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File 140501908088.jpg - (157.55KB , 1275x713 , 1209572348906.jpg )
19948 No. 19948 [Edit]
The first episode was quite nice. As expected of noitaminA. I have high hopes for the development of the story of this, despite the first epsisode not having said much about the overall plot and characters.
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>> No. 19956 [Edit]
noitamina has been almost 100% shit for the last two years, ping pong being the only exception. lets hope that they're reversing the shit trend, because for it's first few years noitamina was almost 100% solid.
>> No. 19962 [Edit]
I expected terrorism. All I got was a cute girl being bullied around.
>> No. 19964 [Edit]
Gets bullied into jumping into a pool in her uniform. Pukes out her lunch due to acute social anxiety. Gets bullied, again, into becoming an accomplished into an act of terrorism. Talk about a shitty day.

Also, for those wondering what Nine and Twelve jacked in the beginning, it was one of these things:


Simply jolting this thing the wrong way can result in it reaching critical mass. Gotta wonder what a Japanese run government facility is doing with one of these, and what they are planning on doing with it, for that matter.
>> No. 19965 [Edit]
Anything in particular indicating it was a 40's design pit?
>> No. 19979 [Edit]
File 140524297069.jpg - (85.71KB , 1116x624 , mina.jpg )
Art is beautiful, characters are stylish, story looks painful.
Music by Yoko Kanno? we've got a deal.

Off to a great start.
>> No. 19980 [Edit]
>Music by Yoko Kanno
I didn't even know. Yeah, deal.
>> No. 19982 [Edit]
File 140527209069.jpg - (64.55KB , 1280x720 , terror_mp4_snapshot_00_35_[2014_06_12_15_09_11].jpg )
Suddenly felt like listening Sigur Ros.
>> No. 19983 [Edit]
What, Sigur Ros in the OST here as well, or just Sigur Ros-ish? I swear, he's everywhere, considering his background.
>> No. 19985 [Edit]
No, sorry, it was a bad joke about Sigur Ros' "Von" (Heima versions are their best btw).
>> No. 20001 [Edit]
>"I don't really have a phone..."
>Pulls out phone
This guy just gives zero fucks.
>> No. 20095 [Edit]
I assume the lack of posting is because all of us picked it from FFF, or is it the case that all groups subbing this decided to delay it?
I'm almost feeling like downloading it elsewhere, but that's so hard compared to just waiting for it to show up on my RSS feed.
>> No. 20131 [Edit]
File 140596741191.jpg - (117.36KB , 1093x615 , tor.jpg )
I thought one couldn't live stream flash video on Tor.

They don't like them bitches, apparently.
>> No. 20132 [Edit]
File 140596745878.jpg - (111.49KB , 1093x615 , sphinx.jpg )
The Sphinx of Thebes' riddle butchered. Nice move. Do the same to Barber's/Russell's Paradox and I'll become a follower.
>> No. 20133 [Edit]
File 140596748676.jpg - (190.39KB , 1118x624 , Oedipus Rex the manga.jpg )
An Oedipus manga. Japan has everything.
>> No. 20138 [Edit]
The butchered version is super easy.
2 legs: giant robot
4 legs: giant robot after drawing its gigantic dual swords
3 legs: giant robot after transforming the dual swords into the dual-ended mega-sword
>> No. 20147 [Edit]
Megazord, then?
>> No. 20148 [Edit]
I wonder when the Washington War Hawks equivalent in this anime are gonna step up and talk about bombing Japan back into peace.
Also how many "this is for perl harbor" posts on the shitbook equivalent.

It shouldn't be impossible(the slowness of tor aside), it's just stupid and blocked by default.
Still, they only talked about uploading a video, which sounds not all too implausible to do safely.
>> No. 20149 [Edit]
I might be wrong, but my idea was that flash files have an amount of hidden data (an exif of sorts) that compromises anonymity and thus are banned on Tor completely (otherwise CP would be much easier to share). So I guess you'd need some hacker skills to encode and decode the video to the final host through a valid Tor input file (say, as in the times of uuencode).

Anyway, I hope they stop bullying the girl soon; she's rather nice.
>> No. 20150 [Edit]
Most video formats do support metadata like that, not only flash's. But it shouldn't be impossible to scrub them, just as it is with exif. A lot of it goes down the drain when converting a video simply because it's usually stored in proprietary formats and most conversion tools don't know how to interpret that metadata. If there's something more hidden than that in flash videos in particular I have no idea.
The really "banned" thing in tor browser is installing/running the flash player plugin, because it might leak your real IP and flash cookies can be used to tag your machine. And you don't really need it to upload a video last I checked.

>Anyway, I hope they stop bullying the girl soon; she's rather nice.
So do I.
>> No. 20186 [Edit]
War on Terror.. Thanks GW Bush
>> No. 20215 [Edit]
File 140644694549.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0054.png )
The moment this popped up I just went "Whoah, Lain!". I mean, it's a noisy frame of an utility pole with lots of wires and a really weird sound effect, it's got to be a Lain reference, right?
>> No. 20273 [Edit]
File 140683696218.jpg - (193.26KB , 668x1124 , destroy the whole world.jpg )
This was delightful.
>> No. 20274 [Edit]
File 140683731993.jpg - (230.69KB , 771x866 , engrish and vocaloid.jpg )
This... well, whatever.
>> No. 20276 [Edit]
Dunno, maybe. But I'm positive that the bike scene at >>20273 was an homage to Yutaka Ozaki's "15 no Yoru"...



