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File 132243139745.jpg - (268.34KB , 800x1513 , 0fc05b89b478f8dc1713e1dc41dd966e.jpg )
11669 No. 11669 [Edit]
What other #chans do you visit?
maybe i can learn of other nice little fringe-chans

I tend to visit here, 7chan /eh/, 420chan /tesla/ and 4ch /c/.

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>> No. 11670 [Edit]
/bun/ and desuchan's trap board
>> No. 11671 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure we've already had this thread before, and 4chan != 4-ch.
Also: none. Tohno-chan is my last refuge.
>> No. 11672 [Edit]
420chan is probably my 2nd favorite #chan right after /tc/. Everyone there is really nice and helpful, and I just can't find a board dedicated to Pokemon on any other chan that is as cool. Other than the lack of otaku-ism, I feel they're a bunch of rad dudes there.

That's about it. Tohno-chan's not even in my most visited because there's no need for me to bring it up, as the frontpage is kind of perma-opened. Tohno-chan is my true home on the internet, without a doubt.
>> No. 11674 [Edit]
tc is by far my most visited, but I also visit boon and iichan. and 4chan about once a week
>> No. 11675 [Edit]
Only TC, and only for like 5 minutes a day.
>> No. 11676 [Edit]
420chan /chem/, Krautchan /int/, Northpole /ib/

There are some others I visit rarely. Not so much into imageboards these days.
>> No. 11678 [Edit]
4chan /g/, /r9k/, /c/, /jp/
gurochan's /g/
789chans's /cwc/
just discovered tohno recently, and I like it.
>> No. 11679 [Edit]

/tc/ isn't perfect, but it's the imageboard for me.
>> No. 11680 [Edit]
Aside from /tc/, I pretty much don't care for imageboards at all.
>> No. 11681 [Edit]
4chan's /a/ and /jp/. Occasionally I'll drop by /g/ to try to learn a thing or two more about computers.
>> No. 11682 [Edit]
I visit a few text boards aside from this site. I don't want to mention them here though. Sometimes I check iichan since they index some more niche image boards, but they are rarely updated.

Post edited on 27th Nov 2011, 9:54pm
>> No. 11683 [Edit]
Gurochan /g/ /req/ /p2p/
Occasionally /a/ and /jp/

And some text boards.
>> No. 11685 [Edit]
/bun/'s 'last image you saved' threads. That's it.
>> No. 11686 [Edit]
4-ch's /dqn/ and /jp/ once in a while.
>> No. 11687 [Edit]
Only /v/ for LoL Generals and /a/ (Which I'm currently banned on til tomorrow for saging and reporting a shitty circlejerk thread along with like 10 or so others because of an autistic mod).
>> No. 11688 [Edit]
7chan /eh/, /vg/ and /w/.
>> No. 11689 [Edit]
I frequent Desuchan and visit /bun/ once in a blue moon.
>> No. 11691 [Edit]
a lot of people tend not to be interested in publicizing the smaller image boards that they like, because they like those image boards as they are rather than wanting a bunch of new users showing up to mess with the feng shui's mojo. it seems like you may not yet be aware of http://shii.org/2ch so maybe i should post the link here. it may not be authoritative or completely comprehensive, however its not bad.
>> No. 11696 [Edit]
I apologize, i don't like to type 4chan because i'm afraid of getting caught in a banning wordfilter or something
>> No. 11697 [Edit]
That makes me think of 7chan. That was probably one of the things I liked about it.

Anyway, I don't like to say the name of that site either, though, not for the same reason.
>> No. 11703 [Edit]
99chan, /speak/ mainly, and iichan's image dump and /fate/ boards.
>> No. 11708 [Edit]
And Tohnochan, that's it.
>> No. 16417 [Edit]
4's /a/ and /jp/
420's /spooky/
sovietrussia's /m/
operatorchan's /n/
>> No. 16418 [Edit]
>> No. 16419 [Edit]
I visit /jp/ but I pretty much live here.
>> No. 16420 [Edit]
/tc/ and Wakachan's /yuu/ are the only boards I check daily any more. I take a casual glance at 4chan and Ponychan maybe once a month.
>> No. 16421 [Edit]
/jp/, /sci/ & /c/ in 4chan
oneechan (/a/)
4-ch (/a/)
sovietrussia (/a/)
>> No. 16425 [Edit]
I used to visit krautchan but it turned into storomfront because of the flood of people from 4chan.

