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File 143486734948.jpg - (45.30KB , 848x480 , 1335326783842.jpg )
20239 No. 20239 [Edit]
Whats your mental problem(s)? What do you think is the solution to it? What have you done or not done to fix it?
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>> No. 20240 [Edit]
Schizoid personality disorder and a mild case of depression.


Also nothing.

I don't consider it a problem. Rather it frees me from the burden getting all worked up and emotional over stupid shit like most people. As such I'm able to approach things much more sensibly and logically without my judgement being clouded by emotions. Also helps a lot in preventing loneliness or urges that might make me want to involve myself with 3dpd. For that matter it's helped me see the futility of interpersonal relationships.

Post edited on 21st Jun 2015, 11:03am
>> No. 20242 [Edit]
I'm just a mess at this point. I have no idea where to begin, so I won't.

The only solution for my problems is my death.

I've tried to distract myself with video games and whatever other forms of entertainment I could. It more or less works, so there's that at least.
>> No. 20244 [Edit]
Your average spergism and add probably, didnt get diagnosed tough.
Well what i found to work well is are alcohol and tobbaco, im serious, they help me alot, make me feel like im actually a capable person and help me relax and be creative.
Since im a perma neet i havent really done much, as in i cant afford being intoxicated even half as often as id like to.
>> No. 20245 [Edit]
I am diagnosed with the autism.
>> No. 20246 [Edit]
File 14349988553.jpg - (209.76KB , 783x1024 , 11056656.jpg )
Psychotic disorder, previously misdiagnosed with Asperger's (very common for psychotic youth).

My younger life was hell. I grew up in an emotionally abusive household and when I was misdiagnosed I was treated and kept at the level of a retarded toddler. My mother seriously used the word "toddler" to describe me, and not only was I in advanced placement classes in high school, I never had "meltdowns" and always did what what was told. It was insane.

My therapist has no idea why my parents did this to me. I have to go to therapy for the rest of my life now. And I'm 31. I try to get over it, but there is no closure and there is hardly any future for me. I feel like my life was destroyed for no good reason at all, pretty much because my parents were so weak that they took out their insecurities on me. I was the emotional punching bag, and not even considered a person in my family. I was treated like I was just an overgrown baby.

Just sickening. I try so hard to be an adult, and while I more or less have succeeded at that, there is still a part of me that fears forced infantilization again.
>> No. 20247 [Edit]
>Psychotic disorder
Do you mean antisocial/dissocial personality disorder?
>> No. 20248 [Edit]

No; you're confusing "psychotic" with "psychopathic". I have a pretty good conscience.

What I have is basically mild schizophrenia. It is hard for me to have a job, but I can take care of myself more or less okay. I've had people ask me if I need a caretaker or need to be in a home, though.
>> No. 20257 [Edit]
That I know. I've just never heard the term "psychotic disorder".
>> No. 20263 [Edit]

Oh. Well, it isn't used often. Most people either say psychosis, schizophrenia, schizoaffective or schizotypal. I've met people who have read me as schizoaffective before.
>> No. 20266 [Edit]
I was about to say, from the way you write, I got more of an schizoaffective (depressive) vibe. From what I understand you had a schizophrenia induced psychotic episode which led to your misdiagnosis, and was then traumatised by a highly dysfunctional upbringing with deviant parents.
>> No. 20267 [Edit]
File 143510477699.png - (10.93KB , 512x512 , tumblr_nkne2ncQBd1r7q5nwo1_540.png )

Yeah, I rarely experience mania and I'm generally fairly depressed. Although I've never attempted suicide and am pretty content with most things, even though I rarely take immense amounts of joy from anything anymore.

I actually didn't have an episode until my mid-20s. I was premorbid when I was misdiagnosed, and that is very common for people like me to experience. And yeah, my parents were messed up, although my mother didn't directly abuse me...she just fucked with my head, which might have been unintentional since she was pretty loopy herself. The whole "AUTISM" thing made the whole shebang about 100x worse than it otherwise would have been, though, and I've yet to fully recover from it.

My mother has been dead for almost exactly three years. I still talk to my father, but I know that he would pull something on me again (he has already tried).
>> No. 20269 [Edit]
Thank you for sharing.
>> No. 20276 [Edit]
Severe depression. Severe paranoia. Maybe autism. Possibly schizoid or schizoaffective. Does stupidity count as mental problem? If so, that too.
>> No. 20279 [Edit]
File 143547566146.jpg - (392.27KB , 850x1200 , 659950c5a55e6e929c5a33d4d7019b69.jpg )
Depression most likely, though no formal diagnosis. As if that means anything. I used to love life. Although a bit weird, around puberty I started to become more neurotic and anxious.