This is seriously good.
>> No. 20279 [Edit]
Now that I think about it, what is a shame?
>> No. 20280 [Edit]
>> No. 20318 [Edit]
I've had that song in my head ever since.

>> No. 20354 [Edit]
File 140745447316.jpg - (95.90KB , 666x746 , dem racks.jpg )
I love when uniforms do nothing to a shy girl's body and suddenly boing!
>> No. 20355 [Edit]
File 140745451621.jpg - (203.81KB , 1120x626 , Michelangelo.jpg )
But that's a representation of Lilith giving the apple to Eve...
>> No. 20356 [Edit]
File 140745455545.jpg - (77.60KB , 1111x631 , bitches_.jpg )
I'm not liking her at all.
>> No. 20362 [Edit]
Lisa is very cute. I liked the balance she gives to the show sometimes.
>> No. 20400 [Edit]
File 140806409260.jpg - (210.97KB , 1116x623 , yellow voice.jpg )

That other gaudy bitch, however, I really can't stand her.
>> No. 20505 [Edit]
Wow this show went to shit. Airport chess, really?
>> No. 20511 [Edit]
Yeah, that was forced.
But watching Lisa still makes up for it to me.
>> No. 20658 [Edit]
File 141109850352.jpg - (163.71KB , 1116x628 , towards the ubermensch.jpg )
Honestly, why they always/still present transhuman projects as evil? Those orphans would have become nothing but tramps or pathetic salarymen at the very best, but instead they got to peek into the brave future with their very eyes. I'd give everything for the chance they had (and I'm sure I'm not alone)...

Post edited on 18th Sep 2014, 8:52pm
>> No. 20659 [Edit]
File 14110986003.jpg - (126.47KB , 1108x622 , nukes.jpg )
Anyway, next week will be boom, for real.
>> No. 20715 [Edit]
File 141169178799.jpg - (158.96KB , 1093x612 , booo.jpg )
Seriously? Luddites?
God, no. Anything but that...
>> No. 20716 [Edit]
File 141169182045.jpg - (106.27KB , 1118x624 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Farewell, japanese torrents...
>> No. 20717 [Edit]
File 141169190392.jpg - (268.38KB , 1112x623 , Von.jpg )
...and Farewell, ZnT.

It really was based on Sigur Ros, after all. Makes some sense, ideologically.
Not so amazing in the end, but fine series alright.

Post edited on 26th Sep 2014, 5:02am
>> No. 20804 [Edit]
File 141242624055.jpg - (94.49KB , 1280x720 , 1.jpg )
This started off pretty promising but it really took a nosedive in quality after Five showed up. ... I don't think I have much else to say - when a show with potential just fucks it up entirely I simply grow apathetic rather than angry enough to point out all things that went wrong. I could swallow some old boring tropes like superhuman projects (even though it was a lame explanation, might as well include some convenient amnesia while they were at it), that the protags are conveniently highschool age, that they included a useless character like Lisa and instead of eliminating her right away they let her stick around just to fuck up their plans etc. etc. but starting with Five it just went dildos.
The show was really ugly, too. I can swallow some 3DCG. Some. And I felt the OST was pretty disappointing considering Kanno Youko worked on that.

That covers the 'official' part of what I had to say. Now to get a bit more personal...

Twelve you little shit, I can't fucking believe you betrayed Nine for some dumb whore, the fuck is wrong with you? It's a damn shame you simply got sniped like that, you deserved a death far worse than that.


>noitamina has been almost 100% shit for the last two years, ping pong being the only exception. lets hope that they're reversing the shit trend, because for it's first few years noitamina was almost 100% solid.

It's mindboggling how many people are seemingly still stuck in 2007. These days most noitaminA shows are no better and no worse than your average anime (i.e. pretty bad).
>> No. 20805 [Edit]
You folks make me not want to finish this. Granted I wasn't surprised at all when I read people complain this had turned into another Death Note but still, I at least wanted to finish it. Eh.
>> No. 20833 [Edit]
Lisa's character worth was precisely her air-headed sweet innocence as opposed to the calculating acts of everyone else, with that disgusting 5 (the genius bitch) as the epitome. In actuality I would normally despise Lisa insofar as a woman at all, but as a character in this story I think she worked perfectly well: it's someone legitimate for an aware and inherently suspicious mind to invest affection on; heck: being on his shoes, I would have done the same as 12, even at my age; call me a fool but now I do value a pure heart and romance that much.

Anyway, if that makes you feel any better, 12 paid with his life for his doing, which I'm also ok with.
>> No. 20834 [Edit]

>being on his shoes, I would have done the same as 12, even at my age; call me a fool but now I do value a pure heart and romance that much.

Betraying your (literally) lifelong friend when he specifically asks you not to do it - and Five didn't look like the type who asks for favors often - is not a cool thing to do. No matter the circumstances. After all they went through, too. Screw Twelve and screw Lisa. Five forgiving them without batting an eyelid says a lot about his character, dude deserved a better friend than a piece of shit like Twelve.
>> No. 20849 [Edit]
>In actuality I would normally despise Lisa insofar as a woman at all
I thought TC liked 2D girls?
>> No. 20852 [Edit]
Yeah, that's my point: in actuality/reality I'd most likely despise Lisa for being a useless stupid woman, but in 2D all those traits become moe, etc.
>> No. 20856 [Edit]
Ah, I understand what you were saying now. Sorry I misunderstood.
>> No. 21072 [Edit]
ping pong was fucking shit imho, the only noitamina shows i liked (of what i watched) are brs and samurai flamenco. shigatsu is pretty gud so far

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