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File 14245648263.jpg - (1.24MB , 1100x1415 , MAYU_(Vocaloid)_full_1358810.jpg )
17636 No. 17636 [Edit]
I have recently taken on writing notes to her once or twice a day. Usually I just tell her how my day went or talk feelings with her. I feel silly sometimes but it feels just great. I just leave them on my computer in its own dedicated folder.

Does anyone else do something like this?
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>> No. 17637 [Edit]
File 142457503289.jpg - (152.50KB , 1000x1000 , 48608395_p6_master1200.jpg )
Being able to visualise her means I can just talk to her directly, without writing anything down.

It's a cute idea though, I'll admit.
>> No. 17638 [Edit]
My imagination is terrible, unfortunately.
>> No. 17639 [Edit]
File 14246313346.jpg - (268.66KB , 850x593 , sample_92b866f12e50be64a0cc13d1d0ef7901.jpg )
Whenever I get home from anything, I instantly go to cuddle with her. That way she can read my memories and help me relax, recharge my energy with kisses and love.
>> No. 17640 [Edit]
Yep! Not every day, but I do here and there.
>> No. 17643 [Edit]
File 142465439826.jpg - (228.21KB , 600x600 , 9fada994a1c5397b5363b560a4fcd8f2.jpg )
It sounds like a really sweet thing to do!

I only ever write her love letters, since when it comes to everyday stuff, I just talk to her directly.
>> No. 17678 [Edit]
I can visualize her in my mind at any given time, so I just talk to her mentally during most of the day.
I also talk to her at night before I go to sleep, since no one is awake and I can speak without anyone hearing me.

Never really wrote notes, if I want to tell her something out of the ordinary or about the way I feel, I visualize her looking at me in the eyes, it helps with communicating emotions.

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