. 11623 [Edit]
It was like watching an otaku wet dream version of Toy Story.
>> No. 11625 [Edit]
would you recommend watching the ONA first? what relation does it have to the current series?
>> No. 11626 [Edit]
You don't need to watch it to enjoy this, but ONA is very short, so decide yourself.
>> No. 11628 [Edit]

Dat analogy.
>> No. 11631 [Edit]
yeah but is it like, an alternate version, a side story, a intro/prequel type thing?
>> No. 11768 [Edit]
File 134993608148.jpg - (77.04KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Busou Shinki - 01 [77A1EB68]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
Infinite Stratos: instead of going to school and making a harem from the girls there, I'll just buy the harem as fig sized robots and program a perfectly archtyped personality into each of them.

Is it just me, or does the size inconsistency of the dolls vs. their surroundings with every other scene irk you guys as well?
>> No. 11769 [Edit]
Personally I loved the first episode, I kind of want to buy one know actually.

Sorry for posting cross-site link, but I think you guys might like this; https://7chan.org/b/res/682123.html


Ehh, I just ignored it. I can't even imagine how hard it is to be working with scaling issues like that.
>> No. 11771 [Edit]
too bad those toys are so expensive.
>> No. 11807 [Edit]
File 135005236693.jpg - (180.51KB , 1417x1019 , gkgfyklgh.jpg )
This show.
>> No. 12031 [Edit]
File 135068927520.png - (1.38MB , 1366x768 , strarf's ass.png )
>> No. 12032 [Edit]
File 135069647116.png - (49.31KB , 2000x2000 , gentlemen.png )
She's got some - heavy packaging going on there.

She's packing it - nice and tight.

She knows how to - pack her stuff.

I wouldn't mind helping her - carry some of that weight.

Her package is - quite something.

I wouldn't be surprised if she's packing some - meat in there.

She's totally rolling - a dick.

Dicks dicks dicks - penis penis penis.
>> No. 12035 [Edit]
>> No. 12050 [Edit]
File 13507638824.jpg - (19.34KB , 400x250 , 1312755112549.jpg )

puffy vulva
>> No. 12051 [Edit]
the best kind
>> No. 12052 [Edit]
Actually I'm a little surprised that somebody actually put effort into doing that, not the whole "she has a penis" thing.

I fully agree.
>> No. 12107 [Edit]
File 135106018838.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0053.png )
whelp, this was really disappointing.
somehow the show just seems kind of dull.
The ONA as predictable as it was, was pretty nice and rather enjoyable.
while I've only seen the first ep so far, I guess say, this isn't looking too good so far.
The quality is horrid, especially the male protagonist. I know it's standard practice in anime to not give a shit about the male characters, but damn is that guy a pile of QUALITY or what.

Personally, I don't mind the joints, (in themselves) they look a bit odd, but that's what the real figs look like, (although it can look strange when they sorta blend into the rest of the body) what I do mind about the joins is how they move, that being not at all like joints. they move body parts that have no joints and move the joints in ways they shouldn't be able to move. (and yeah I've got two of these figs) it's as if they animated them as they normally would with a human then just just drew the joints ontop of that for detail, or just downright ignored them. on that note, why do they even have bouncing breasts? these figs aren't made of rubber you know.
but to be fair, the figs don't have finger joints or moths that can open/close ect, so it wouldn't be very practical if they could only move their joints.

I can't say I really noticed much of a discrepancy in scales, but I do wonder how such a small toy could send a large knife flying with only it's wight. I guess the robotics make them really heavy.

This also makes me really wonder why people are so quick to dismiss anime like precure as being made just to sell toys, but... yeah... I don't see anyone complaining about it here. for that matter, I don't see people complaining about anime whored out to pizza hut or honda, or any of the stuff arguably made just to sell merchandise, but I digress.

also, have none of you guys seen angelic layer or sky girls? I mean if you're gonna make comparisons to other anime...

Post edited on 24th Oct 2012, 12:17am
>> No. 12218 [Edit]
File 135159075134.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0056.png )
might be corny as heck and low quality but it aint that bad...
but man I can't get over how they drew the main character master guy person. I dunno if it's the 'QUAlItY' or what, but like, his design just bugs me.

As much as it might make me wanna buy some of them figs, at $100 a pop, (and that's just the msrp) that probably aint gonna happen any time soon. besides, they don't look as nice as they do in the anime anyway.

oh and Altlene is moe~
>> No. 12223 [Edit]
File 135162952823.jpg - (88.56KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Busou Shinki - 04 [AB47B24F]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
>The quality is horrid, especially the male protagonist. I know it's standard practice in anime to not give a shit about the male characters, but damn is that guy a pile of QUALITY or what.
He's definitely the most self-insert sort of character I've seen in quite a while.

>This also makes me really wonder why people are so quick to dismiss anime like precure as being made just to sell toys, but... yeah... I don't see anyone complaining about it here. for that matter, I don't see people complaining about anime whored out to pizza hut or honda, or any of the stuff arguably made just to sell merchandise, but I digress.

I really didn't get any "LOOK AT HOW MANY FIGS WE CAN MAKE OFF OF THIS SHOW" type vibes from it, but from the premise alone I can totally see where you would get that. As far as product placement in anime from a general perspective, I feel it's a good thing. The current model of "sell as many DVDs as fucking possible, use any ends to make that happen" really could use a complete overhaul, and if an anime could be funded significantly by ads other than the TOKYO DAY O CHRISTMAS message after the OP, where the producers will green-light stuff aimed outside the main target audience of otaku with too much money on their hands and no girls to spend it on, it would be a very good thing (sadly, T&B wasn't popular enough outside of the fujoshi crowd to really change the game).