So now I only visit /jp/, /o/, and tohno chan.
>> No. 16427 [Edit]
4chan /jp/ and /n/.
The rest of my time is spent here.

EDIT: Forgot about 420chan's /cd/ board.

Post edited on 22nd Aug 2012, 9:21am
>> No. 16428 [Edit]
Sometimes I'm on 420chan but others I'm messing around on the /ck/ board at 4chan. I'm going to go back to going to /jp/ soon because even though it is a total shit hole now that got too much attention from the rest of 4chan, it can still probably be a fun place filled with more losers like me. And for everyone's information I like /ck/ because for some reason passing my time thinking about food makes the days go by faster for me. I even watch a bunch of random food shows on youtube often.
>> No. 16429 [Edit]
/prog/ and /azu/, but really tohno-chan is the only one I care about anymore.
>> No. 16431 [Edit]
bai, a bbs/ib in spanish i slow, but it's pure quality.

anokchan, an ib for anarchists i very slow

/lounge/ in the channel 4. very slow but some crazy autism & shitposting !

also i recently discovered yotsubano.me, it looks promising.
>> No. 16435 [Edit]
4ch /jp/, 4-ch /dqn/, w4ch /lounge/ + /prog/
>> No. 16436 [Edit]
This site: http://board.cerealexperiments.com

It does not get any more obscure and VIP than this.
>> No. 16441 [Edit]

You do realize that that site belongs to one of /tc/'s users, right?
>> No. 16442 [Edit]
maybe that user linked to it just now.
>> No. 16444 [Edit]
What happened to /neet/?
>> No. 16447 [Edit]
I personally don't like talking to the same people and seeing the same content on every site I visit. To a certain extent it's permissable, but I wouldn't want to advocate it.

So I hope you'll excuse me for not listing the sites I visit.

Polite sage.
>> No. 16450 [Edit]
4chan /a/ /jp/ /r9k/ /soc/
megachan /cy/ /scifi/ /apoc/

not more than that really. Gone are the days of me going on /i/ or /b/ all the time......
>> No. 16451 [Edit]
It turned shittier precisely because people like you ran away instead of standing against the 4kanker.
>> No. 16452 [Edit]
All things must pass, and so much 4chan. I don't think any of us, even all together, could have stood against the flood of thousands upon thousands of shit for brains joining up.
>> No. 16453 [Edit]
I have to ask, why /soc/? That's the last board I'd expect anyone here to go to.
>> No. 16459 [Edit]
/bun/ regularly and iichan once in a year

I'm taking permanent vacations from 4chan
>> No. 16460 [Edit]
Hopefully it was just a mistake and he meant the wakaba.c3.cx /soc/.
>> No. 16463 [Edit]

Go back to clubbing and chasing after 3dpd.
>> No. 16464 [Edit]
keep projecting your insecurities
>> No. 16465 [Edit]
you can't come in here and admit to being a fan of two of the shittiest boards on 4chan and not expect people to tell you to fuck off
>> No. 16466 [Edit]
Probably a troll. Even most people on 4chan say /soc/ is a trashheap.
>> No. 16467 [Edit]
Maybe he browses /soc/ ironically
>> No. 16470 [Edit]
>> No. 16472 [Edit]
It's a place for NEET and Hiki and you're coming in here saying you visit some board for extroverted normals.
>> No. 16474 [Edit]
To keep it from turning into 4chan.
>> No. 16475 [Edit]
Stop being such idiot. Just because our rules here forbid some topics, it doesn't mean everyone here doesn't like those topics. I am fine as long people follow rules here, no matter how "normal" they might be.

Only thing I have problem is that admins are allowing normal discussions here. But that is not related to this thread.
>> No. 16476 [Edit]
you can used /fb/ to voice your complaint.
>> No. 16488 [Edit]
File 134589368926.png - (75.38KB , 670x450 , 112233445566778899.png )
>> No. 16499 [Edit]
Certain threads on 4shit's /vg/
>> No. 16508 [Edit]
> Mikuchan

Are you still the admin of that site? I heard that somebody new became in charge or something a while ago and just gave up on ever going there again despite not going there in almost a year.
>> No. 16516 [Edit]
Never was an admin, but still a mod. To be honest I don't really know who actually owns/runs it these days, damn dite keeps changing hands.

