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File 138681722048.jpg - (80.19KB , 600x800 , f002146417bdbdc6b237a26abe214229.jpg )
13794 No. 13794 [Edit]
Do you have any speculations about your waifu? What I mean is any unanswered questions that you just answer with a guess. Do tell what those guesses are. It could be anything or any topic like the principle on how your waifu was made by her creator or any unfilled blanks about her life. It could be wild, outrageous or humorous.
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>> No. 13796 [Edit]
File 138681870032.png - (1.15MB , 1333x768 , plugsuit_theory.png )
Actually, I do: the Shikinami Sohryu-contaminated theory...

It doesn't have many followers and I myself blame it on a fake Absinth I got as present those days.
>> No. 13800 [Edit]
File 13868286807.jpg - (109.66KB , 303x402 , 339.jpg )
I've actually dedicated a lot of my time to this lately and was thinking about making a thread for this. Most of it is character building stuff and analysis regarding his role in the story. I should probably read the manga before posting anything though, because for all I know the manga has disproved everything I've thought.

It's a hard decision for me to decide whether or not I should read the manga soon or immediately; it's currently ongoing, but apparently people are losing interest, and I want to savor new material as long as possible...

Also see >>13737 and >>13746
>> No. 13801 [Edit]
File 13868325465.jpg - (81.25KB , 800x600 , KanakoMutsumiSarah.jpg )
I'm not sure of it exactly, but I think Kanako was not attending high school at the time she was introduced.
>> No. 13803 [Edit]
File 138683332582.jpg - (461.77KB , 1280x538 , 28415742.jpg )
Most of her life from childhood up until the Battle of Camlann isn't specified by Nasu. This means I need to imagine stories to fill in the gaps, which I base mostly on Le Morte d'Arthur, The Once and Future King, A Dream of Eagles, plus other scenarios I've come up with on my own. I studied Arthurian history and the middle ages a good deal before I met her so I have a decent idea of what her life and the circumstances of her time could have been like.

That being said, I really enjoy the Fate/ stuff with her interacting in modern times. I just like imagining living beside her in her own time far more.
>> No. 13806 [Edit]
File 138685964066.jpg - (474.03KB , 670x947 , 257e2f54f923e2331e5d39d268183a2d.jpg )
Well, I've got some basic unanswered questions, like her first name, date of birth, blood type, those kinds of things.

I've speculated that she may have been a loner during her first year at school.

She may have had friends in her swim club, but she's never seen talking to or about them, or hanging out with them. Since it's been said she's the best female swimmer in the school, maybe the rest of the club was intimidated by her? Maybe she didn't mind not having friends there, perhaps she'd rather focus on improving her swimming, as it's been seen that she takes it very seriously.

In that regard, it wouldn't be hard to see why her and Miss Kurosawa got on so well, not just since Kagura's the star pupil, but Miss Kurosawa might have felt that she needed a friend, or at the very least someone to talk to, which Kagura was happy to oblige.

After the initial shock and sadness of being beaten by Sakaki at the sports festival, she may have seen it as an opportunity to not only improve herself, but make a fresh start in second year and make some friends, under the tough girl act of making Sakaki her rival. The rivalry quickly became a friendship, due to Kagura wanting to be "Frenemies" anyway, and due to Sakaki's noncompetitive nature.

Once she became friends with the rest of the main characters, she's not once brought up her class from last year, or any previous classmates, which follows from the "fresh start" idea I mentioned.

This speculation actually made me relate to Kagura a lot more, since I was a loner for the best part of a year and a half back at school, before I approached a group of people who I felt I could relate to, and we've been friends for around 10 years now.

It's weird, I've had these ideas in my head for a while now, and I thought it'd make less sense once I'd written it down, but it seems more like the opposite.
>> No. 14574 [Edit]
I guess I do, but I found out that 10 years before her conception, she already existed, well, at least the concept of her in the author's mind and in his books. I've also devoted a fair amount of time to speculate about her exact motives and her personality. I really don't care too much about the story. I only care just about her in general and what makes her so intriguing to me. But there's quite a lot of other aspects about her that I often ponder about, especially since her subplot isn't touched upon too much.
>> No. 14575 [Edit]
File 139329993333.png - (811.73KB , 785x756 , sako904.png )
Too many, the main question is why she is so hostile, or what happened to her to make her a borderline crazy control freak, iv'e heard people say its because she was apart of a conscript army who didn't care about her, people knocked her around, abused her and treated her like trash.

