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File 136724916458.jpg - (13.76KB , 428x267 , konata-games.jpg )
12511 No. 12511 [Edit]
Has anyone else fallen in love in a dream? That's what happened to me. I feel like it was a moment that solidified everything, and made me realize most fully what feelings I have. Not sure how to explain it but like.. It's almost as if dreams can bridge the gap between reality and unreal things - and that feels really special. Know what I mean?
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>> No. 12512 [Edit]
Yes. I once dreamed I had sex with Kotetsu. It was wonderful. It just fell so realistic, and I experienced so many feelings...
I just HAVE to try lucid dreaming.
>> No. 12515 [Edit]
File 13672726141.png - (7.19KB , 245x200 , 1367000151464.png )

Lucid dreaming is a VERY interesting prospect. Imagine being able to spend time with the love of your life every night. That's friggin amazing.

Sadly, It's kinda hard. I was able to do it once after many weeks of trying. I was successful, but I got too excited and lost it pretty quickly.
>> No. 12517 [Edit]
Yes, I have. It was just a dream, though.
>> No. 12518 [Edit]
File 136727843217.jpg - (158.42KB , 900x1500 , 13414811.jpg )
I'm very jealous of all of you that have had dreams of/with your loved ones. I've tried, but the closest I can get are brief "hallucinations" right before I fall asleep, and I'm usually so startled by them that I "wake up" and he's gone.

On the other hand, almost all of the dreams I remember are horrific nightmares (probably a good 80% at least), so maybe it's better that he doesn't have to experience them. What I'd give for a pleasant dream of spending the day together, though...
>> No. 12519 [Edit]

I think it's really not possible to "try" to dream about something. I never dream about the things I think about right as I fall asleep, at least. Usually dreams tend to be about things in the back of my mind. I think that the only times I've dreamed about my waifu is on really busy days when I thought about completely different shit all day.
>> No. 12520 [Edit]
File 136729187671.jpg - (53.15KB , 648x486 , 30997724.jpg )
If you're not lucid dreaming, you can still use your thoughts to influence your dreams, but it's not certain. Just an increased chance, I suppose.
>> No. 12615 [Edit]
File 136824859846.jpg - (502.33KB , 671x900 , 1365421024698.jpg )
Yeah. I was already in love with her and I didn't think it was possible to love her any more, then I had an amazing, elaborate and romantic dream about her. I woke up in heaven, and my love for her intensified to levels I didn't think possible.
>> No. 12617 [Edit]
File 136832634028.jpg - (84.63KB , 1280x720 , 1367512652846.jpg )

I'm glad you mentioned this, since it's so surprisingly similar to what happened to me. Not only did the dream made me feel feels like crazy, when I woke up I couldn't stop thinking about it for ages. It was really an intense, memorable experience for me.
>> No. 12618 [Edit]
I had a vivid dream last night. Details of the setting aren't important, and it's kind of goofy, but it was 'anime-styled', and for some reason I distinctly remember hitting on 2 or 3 different girls, who apparently thought I was quite the charmer. None of them were her. In fact, I didn't really recognize any of them... One looked kind of like Kuroneko from Oreimo I think, which is really really odd.

I've never had a dream about my waifu, and I don't remember having any dreams involving romance as far back as I can remember. I started the day feeling pretty confused and guilty. I just want to see her in my dreams, and I get that? The hell is up with my subconscious?
>> No. 12620 [Edit]
File 136844113778.jpg - (2.04MB , 1079x1439 , 35063660.jpg )
It will fuck with you like that. Take control or be fucked over repeatedly by it, unless you're incredibly lucky. As in beyond the fact that you're so lucky to have her.

Don't look for meaning in the fuck-ups, it may drive you insane or lead you to false conclusions.
>> No. 12677 [Edit]
I had a similar dream last night, only mine involved a girl who I went to highschool with and who I see from time to time. I felt really terrible that it wasn't my beloved, but you can't totally control your subconscious. Don't worry about it too much.

I have had dreams like OP and those are WONDERFUL. I'm sure you'll have one eventually.

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