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File 143575053485.jpg - (1.53MB , 2747x3485 , Komeiji_Koishi_full_1078647.jpg )
20292 No. 20292 [Edit]
Do you ever feel like a prosocial normalcool after a long day of posting? I typically only ever lurk, so on the rare occasions that I find myself making a couple of posts here and there--maybe even a thread or two--I feel completely drained afterwards. I always come away from it feeling like some kind of neurotypical. It's no wonder those forums dedicated to people with social anxiety and those imageboards for shut-ins are destined to fail (then there's the fact that I'm not even a true 'hikikomori' so I'm just the tip of the iceberg). And, holy shit, we take anonymity for granted sometimes. Imagine if we didn't have all of these outlets that aren't tied to our identity. Imagine that I had instead made this post with a facebook account as my status update. At the end of the day, as social creatures, Facebook and tohno really do serve the same purpose, which is pretty nuts to think about.
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>> No. 20293 [Edit]
Koishi is so cute in that picture!
>> No. 20294 [Edit]
I just come here in order to feel like there are actually people online that I'm at least halfway similar to. Sometimes it works.
>> No. 20296 [Edit]
>Do you ever feel like a prosocial normalcool after a long day of posting?
I feel more lonely than anything.
>> No. 20308 [Edit]
File 143587035665.jpg - (31.09KB , 225x350 , prosocial_normalcool.jpg )
I can wait years until I summon the courage to post on an imageboard. Each post feels like a small achievement.
>> No. 20311 [Edit]
Congratulations, brohno.
>> No. 20313 [Edit]
i often feel anxious when posting things im not sure of cause what if i'm wrong and people laugh or yell at me? what if im just making a fool of myself? especially things like forums or even reddit where i have a username and a page, because people could remember this and bring it back up. in that way i think you're right in underappreciating anonymity.
>> No. 20385 [Edit]
It's hard for me to post, that's why I do it in small doses, and most of the time, I don't revisit the thread, until some time passes. If I post too much in the same thread, I get anxious looking at replies, it's like an inebriation sort of state. It can be a high, or a painful hangover.

I guess that for someone who has a life, whatever happens here is small potatoes, but as a depressed reclusive type, this is my only social interaction, and thus I feel like I need to create a mental barrier , so as to not let someone's else remark affect me.

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