I've been meaning to ask the author questions, like her "birth date" and especially why she is such an angry person.
>> No. 14579 [Edit]
File 139331547158.jpg - (633.86KB , 707x1000 , Ahri (341).jpg )
Far too many things I would like to know about her, which is to say, everything.

I would really like to know what her favourite foods are. I think she would share similar tastes from when she was a fox, so nuts, berries, and small game like rabbits would probably be preferred by her.

I wonder if she's a loner, at least for interactions with other champions. One of those popular girls who are sought after, but lack any real friendships and is still lonely. In Rito's website, the only relationship she has listed is a friendship with Wukong, a monkey. Perhaps they're friends as they're both animals who have sought to fit in with human society?

Lastly... Her judgment. Every champion who joins the League faces a critical moment in their past that shaped them, a moment that led to their decision to join the league. Unfortunately, Rito dropped their policy of writing a judgment some time before Ahri was released. I know that she joined after being unable to continue seducing and killing men for their essence, I wonder if she came to realize that she could no longer kill after a traumatic event of some sort that forced her to face her own conscience, or if it was simply a gradual realization.

Knowing Rito, they won't explore the lore aspect of their game ever again. Sadly.
>> No. 14582 [Edit]
File 139338940946.png - (224.28KB , 600x800 , http%3A%2F%2F25_media_tumblr_com%2Fd4f51ed921d49ab.png )
Her birthday is still a mystery, which according to plot may never be revealed.

I'm considering two dates: 3 October (her first appearance) and 14 March. I don't have a reason for thinking 14 March. Just an arbitrary date.

She seems to like most food but I can imagine her liking spicy stuff. I'd like to know what her school life was like pre-Honnouji, all I know is she would hang with bad crowds. How would she react to me approaching her?

She has such a deep character but I'm still obsessed with the small details about her. I want to give her a wonderful birthday celebration and show her the love she never got.
>> No. 14610 [Edit]
White day is a really cute day to place a birthday. I made up a birthday for my own waifu myself, although I spent a lot of time trying to decide which would make the most sense astrologically (even though I don't particularly believe in such things).
>> No. 16485 [Edit]
File 140857320387.jpg - (7.70KB , 225x224 , images.jpg )
When Liara's birthday is, her favorite foods, what she looked like when she first born, does she get sick like humans do, get sunburn. I have many questions lol.
>> No. 16848 [Edit]
Yeah, birthday is a big thing. I guess there's nothing you can do but make one up, huh? At least what >>14610 said is a good idea, you can at least pin their birthday down to a month depending on their personality type.
>> No. 16850 [Edit]
I used the release date of her first game.
>> No. 16876 [Edit]
I can't speculate on this, but every day I still wonder what her last name could be. I hope this question will be answered one day by ume, but it's highly improbable.
>> No. 16890 [Edit]
File 141429902559.png - (111.03KB , 426x484 , 127.png )
I want to learn more about how he is as and individual without the influence of his brother. Since he has so little screen time where he's shown being his true self, it's been kind of tough figuring out how he would act in a more relaxed situation. Would he be as gentle as he is under pressure? Would he still be short tempered?

Strangely, a lot of small details are answered. Such as his right-handedness, his birthday, and a rough idea of his height. That's wonderful considering he's a minor character from a western animation.
>> No. 17017 [Edit]
Because the VN cuts off right when Hanako starts being honest with Hisao (I actually really dislike Hisao), I have to speculate somewhat about her real outlook on life.
I know that she dislikes communicating to most people and cares little for social norms. She wants to be treated as an equal, not as some pet-project for white knights. Finally, I know she cares very deeply for people she is close to.

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