Also, it should've been obvious shortly before the 5 min. mark that the "doll realism" would be chucked out the window in favor of additional fanservice of the female characters' female areas, WITH A TWEEST where they justhappen to be dolls and whose stereotypical archetype personalities are justified because they are dolls with simple, pre-programmed personalities, and their love for the master being something that makes the viewers more able to self-insert into the obvious character who gets very little screen time.
>> No. 12224 [Edit]
File 135163843791.jpg - (114.36KB , 600x600 , 1349789596.jpg )
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with anime getting sponsored by the likes of pizza hut, I also think it's a good thing. In exchange for some product placement and maybe a mecha baking a giant pizza here and there, we get much higher quality productions. if it wasn't for sponsors, we're have a lot more stuff that would look like JC staff made it. my problem is just when people look down on kids anime only becuase of the merchandise they're pushing. It just seems like a double standard to me. when something like precure sells some light up magic wands, people look down on it. But When something like modaka is marketed to the moon and back with enough merchandise to fill the oceans, they're all for it. That's all I'm saying, and with this show being as blatantly obvious about is as they are, no one seems to mind at all.
It's no big deal really, I just wanted to point it out.

Then again, I wonder if this show is really even trying to sell figs in the first place or not, becuase the ones in focus here have already long since been released. Maybe they're planing on re-releasing them? I dunno but that might be neat.
>> No. 12334 [Edit]
Is it just me or does Arnval Mk.2 have almost no presence at all?
>> No. 12385 [Edit]
So far quality seems quite good actually, even in fast paced action scenes it all looks well, beter than many real robots that fly and fights shows.
And all episodes are fun, they somehow manage to pack some silly adventures, a few small emotional moments and an action part.
>> No. 12410 [Edit]
File 135256191612.jpg - (83.61KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Busou Shinki - 06 [8895AE0E]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
Wait wait wait, the bag they are in, with the mermaid outfit et al., was left in the house in Tokyo,

yet they are in it to fly back to Tokyo, mermaid outfet et al.?
>> No. 12598 [Edit]
File 135378725448.jpg - (90.32KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Busou Shinki - 08 [A659AF99]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
woop woop
>> No. 12599 [Edit]
That episode was cute.
>> No. 12876 [Edit]
As much as I've grown to enjoy this show, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't collect figs/toys/
>> No. 12904 [Edit]
File 135622682811.jpg - (144.11KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Busou Shinki - 12 [A86F6378]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
>Busou Shinki 2

>Minori Chihara plays another Busou Shinki named Strarf Mk. 2. The story follows the coming of age and Shinki battles of Tsubasa, a boy who dreams of becoming a Shinki master, and his Shinki partner Arnval Mk. 2 (Kana Asumu).

>> No. 12906 [Edit]
I'm both glad and surprised to hear this is getting a second season. I didn't think it was very popular.
>> No. 12938 [Edit]
File 135659629534.jpg - (49.75KB , 600x402 , persocomsan1293146560.jpg )
I wonder why they didn't have her wearing her getup for that Christmas ep.
>> No. 12993 [Edit]
While I realize this isn't really the type of show you should question much, I still can't help but wonder why they're so inconsistent with the serial numbers.
It's almost like the writer's would change how serial numbers work to suit different scenarios.
Let me explain.
In the airline hijack episode, there are multiple identical Arnval Mk.2, and the main characters are unable to tell which one is their Arn becuase they claim all Shinki have their serial numbers on the back of their necks, but they couldn't see the numbers becuase the Arnval were fighting.
Skip ahead to the second to last ep and you have some Shinki trying to convince Hina that she's a Strarf Mk.2 that once belonged to their master, and so in order to check her serial number, they need her to sit in a charging dock/computer synchronizing terminal(which turned out to be a trap to whip her memory and change her serial number) Then in the very next ep (keep in mind this was a 2 part ep) Hina's friends show up, and are unsure if she's their hina becuase they took a photo(and possibly scan?) of her and the photo said the serial number didin't match Hina's (becuase they changed it).
of the 3 instances when serial numbers have come up in this show, they contradict each other... wtf?
If they're on the back of the neck, hina could have shown the Shinkis when they asked her to provide it. and the photo wouldn't have shown a mismatching number becuase the photo was just of her front.
If you need a terminal to check the number, that rules out the neck thing and being able to view it from a photo.
If you can check the serial number with just a photo/scan, there's no reason why they couldn't have known who was Arn in the hijack ep, and Hina wouldn't have gotten into the trap terminal.

Or am I just remembering things wrong here? maybe the subs are the problem?

Post edited on 1st Jan 2013, 3:15am
>> No. 12996 [Edit]
File 13570716273.jpg - (68.50KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Busou Shinki - 11 [878BD23C]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )

no, you are absolutely correct. the writers can't tell a serial number from a MAC address.

it's just one of those things that you roll your eyes at and henceforth pretend to ignore else it's difficult to find enjoyment in these sorts of shows.
>> No. 12997 [Edit]
yeah it's still a decent show even if the random plots have more holes than a screen door. like the ep When Arn turned into a human would make my brain melt if I gave it a second thought. But I still enjoyed the show in the end.

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