I remember worrying all weekend about silly little things at school, constantly playing out scenarios in my head.

By my mid teens the joy in things I did had started to dissipate. Things that almost defined me, that I'd built a whole identity around. Now I was kinda lost.

I started drinking. It was amazing. Relief. My metaphorically clenched fists had a chance to unfurl for the first time in many years.

Of course such a habits turn to shit eventually.

Enter 20s. Just escapism. Years goes by.

26 now. It never goes away. No real anxiety anymore, just apathy and anhedonia. If joy is a bright light then the most I ever get is a dull glow.

I try to do things but there's nothing there and it feels so bad, especially when I'm encouraged to do things by others and put on a smile for them.
>> No. 20280 [Edit]
>the joy in things I did had started to dissipate
>It never goes away.

story of my life.
I wish there was something out there to enjoy, but there's nothing, not for me anyway. I've tried. I still try, sometimes. It's forced. I have to force myself to enjoy 1% of anything, to derive any bare minimum "pleasure" (alien concept) from anything. It's so forced like someone smiling while holding tears back, not that I cry either, or get sad, or feel anything but a gnawing apathetic slump, an anchor of futility and pointlessness pulling down on my chest every day. I feel like a character in a forgotten series, the events are all over, no one is watching anymore, all the other characters have moved on, but I'm stuck here in a void doing nothing, feeling nothing, part of nothing, just shit fuck. Terrible analogy. I've lost hope in finding a solution, lost hope in all the long uplifting chan posts, the idea of hope is just annoying now, optimism is irritating, this is how it's always been, this is how it'll always be.
>> No. 20281 [Edit]
I feel the same and I'm 26 as well.
>> No. 20283 [Edit]
Sounds like you need medically prescribed pharmacotherapy. There's not much else to do when you have severe depression. There's a bunch of other forms of therapy when you hit mild or moderate depression, on top of the pharmaceutics.
>> No. 20288 [Edit]
Haven't been diagnosed with anything by doctors or those stupid internet tests, but I'm sure I have a form of anti-social behavior. I also have a very, very bad procrastination problem and I can't concetrate on academic works for shit so I wouldn't be surprised if I have a learning disability too.

Same, the only real hobby that keeps me going currently is video games and that's pretty much almost gone, I can only play very specific types and even then the feelings isn't that great anymore. I never get a "holy shit this is awesome" type of rush/feeling anymore, just enough satisfaction to keep me going.

I'm not one to give up though, I have a plan to set out when I'm done with college, but I'm open to anything that'll get rid of this void. I just want a life where I can get up hapilly and enjoy what I do for a living.
>> No. 20289 [Edit]
File 143569990395.jpg - (249.71KB , 1200x1270 , ca0623bdc357327835709b82aac21397.jpg )
I've been Diagnosed with ADHD and autism. i have moderate issues with motor skills and communicating with people which i'm working on improving on.

As far as fixing it i'm not really doing anything aside from motor skills and communication. I kind figure things'll sort themselves out. though it kinda sucks when people try to say there's nothing wrong with me even though there is. eh, oh well can't change what people think of you
>> No. 20295 [Edit]

So is 26 the magic number? I'm 25, turning 26 in a month, and I can relate to these feelings somewhat. I don't think things are quite as severe for me yet, but I know how you guys feel.
>> No. 20297 [Edit]
>put on a smile for them.
I can relate to this. Putting on fake smiles, pretending to be happy so my family doesn't worry about me is exhausting.

I can sometimes still find a little bit of joy in doing something and succeeding.
But I'm 26 as well and even those little moments of joy I have from succeeding in something disappear when I realize people far younger than me are so far ahead of me and they seem to do it so effortlessly that I'll never be able to catch up so even that small bit of joy I get quickly turns into regret and a feeling of sadness and desperation.

Even when I go to my group therapy the people there are all younger than me and they all have degrees or are in their final years of college while I couldn't even finish my freshman year because of my anxiety.
Some of them are mentally worse of then me which just makes me feel like a bigger failure.

