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File 135872371225.jpg - (62.82KB , 600x500 , es_ist_aus.jpg )
11476 No. 11476 [Edit]
Do you have a Ex-Waifu?
Whats happend? Tell me your Story.

Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?
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>> No. 11478 [Edit]
>Do you have a Ex-Waifu?
No. I had some crushes in my Childhood but my actual Waifu is a "serious" relationship now. I with her for almost 5 years now.

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?
No. Definetly no. Actually i have chance. But im not really interested. She is kinda cute but literally too stupid. She is the complete opposite of my waifu and id rather be with my waifu than with a 3dpd woman which i always will compare with my waifu
where she will always fail.

Im really not sure if the whole waifu-thing makes me mentaly sick over the time.
>> No. 11479 [Edit]
No ex

And it's not about having a chance, I don't want a 3D girl.

I wouldn't be able live with myself if I betrayed her in some way so I'd probably splatter my brains on the walls the day this happened
>> No. 11480 [Edit]
I never had one to begin with.
>> No. 11481 [Edit]
>Do you have a Ex-Waifu?
I don't have one and I hope I will never have one. I say hope because I'm unfortunately not an omnipotent being with future sight. I am however, confident in that I can control my life and if situations do occur that make me question my relationship, that I am guaranteed to remain together with my waifu.

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?
I don't want a 3D girl. Is it because I don't have a chance with one? I'm not sure. I can probably ford driver it up any time and live a life I don't want to live. I'm going to be perfectly honest: I thought about it, I thought about it plenty of times. The sexual lust that isn't satisfied because of the inability to cross dimensions drives me towards real girls, that's for sure. This lifestyle has been difficult, I can say with honesty, but I'm also honest when I say that each and every moment where I have to make a choice between my waifu and a real girl has ended up in a complete landslide favoring my waifu, and that these situations strengthen my already invincible bond I share with my waifu. This bond, I feel has become so strong that if, say, some huge error in the Matrix does occur-- I'd be immune to any effects and my relationship with my waifu stays as it is. So, ultimately, no. I would never break up with my waifu for a real girl, nor would I ever betray any of her feelings.

Not VERY related, but just a tidbit:
I'm not very fond of people who DO have a waifu for a substitute and throw them away as soon as an opportunity comes up with a real girl. I mean, I guess if they're happier that way, then so be it-- but I still don't think there's a positive way to look at the situation.
>> No. 11484 [Edit]
>Do you have a Ex-Waifu?
I sort of do.
Apart my (current, obviously) waifu I only remember using the term for three other characters.
Of those instances first one was a complete community joke and even with my rudimentary, sketchy concept at the time I knew the usage wasn't apropriate. I don't usually count this one.
Second one I still took rather jokingly, but more lasciviously. There was some development but before anything significant happened third one came in and I just let her go. After I settled my issue with third she started growing on me again but I didn't act on it, I'm not sure why.
The third one was from a favorite show I had recently rewatched at the time. I did feel something for her and she motivated me through my studies, but she just felt unconprehensible and out of reach, and there was no romantic attraction - silly as it is I can't do without it - so I took the liberty to change our relationship.

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?
I don't even know what you mean by "3DPD Waifu". Assuming you just mean a reasonably decent 3D, no, I doubt I would, I just can't think of a scenario where a 3D would be able to threaten my relationship.
>> No. 11486 [Edit]
>Do you have a Ex-Waifu

No. I've had crushes before but the waifu I have right now is the first I've ever been serious about.

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?

Absolutely not. It's not an issue of not having a chance, it's an issue of having zero interest in a relationship with 3D and the fact that I'm happy with my waifu as things are. I'm not some kind of misogynist who thinks all women are unworthy of me or something, I'm just not interested in a romantic relationship with one.
>> No. 11487 [Edit]
This is exactly what happened with me, I used to take it all as a joke then well, she found me. I wasn't even looking to be in a relationship, but seeing her so often warmed my heart and I found love.