The site is still rather dead though, activity is starting to pick up with Miku's birthday right around the corner but I doubt it will last long past that date.
>> No. 16534 [Edit]
I apologize for the mistake.

Yeah, I remember how it was like there the last time I went there for Miku's birthday.
>> No. 16536 [Edit]
I don't care enough, its not my site and the moderators condone it by publicly banning people for greentexting, but not for spamming /b/ and /int/ with garbage.

Anyways, it's not like much could have been done like another guy already said. What can I do other than use their angry sage red text to show my disapproval?
>> No. 17271 [Edit]
File 134886463427.png - (306.09KB , 500x405 , びび枕.png )
4chan /g/
various boards on 2ch.net
I also browse 2chan.net on occasion (though it's frustrating when I can't post and finding a working proxy is hard), especially the nijiura on jun and may, as well as the touhou board and math board
>> No. 17332 [Edit]
File 13491657087.png - (197.37KB , 711x451 , cartoucheovale262206101.png )
Torchan is the best chan beyond the glorious Tohno-chan master race. Good community, cyber, private, and generally more intelligent discussion.
>> No. 17333 [Edit]
I thought that chan went under. How's it been doing?
>> No. 17335 [Edit]
I actually never been on any chans in tor. I have a text file with a small list of them on it. Can't use it right now though or upload the file for anyone right now that doesn't have it sadly. Probably will when I get a chance to though.
>> No. 17367 [Edit]
is there any chan on thor that is not about illegal pornography?
>> No. 17368 [Edit]
Yes. Look around. A good number of them are about other illegal things, however.
>> No. 17414 [Edit]
What would you guys think of making tohno-chan only accessible through tor?
>> No. 17415 [Edit]
>> No. 17419 [Edit]
what for?
>> No. 17420 [Edit]

You mean making it slow as hell for no reason?
>> No. 17422 [Edit]
So you pricks will stop complaining about the 'Ford Drivers invading'. Increasing the entry barrier would mean only the more dedicated people and those with expertise in using tor can get in. If using tor is something thats too difficult for you then maybe you shouldn't be here. Also Tohno-chan ahs always been slow in the past. If you want speed then go to 4chan.
>> No. 17423 [Edit]
Remind me again, what expertise is required to google 'tor' and click the download button? You wouldn't be adding some invisible 'entry barrier' to the site, just reducing traffic and making it much more succeptible to illegal posts. That seems like a ridiculous idea.
>> No. 17425 [Edit]
A N4 kanji captcha would suffice
>> No. 17426 [Edit]

There's plenty of people here who don't know and aren't willing to learn japanese.
>> No. 17428 [Edit]
I still don't know kanji or much Japanese デゲソ.
>> No. 17429 [Edit]
>>17423 yeah many here would just throw a bitch fit when even more generally unliked people join the board on tor as it gets less people and before you know it, it'll just become total garbage where very little discussion ever goes on at all since it would be nearly abandonned altogether. So it's best just to keep it where it is for everyone's good.
>> No. 17431 [Edit]

Can you even ban people on a tor only board?
I'm guessing it would make spamming the site a lot easier.
>> No. 17432 [Edit]
>So you pricks will stop complaining about the 'Ford Drivers invading'.
How using tor would decrease amount of drug discussion?
>> No. 17440 [Edit]
Putting TC on Tor is the worst idea ever. Who would come to the site if you did that? Not to mention it would be like browsing with a 28k modem...

It's not like there are many normals here or much drug discussion anyway, and you can hide or report the threads that bother you.
>> No. 17463 [Edit]
I still go on 4 chan's /v/ but it's just a masochistic habit. The place died a long time ago but you can still get occasional debate about videogames if you stick around long enough.
>> No. 17473 [Edit]
uh no. There was a Tor anon messageboard. It got filled up with chan shit in the last years of existance (up till 2008/09). There's a new anon messsageboard but it's unmoderated and total spam and shit there. Well NOT total shit, there's plenty of good dicussions still
>> No. 17474 [Edit]
There's plenty of people on Tor and thenumbers grow. But they might not be NEET per se but compsci students and random fraudsters/hackers. Then again there wwere discusssions on that on this site. I'd say there would be MORE underground discussions and less anime - but there is a guy on Freenet who uploaded all of Cowboy Bebop and some other anime there for some weird reason.

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