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File 141319264770.jpg - (350.09KB , 1600x1200 , Konachan_com - 30194 blush kantoku suzumiya_haruhi.jpg )
16787 No. 16787 [Edit]
How do those of you those of you with a waifu who has a canon significant other deal with it? I won't hesitate to admit I'm new to all this. But I just finished TMOHS for the second time (this time, completely in love with Haruhi) and the implied feelings that Haruhi has for Kyon that were present throughout the entire series were pretty pronounced during the last episode, and it's really fucking with me. I'm not even jealous of Kyon, it's just that it seems... wrong. Like I'm helpless. After that, I read that in the latest LN it's implied that their relationship deepens even further after they go to the same college. That fucking killed me man. I just feel terrible. Seriously, how do you guys deal with this? I feel like I'm being NTR'd.

Also, if anyone here has read the latest LN, could they elaborate further? It'd really make me feel better; all I know is that her page on the Haruhi wiki says that "the college version of Haruhi is shown to have a relatively close relationship with the future Kyon". I'm going to start the LNs tommorow but I'd be eternally grateful. I don't care about spoilers; I just need some piece of mind. I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight.
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>> No. 16788 [Edit]
I'd probably just try to ignore it.
You might find these threads relevant to your interest. I hope you feel better soon.

>> No. 16789 [Edit]
I don't feel NTR'd that much, even if she were real I'm too much of a shit person to be her significant other.
And in the latest volume, right when he leaps top the future, the way she talks to kyon is way softer than before. And just as you said, they're both in the same college.
He jumped out of the 3rd(?) floor to catch her, he went out to pick up a present for her to celebrate the day she made the SOS brigade. They stayed many days after school to help kyon study for the upcoming tests.
So yeah, they've grown quite closer, and there's not much we can do. I'm not even sure why am I responding to a fellow Haruhifag.
>> No. 16790 [Edit]
File 14132826396.jpg - (42.71KB , 252x424 , Kanako (101).jpg )
Don't really care. Maybe it irks me a little because Keitaro is a poorly written character and theres barely any reason for Kanako to like him (pretty much all harem protagonists are).
>> No. 16808 [Edit]
File 141337159512.jpg - (1.12MB , 3072x2304 , Konachan_com - 24915 bunnygirl guitar instrument s.jpg )
Thanks man.
>I don't feel NTR'd that much, even if she were real I'm too much of a shit person to be her significant other.
That sounds miserable. For me, waifuism is about being happy. Of course, it's different for everybody, but when I found her I wanted to change. I wanted (and still want, once I can get over this hump) to stop hating myself, I wanted to start lifting and generally being healthier, I wanted to get a job, etc. I want to do all these things because I want to be "worthy" of her. Rather, I want her to have what she deserves. And I feel like when I accomplish those things, I'll be much better for her than Kyon could ever be. But right now I feel like no matter how much I improve myself, that asshat will end up with her anyways just because, and I can't do anything about it, and it makes me want to die. The idea that their relationship would ever progress to the point of romance, with the type of dynamic it has, seems so ridiculously unrealistic to me and it's infuriating.

Also, thanks for elaborating on that. I'll have to (reluctantly) read it for myself, but it makes me feel better knowing what I'm getting myself into.
>> No. 16810 [Edit]
Here's my point of view for you.
I think you should separate your waifu from her canon source to some extent or another. That's one of the things that make your waifu and your relationship with her unique, as opposed to simply "having favorite character you love".
>> No. 16811 [Edit]
This idea doesn't sound too bad.
You already said yourself you're a better fit for her than he is. Imagine the LN is an alternative universe because in real life she already is with you. Your headcanon is much more realistic than the romance part of the story anyways.
Of course it still hurts seeing her like that, but take it with a grain of salt. If that doesn't help maybe imagine she's an actress and she's only doing a play.
>> No. 16816 [Edit]
I always saw the main character of an anime as a way to insert yourself into it, so I actually never thought this was a problem if they're into MC, in fact I prefer it over no romance.

But, yeah what >>16810 said. A lot of us actually have to do this, because the source material might not give enough details about them, that you have no choice but to manually give your waifu more character. So, why not just change some stuff? You're not changing who your waifu is, you're just "getting to know them" as I like to put it. When you meet someone new, you have a lot of ideas about them and you don't actually know a lot about them, but the more time you spend togther the more things you find out about them, and past misconceptions get cleared up. So basically just pretend Kyon doesn't exist.
>> No. 16819 [Edit]
Damn I remember being a huge Haruhifag, (just fanboy) when I go back and watch it I still feel like I can self-insert into Kyon better than most anime protagonists. I guess pretending that you're Kyon doesn't necessarily work but Haruhi is also a series with multiple universes. Maybe imagine you're in the Disappearance universe (Koizumi still isn't a potential love interest there) and Kyon is paired with Nagato?
>> No. 16844 [Edit]
File 141357045658.jpg - (51.86KB , 1000x709 , Round-Trip-Cover.jpg )
>That sounds miserable.
I'm not exactly an example to follow. But yeah, you might as well think as >>16819 said, Tanigawa recently (last year) released a short story set in the alternate universe of disappearance, without anyone of the cast or the original series of course.
>> No. 17071 [Edit]
I think Hisao was supposed to be self-insert, but he is different enough to consider a separate character IMO. I never really liked him that much because I don't think he really suits Hanako. Not that I'm much better, but...
>> No. 17073 [Edit]
File 141739948691.png - (237.12KB , 1920x1080 , 1358471254307.png )
I don't really feel anything. How I view it, my waifu is not the character from the show, but the idea of her. Its hard to explain but I dont feel NTR'd at all. Also, I like Hei and I feel we are similar, especially between the OVAs and the second season, that drunken bastard.
>> No. 17732 [Edit]
File 142629147161.png - (752.73KB , 1013x788 , jp2__malcolmxharding_chibis_by_blairaptor-d630ldw.png )
I deal with it by just telling myself that he dates so many women that Sarah would be history shortly after his last canon appearance. Plus they have zero chemistry together. They wouldn't last long as a couple.

Still, though, I secretly kinda hate her. Fuck Sarah Harding, man.
>> No. 17748 [Edit]
My waifu is from a harem series, so she obviously has a crush on the MC for most of it. It didn't bother me at first, then it did, then I just stopped caring because I realized that I myself had had crushes on 3DPD before I met my waifu.

I don't know exactly what advice to give you in regards to your specific issue, other than to tell you not to obsess over it. As long as there's nothing explicitly shown or implied, I don't think there's really a problem.
>> No. 17888 [Edit]
He kind of has a canon love interest, it is at least communicated that they have budding feelings towards each other before she leaves. I ship him with her and another character and to be upfront, use them as self inserts when I make my own fanart.
>> No. 17918 [Edit]
Well I really enjoy Kyousuke with Kuroneko since I share a lot of personality quirks with her but at the same time Kyousuke doesn't end up with anyone and even though he does confess his love to Kirino, I often use her as a self insert when watching the show. I haven't read the LN but the anime makes it clear they don't stick together. The only thing that bothers me is that she's mean to Kyousuke, even if its just her being a tsundere, she still treats him terribly sometimes for no reason. I hate seeing Kyousuke hurt or treated badly even if its just a momentary thing. The VN doesn't bother me at all because you choose so its not something that real, just a fan fiction of sorts.

So I guess it doesn't bother me much but mainly I hate any doujin that involves more than one girl. Kyousuke would never do that. He's far too loyal.

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