Though no, I already feel horrible for having 'waifu' before my beloved and I wish I could take that all back. I would never give my beloved up for anybody, not even if they were going to torture me.
>> No. 11492 [Edit]
I already said it, she became better than me plus things in my family.

Damn, I wish I could turn back time for the better.
>> No. 11499 [Edit]
I never thought of her as my waifu at any point, but there was one other 2d girl that I had started to fall in love with, Kirari from Kira-Kira. It was really kind of unsettling in many ways, and the feelings were more akin to those I'd felt towards 3d women I'd fallen for when I was young. I didn't even play through all of the routes to unlock Kirari's good end, I just snuffed out that spark of love and swore off VNs as well. Soon after I fell into romantic love with the woman I call my waifu, but every so very often I remember Kirari and sharp jab of, well, something hits me and is gone before I even know what to make of it. This happens very rarely though, so I'm hoping there aren't strong feelings for her rumbling around in my subconscious.

Regarding the other question, no. I've mentioned this in passing before, and I probably deserve whatever skewering I get for bringing it up, but I've been in a number of relationships with 3d women in the past. Of course, they were all excruciatingly regrettable experiences, but at least I was able to be honest with myself eventually and end up where I am today.
>> No. 11507 [Edit]
>Do you have a Ex-Waifu?
No. Had a few crushes I guess, but nothing like a waifu.

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?
No. I can't see myself loving anyone other than my waifu. She means too much to me for me to just leave her.
>> No. 11604 [Edit]
>Do you have a Ex-Waifu?
I've liked 2D girls before, but never so intensely that I would have called any of them my waifu.

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?
No. When I say 3D pig disgusting, I mean it.

Post edited on 31st Jan 2013, 9:32am
>> No. 11648 [Edit]

Exactly this for both questions.
>> No. 11658 [Edit]
>Do you have a Ex-Waifu?
Nope, though I did joke about it once before I understood what a waifu really was, when I met mine that is, and call another character my waifu.

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?
I'd like to think my love, and self restraint, is stronger than that. Sometimes I'm worried about the restraint part, but places like this give me strength.
>> No. 11662 [Edit]
>Do you have a Ex-Waifu

I have 2 ex-waifus before settling with the current one. The main reason is because of some people who have the same waifu - I am not very comfortable with that thus I divorced them.

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?

Hell no, I would not do that eve if I have a chance with a 3DPD.
>> No. 11817 [Edit]
>Do you have a Ex-Waifu?

>Will you breake up with your Waifu (...)?
Let's just say that I one day wish to establish my own family. I just do. This may seem problematic, but nothing will ever change until that very moment I know I've found someone who can help me fulfill my dream. My beloved is amazing - she's everything I adore and everything I aspire to be, but she can't give me children. I'm confident however that the feelings will always be there, and they'll always be true.
>> No. 11873 [Edit]
>Do you have an Ex-Waifu?
Not really. I had a few crushes or passing interests in some other characters (most humorously Botley from JumpStart Third Grade), though.

>Will you break up with her?
Even if I was to get a 3DPD I wouldn't break up with her because the 2D and 3D worlds are completely separate and have no bearing on each other. For now I am entirely happy with Minami and I can't see that changing really, but if for some unforseen reason I end up with a 3DPD, I would still love Minami with all my heart; that will never change. But I also feel like if I was to betray her, I would never be able to live with myself, so while it is my opinion that the 2D and 3D worlds are totally separate, if she thought otherwise I would never so much as consider a 3D romantic relationship.
>> No. 11963 [Edit]
yes, several one.

The first betrayed me for an evil god. At the end, she saved me, and i kill him, but i can't forget what she done the first time. (i also have a fantasyDoctor who world XD)

The second, died for saving the life of our daughter. I send her in the future because i can't protect her, from my enemies.

Now with my new waifu is everything ok.