>Terrible analogy.
Not at all, that might actually be one of the best analogies for that feeling of melancholy and regret that I've read.
>> No. 20312 [Edit]
Antidepressants are extremely ineffective. They were considered more effective than placebos because they have side effects that convince people they're taking an actual medication. When used in trials against other drugs which cause side effects, they only barely achieve clinical significance in the most severely depressed patients and fall below clinical significance for everybody else.
The understanding of depression as a serotonin deficiency is increasingly dubious, and likely the story is much more nuanced (modern psychiatry is like medical science before the discovery of bacteria or viruses). Many people who believe they're depressed likely are temperamentally anhedonic or ruminative, have difficulty coping with stress, or have extremely unhealthy life styles. Most people on this board are probably fairly lonely, and extended social withdrawal has dramatic physical and neurological side effects which can easily shave ten years off your life and make you feel miserable. Having friends just to have friends will only make you more unhappy, but routinely talking to people you relate to and enjoy speaking with can make you feel much better (I haven't had friends since high school, but I was much happier then).

To answer OP's question, I was diagnosed Schizotypal and depressed in a mental hospital following a suicide attempt, although I doubt I have either condition.
>> No. 20316 [Edit]
Do you believe that CBT and lifestyle changes like diet/sleep/exercise alone will cure most depression?
>> No. 20317 [Edit]
It will cure many people who report as being depressed. Not all. As that New Yorker article says,
>There is little evidence to support the assumption that supplementing antidepressant medication with talk therapy improves outcomes. What a load of evidence does seem to suggest is that care works for some of the people some of the time, and it doesn’t much matter what sort of care it is. Patients believe that they are being cared for by someone who will make them feel better; therefore, they feel better. It makes no difference whether they’re lying on a couch interpreting dreams or sitting in a Starbucks discussing the concept of “flow.”
I'm merely arguing that antidepressants are very ineffective. I don't know of the effectiveness of some other regimen, and I'm not supporting Kirsch's views on CBT. I think diet, exercise, and especially lifestyle changes are a better choice than antidepressants, however. They're also much harder to go through with, especially if you're depressed.
>> No. 20318 [Edit]
Autism and having been abused. The only solution is therapy, I've tried to go but I have trouble trusting people enough to open up to them for them to be able to help me get over it.
>> No. 20319 [Edit]
The scientific article you posted is a review of 4 new antidepressant (only 2 of which are listed in my domestic catalog of medical drugs), and their reported efficacy vs placebo. You angle it as proof that antidepressants in general are noneffective in treating depression. Stop lying.

I didn't read the news article you posted. Don't post news articles.

>Many people who believe they're depressed likely are temperamentally anhedonic or ruminative, have difficulty coping with stress, or have extremely unhealthy life styles.
That's an opinion.

>The understanding of depression as a serotonin deficiency is increasingly dubious, and likely the story is much more nuanced
Thinking that depression is sololy caused by Serotonin deficiency is indeed dubious. That's however far from the school of thought in psychiatry.
>> No. 20374 [Edit]
All four drugs in the Kirsch study were SSRIs or SNRIs, and only four were covered, you're right. Tricyclics, MAOIs, and antidepressants in combination with mood stabilizers were not considered. Kirsch demonstrates nothing other than that a drug is not necessarily effective because it is used by the American Psychiatric Association. The news article discusses several academic articles, and is better than it initially sounds. Also, it is hard to imagine that I am speaking with somebody who refuses to read anything other than peer reviewed academic journals, especially considering he reads things posted anonymously on an imageboard.

I am curious what you think the psychiatric consensus on depression is, however.
>> No. 20391 [Edit]
It just wouldn't be a psychiatric disorder thread without medicine-conspiracy-kun.
>> No. 20392 [Edit]
I believe many psychiatric medications are effective. I'm on an antipsychotic that is extremely helpful for anxiety. Just not antidepressants.
>> No. 20395 [Edit]
"scientific article"

lmoa. Academia has been the bitch of pharmaceuticals for a century.
>> No. 20401 [Edit]
File 143843236162.jpg - (52.26KB , 280x314 , 1437232192001.jpg )
High stress levels, maybe bipolar. At first I thought it was depression (lack of motivation, self loathing, inner emptiness) Some days ago I had every single symptom of a manic episode. I went outside, bought stuff, were aggressive and totally hyper, what is highly uncommon and caught me by surprise.
I can't see a real solution here, social bonds would be neat, but people, even relatives, are more and more stressing me out the closer they get.
>things done
Increased tea intake, started and stopped running, increased and reduced recreational drug consumption (escapism vs. commonsense), occasionally sleep deprivation to encounter depression, attempted suicide and obviously failed, tried meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, got a dental guard and a dakimakura, studied religions, belief systems and philosophy.
>> No. 20404 [Edit]
You mean how medical companies invests millions testing and proving that their new drug is safe and yield significant positive effect? And like how they go bankrupt if they fail, or prosecuted to hell when getting caught for forgery? Yup.
>> No. 20405 [Edit]
I was referring more to the pathologization of non-illnesses and abuse of statistics to justify the commercial existence of borderline functionless substances.
>> No. 20406 [Edit]
I'm curious as to what these non-illnesses are, that someone says we need medication for.
>> No. 20407 [Edit]
Well, this almost happened.