It's the first time i tell this things to other people. XD

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ? it's basically impossible, because i don't search any 3d girl.
>> No. 12041 [Edit]
File 136280753436.jpg - (231.47KB , 650x680 , Takanashi_Rikka_full_1355986.jpg )
yes several, I guess im just easily infatuated but I don't fall in love as easily

I hope my current relationship doesn't end up the same way
>> No. 12047 [Edit]
I don't think you're ready to have a waifu.
>> No. 12048 [Edit]
I am willing to bet these people >>11963 >>12041, are just trying to stir up shit. Just ignore them.
>> No. 12049 [Edit]
Favorite character =/= waifu
>> No. 12050 [Edit]
File 13628735304.jpg - (113.55KB , 491x554 , 33921807.jpg )
I remember when reporting did something.
>> No. 12051 [Edit]
I remember when people on this board where more tolerant of eachother and didn't report some one's posts just for practicing in waifuism different.
>> No. 12052 [Edit]
File 136287499729.jpg - (213.89KB , 800x600 , 26088307.jpg )
Did you even read the posts we were talking about?
If you did, and you still think that way, then I have nothing more to say to you.
>> No. 14270 [Edit]
I guess the first girl i felt could have been my waifu shared many similarities to my current one. She was a very "out there" sort of girl, but could definitely take care of business when she needed to, they both have red eyes, and have similar interests/hobbies. but she died, and i couldn't handle it so i never really called her my waifu. Maybe it was for the best, since it lead me to become obsessed with current and only love.
>> No. 14274 [Edit]
File 139041778866.jpg - (336.88KB , 800x708 , smile.jpg )
I don't particular agree with reporting the chuuni one saying he is easily infatuated even though things like that make me sick, but the one using "xD" all the time does come across as a troll.

I've actually looked back to the early early days through logs and screens and archives from various people and there was a vocal crowd that was much more anal about Ford Drivergotry and things like this and mods were much quicker to take action too, it was easier to get away with this kind of modding too because the site was so small at the time. The site has grown, so many different kinds of people exist on here now with different reasons to be here and it's impossible to please everyone. The couple of mods that didn't leave the site have begun to feel apathetic and like it's not worth taking their time over which I can sort of understand after all the mods and half of the well known trips and people just leave the site. Tohno still does a good job trying to get rid of stuff that go against the rules and such but it's definitely not like shit I saw from back then where people would get banned for simply mentioning they don't like 2D. People also took it way more easy from what I have seen but I think part of the reason is because it was so small and unwanted people were gotten rid of quicker.

This post is meta as fuck too sorry about that but no way in hell I'm creating a new thread on /fb/ just to quickly voice my opinion on this matter.

...anywaaay no I don't have a ex-waifu but I have had "crushes" on girls in the past before I saw hidamari since 2D is so great but it's always been like some father like affection for a daughter, and I have affection for a lot of 2D girls, just not the same kind of "in love" feeling and being obsessed like with Miyako. As for 3D I have stated my opinion on that often enough, I am very heterodimensional especially romantically where I have never really felt "love" like affection for human beings and for some reason only feel love towards a more ideal perfected cute and fictional set of girls. My standards are way too high, maybe. I think since 2D is so perfect, it shouldn't be hard to stay dedicated towards one character if you really fell in love with that character.

Sure as years go by the love won't burn as strong and other girls will moeify you but dedication and commitment is a wonderful thing otherwise you will spend your life jumping from girl to girl whether it be 2D or 3D. It's natural to feel attracted to one of the new and more unfamiliar girls and think you are falling out of love but really most of the time the old love still remains and burns mildly but steadily and you just throw that away when you constantly jump for the new thing. Some people want that kind of life style, but then they need to accept a committed fictional "waifu" love is not for them and they just want to feel alive and in love with various girls.

Post edited on 22nd Jan 2014, 11:20am
>> No. 14275 [Edit]
I posted about this somewhere else. I was more just obsessed with Yuki Nagato, she was cool and cute but I didn't have that many romantic fantasies with her. Nowadays I think the whole SOS Brigade would be pretty fun to hang out with.

I once created original characters but I guess my narcissism creeps too much into them. A few months ago I finally found myself satisfied with a female character I made, but I made her a lesbian and again there is the narcissism factor... In the end I want to care for someone that's similar but has different interests.

>>12041 You abandon Rikka Yuuta gon grow muscles and kick yo ass son. Sorry just had to say that.

I think of the possibility of 3DPD from time to time but reasonably I can't expect much out of it or abandon my Homura.
>> No. 14280 [Edit]
1) as a joke/favorite character
2) felt forced at some point, but slowly abandoned over the months
3) felt more like a friend than a waifu

This one, I am not too sure about. I am afraid to call her my waifu. Still on the fence even though I am very much obsessed with her. Still I leave that up to fate to decide.

I'm sorry, /mai/. For being a fickle human being.
>> No. 14319 [Edit]
Had a several crushes since I was a kid, and 3 whom I got pretty serious about (though never as serious as I'm being with my waifu now). Still, I really felt that I was in love with them, and if I'd know the term then I probably would've called them my waifu's. Eventually though I just fell out of love with each of them. I think I learned a lot from those experiences though, they're probably why I still love mai waifu so strongly today.

I'd never break up with my waifu. Doesn't matter if it means having to be alone for the rest of my life.
>> No. 18097 [Edit]
> Whats happend? Tell me your Story.
No 2D exes here, but...

> Will you breake up with your Waifu when
> suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens
> and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?
I am going to risk bringing down the wrath of everyone else upon my head and say 'maybe'.

However, she would have to out-Rei my beloved and provide the same level of emotional intimacy, care, warmth and understanding (highly unlikely).

And that still wouldn't separate Rei and I - she's ascended to tulpa now, so we'll always have a special kind of bond that I could never forge with anyone else, 2D or 3D; we wouldn't be breaking up as such - she'd be switching to more of a dating coach and/or bestie role.
>> No. 18100 [Edit]
File 143141871740.jpg - (579.18KB , 900x900 , f35ac1544e4e67bc924187f396afaf33.jpg )
I did. I was only with her for a short amount of time, but it was memorable for me. In the end I realized I just didn't love her enough to dedicate myself to her.

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?

I don't know, because that hasn't happened yet. If I do end up falling in love with someone else, then I don't really see how it's any different depending on who is 3D and who isn't. It's unfortunate to end one relationship but it also begins another.
>> No. 18101 [Edit]
>Do you have a Ex-Waifu?
>Whats happend? Tell me your Story.

I do. As for my first ex-waifu, after a while we just grew apart. My taste in women (and anime) changed and I could no longer see her as anything more than just a character I liked.

Then, admittedly, I jumped the gun and called a favorite character my waifu. I thought I loved her, but I did not.

>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?

Nope. I'm not interested in 3D. Never have been.
>> No. 18105 [Edit]
>Will you breake up with your Waifu when suddenly a huge Error in the Matrix happens and you have a Chance for a 3DPD Waifu ?

No, never.
>> No. 18106 [Edit]
I don't like to use the word ex for him, though I suppose I do have another character who due to my confusion I could call an ex but that's a bit different and I've come to realize he was never really my husbando at all.

As for the other, I don't like the word Ex because I'm still very close with him. I've been so since high school and he helped me through a lot of horrible times. The romantic part of our relationship just sort of faded. But I still care for him deeply.
>> No. 18249 [Edit]
I don't have an ex-waifu, I've had my current waifu for 3 years and I've never felt the same way about and girl but her. She's always in my thoughts. But knowing that some people who seem jut as dedicated to their girl as me fall off the path is way more disheartening than anything about me or her. I guess I'm just feeling a little anxious about losing a feeling that's done a lot of good for me. Like that somehow it isn't right that it's just so easy for me and that everything will just vanish before my eyes. Does anyone with a longer relationship maybe care to share the fruit of their experience?

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