There's no doubt a subset of personality disorders have a tenuous to no neurochemical basis whatsoever; vary rarely are they even diagnosed in that manner. The only people pushing to get these behavioural variations treated as mental illness are the same people who want to expand the psychotropics market.
>> No. 20425 [Edit]
I think consensus is that acute, major depression relies heavily on pharmaceutics and stabilization (sleep, nutrition, activity, etc.). Beyond that, you usually want something to complement the pharmacotherapy. There's a myriad of psychotherapies to utilize, depending on the case - and the patient him/herself. You can look it up and see what suits depressive disorders (take note that there's 3 tiers of depression). Utility is key.

Post edited on 8th Aug 2015, 4:54am
>> No. 20482 [Edit]
File 144004000483.png - (163.83KB , 450x300 , THE-WONDER_-THE-WONDER_.png )
It's hard to put in words but I have issues with empathy and that I have too much of it, every time I read about other issues it makes me feel like crap and totally worthless because I can do nothing about it. I also have zero self-esteem and confidence in myself.

I hate when people are nice to me or give me complements.
I have a hard time saying "no" to people because I want to be useful to others.

I'm afraid of getting close to other people but don't want to be lonely.

It's like the hedgehog's dilemma x10.

>What do you think is the solution to it?
I have no idea.

>What have you done or not done to fix it?
Everything I tried only made it worse.

Post edited on 19th Aug 2015, 8:11pm
>> No. 20545 [Edit]
File 144152820363.png - (0.98MB , 800x800 , reisen15.png )
I got diagnosed ADHD much throughout my early life, I was basically really intense, rebellious, argumentative, lived by own rules but very creative and lively. I kept getting sent to psychs over and over and at some point they started adding bipolar and conduct disorder to the list.

At this point they think Bipolar Type 1, I can see it I guess, I just don't see it as an illness, there are both extreme negatives and positives to how I am. Some people may need meds and to "normalize" themselves but I feel like this relates too much to my soul and abilities creatively or thought wise (insight) to try to suppress it with drugs, rather I should use it to my advantage and figure out how to cope with the more nasty sides of it.

And I want to say the same to all of you in here: there is a HUGE correlation between insanity and genius. I think it's basically the case that insanity is often a unwanted side effect of creative thought processes, thinking "too much" (paranoia seems to be often a case of overthinking the negative possibilities and becoming convinced of them, but not always) high/low emotionality, (both can be useful for different reasons, although low emotionality can lead to low empathy which can lead to sociopathy which is pretty dangerous)I think when you throw in something like say, a history of abuse, cold parents, being shunned and rejected by society, being labelled "ill" and "broken", it gets messy. And then you have stuff like schizophrenics. Schizophrenia to me is oftentimes out of control genius. Every schizophrenic/schizoaffective I've met in my experience has some form of genius that's misunderstood.

Not saying all crazy people are geniuses either, it can often be the other way around too that people who are slow are crazy. It seems anyway that people who exist on "extremes" are more prone to it. For example schizophrenia schizotypal adhd etc often seem to exist on the extreme of "divergent thinking" (creative free wheeling thoughts) where as the autism spectrum seems to be more often "convergent thinking" (structured, step by step to get to the "correct" solution) Either way its not healthy to the individual to label them crazy that makes it worse they're SO often just misunderstood.

Everyone is different and everyone is surely some type and level of crazy when you look at society. Nobody is perfect no mind is perfectly "mentally healthy". There are different forms of intelligence thought and experiencing reality. There's SO much more to this and it pisses me off how unaware so many people are of the possibilities.
>> No. 20547 [Edit]
What you describe is a common dilemma with bipolar disorder type 1. It comes down to wether you acknowledge that you have a sickness. Unless you go psychotic and start creating turmoil for others, your mental condition is nobody's business.

Post edited on 6th Sep 2015, 8:14am
>> No. 20548 [Edit]
>And I want to say the same to all of you in here: there is a HUGE correlation between insanity and genius.

The way I see it, humans have three key strengths above other intelligent creatures: a more developed conscious (and sense of present), greater pattern recognition, and a constant employment of the abstract.

At least with schizophrenia, it seems as if these processes go into overdrive or are warped in a manner which does not correlate with the assumed reality of other individuals. That is, certain stimuli which are seen as benign by the majority catalyze a detrimental cycle of pattern recognition which is confirmed by their own sense of their surroundings. When they view the world, processes which others treat as abstract acquire equal standing in their reactions, influencing them in ways which seem erratic to others. Everyone has an inaccurate, simplified view of the world, but schizophrenia is a view which is incompatible with others, or even the survival of the individual.

This reeks of the Freudian simplification of psychology, though, so its probably severely lacking. That is how I see it, at least.
>> No. 20551 [Edit]
No I definitely agree it's something I've observed myself. Another interesting thing is how people will get effects like these on psychedelic drugs, and the different views people have on these drugs and what they supposedly do.

I'd say when my mood goes up then a lot of mental functions like these also shoot up. For example my imagination can be so much in overdrive that I imagine me making a movement and almost think I actually just made that movement even though I didn't, or the visuals I get in my head in response to music just get really wild and vivid. I also make way more connections and it feels like I'm having access to more perceptions, ways of looking at things without becoming utterly confused by how they all contradict each other.
>> No. 20556 [Edit]
> Most people on this board are probably fairly lonely, and extended social withdrawal has dramatic physical and neurological side effects which can easily shave ten years off your life and make you feel miserable. Having friends just to have friends will only make you more unhappy, but routinely talking to people you relate to and enjoy speaking with can make you feel much better

I think the internet is really useful for connecting people, especially the more rare types of people. There's actually a lot of people in this thread I would love to chat with, especially:

you because a lot of the best people I've met online have been schizoaffective but they're extremely hard to find. Not only that but the vibe I get from your posts is good.

you I'd like to talk about the bipolar thing (I'm the guy who made the bipolar type 1 post with the reisen pic) I think I might be able to help too, especially with being able to tell if what you experienced is a quote on quote manic episode.

I'm "kuru-kuru" or sometimes "kurusanda" on the T-C IRC, I'm not always there, sometimes I leave IRC open while I'm sleeping, but anyone in here who is feeling lonely or wants to talk, feel free to PM on there and if I'm not online just wait a while and I'll see the message at some point.
>> No. 20557 [Edit]
>Whats your mental problem(s)?
Severe social anxiety and depression. I'm also painfully socially inept, but that doesn't count.
>What do you think is the solution to it?
At this point I guess I'm just going to have to jump in the shark tank and hope I don't sink or get eaten.
Suicide is also always there thankfully, but I'd really would prefer not dying worse off than a dog at the moment.
>What have you done to fix it?
I've ditched video games, anime, and what little of the internet I can tolerate. All were pretty easy since I've stopped having any underlying sense of passion for any of them years ago. This of course has given me a lot of time on my hands, which I sometimes waste being indecisive on "where to even begin". On the topic of what I've done the past few months, I finally got around to learning how to drive and I've been taking frequent lengthy jogs/walks around the local park; making sure I greet most passerbys while taking note of my delivery. Brushing up on my academics hasn't hurt either, albeit doing it half-heartedly. As for my anxiety I've recently decided to undertake a popular audio based CBT resource. While I'll doubt it'll be the cure all some rave reviews suggest it can be, I hope I'll be able to take something anything out of it.

I'm not too sure on what ill do next but I'd like to enroll in a gym very close to where I live, unfortunately just the serious thought had me nauseous from the anxiety.
My only real incentive for doing all this is pretty much my fear of becoming some bum people will feel welcomed to torture without worry of lawful punishment.
>> No. 20572 [Edit]
i didn't make that post, but thats me.
i think i could accurately tell you why i'm like you and maybe thats similar to what it is that makes you that way as well. a lot of time people who are similar got there via different paths though so i'm not sure you're like i am for the same reasons i'm this way. the thing about it is i'm not sure what the value of knowing why is.
i've realized some of the probale origins of my behavioral patterns, but i don't know how that helps me.

i'll tell you what i think if you want me to
>> No. 20574 [Edit]

I'm the same, I started with my issues when I was 11 and now at 26 it's just gone downhill. My andohenia started around 16 or 17.
>> No. 20611 [Edit]
I don't really know if I have any mental problems, but i'm clearly a fucking idiot.

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