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File 13558736144.jpg - (120.75KB , 457x700 , e0ce248d2723f3bfdc8b1c503171eaefdbf28db3.jpg )
19346 No. 19346 [Edit]
Let's try to become better persons, one step at the time!

Resolutions usually have an 88 % fail rate, but supposedly, if you share your resolutions with others, the fail rate goes down drastically. And that's what I thought we could do!
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>> No. 19347 [Edit]
My resolution is to limit my masturbation to five times a week, and also to stop searching for porn on the net and make due with what I've already saved.
This is a massive time-sink for me.
>> No. 19348 [Edit]
That's what I do to deal with my loneliness, so I can't stop doing that.

There isn't anything I want to do and I won't force myself to do something because I don't get any satisfaction from that.
>> No. 19349 [Edit]
My resolution is to die. Failing that, getting better at lucid dreaming
>> No. 19350 [Edit]
File 135587510093.jpg - (441.02KB , 809x783 , 28808734_big_p0.jpg )
Spend more time away from your computer. Eat meals in the kitchen, watch more television. Get a cold or the flu and spend your time feeling too shitty to masturbate.

I had a throat infection, cold, and whooping cough for 10+ days and didn't think about masturbating at all. I just got better and now that the habit of masturbating multiple times daily and/or for hours and hours at a time, I can masturbate once every 1.5 or 2 days and it's no problem at all. I hardly ever think about it.
>> No. 19351 [Edit]
Look at less porn, learn japanese, learn how to draw, continue with the weighttlifting, get better at Touhou, learn how to lucid dream/medidate/whatever, win the next Olympics, become the presdident of America, save the world
>> No. 19352 [Edit]
travel around the world in my RV and learn a new language. I'd also like to take up base jumping in far off lands....
haha, okay really, just stop buying so many fucking figs and 'maybe' get a job.
>> No. 19353 [Edit]
Go back to school.
Benis in bagina.
>> No. 19354 [Edit]
Uhm... finishing my thesis... this time?
>> No. 19355 [Edit]
Get a proper job so that I can move out of my parent's house. Maybe consider doing a postgraduate degree if I've saved up enough money.
>> No. 19365 [Edit]
Eating meals in the kitchen, or in any dedicated dining area, is a good practice in general. It helps with portion control and combating compulsive overeating, lets you focus on and actually enjoy the food, and refreshes from the monotony of the monitor, television, or pages.
You seriously have an RV?? Do you live in it presently? I'm planning on entering a quasi-early retirement in five years or so and have long been debating between looking for a small RV or a tiny house.

My only resolution this year will be to finish the album that I've been working on. This was my primary resolution last year as well, but I finished writing (and re-writing) all of the songs, so I consider the resolution a partial success. Actually, I almost feel the resolution is a real success just because I haven't given up on it and continue to make real, measurable progress, which for me is a monumental achievement itself.
>> No. 19367 [Edit]
Get out of my house, work on my brain (recover some of my awareness, have a descent sleep schedule, work on critical thinking, get myself to stop physically shutting down when doing things I don't want to do etc), make some money, possibly go to a school. Also get enough money to get a nice desktop so I can play real games.

For me masturbating eased the pain of my sickness.
>> No. 19368 [Edit]
no, but I wouldn't mind buying one some day.
I see them around town for sale sometimes around 10k. makes me wonder if they're piles of shit, but it's cheaper than buying a house.
>> No. 19369 [Edit]
How do you define a "better" person? Someone who works 40 hours a week, a family to pass on their genes to, watches mainstream TV, has a shitbookaccount to share their information to the world, has black-and-white political views, and has "normal" hobbies?
>> No. 19371 [Edit]
why would you assume being a good person has anything to do with superficial shit like that?
>> No. 19376 [Edit]
You know exactly what it means to "better yourself".

For you, start trying not to repress your faults&failures through anger.
>> No. 19382 [Edit]
Think before you speak. Stop being nervous around people. Get back into playing go. Get back into reading. Stop doing that.

Also start trying to learn Japanese again.
>> No. 19386 [Edit]
My resolution would be to finally start building up a programming portfolio. I mean, I've been coding and making stuff since age 13, but I honestly doubt that what I've made over those years (half-done games/engines, little scripts that only I and 5 other people would find useful) would be notable to anyone.
>> No. 19394 [Edit]
But I love doing that.
>> No. 19397 [Edit]
Which event will you be competing in at the next Olympics? I don't want your resolution getting in the way of my resolution, bub.
>> No. 19398 [Edit]
Which one are you doing?
>> No. 19399 [Edit]
You first
>> No. 19402 [Edit]
Write more, get better at Japanese, get better at Russian, find a Job where my coworkers do more than talk about fucking 3D, and cook more often. Oh, and I guess get better at KoF and DDR.
>> No. 19404 [Edit]
Sorry buddy, I'll be competing at all of them
>> No. 19405 [Edit]
Learn at least 1000 Kanji by the end of 2013. I know around 150 now, and it's only been half a year.. Maybe if I can commit, I'd be able to do it. Also, develop a Kansai accent.
>> No. 19410 [Edit]
Learn to concentrate properly again, and going back to university.
>> No. 19411 [Edit]
File 135595050774.jpg - (59.05KB , 475x360 , Oaxaca.jpg )
hola, obaka-han
>> No. 19418 [Edit]

I think people who speak it are naturally comedic, and I like to make people laugh.
>> No. 19428 [Edit]
I'm sure we had one last year and I wrote that I'll do my best to kill myself.

... Yeah. Let's try to go with that one again. Not like I'll actually muster up enough courage to do it.


That, right? I know. That.
>> No. 19553 [Edit]
being able play a cover of a touhou song on the piano.
>> No. 19554 [Edit]
I'd be happy just being able to trill my R's.
>> No. 19592 [Edit]
File 13564547517.png - (40.83KB , 200x200 , homura200.png )
My resolution is to have a more positive outlook on the future. I am in college now and while I have aspirations I also have a determined mindset that they will fail.

That is a lovely image, OP.
>> No. 19605 [Edit]
Not drop out of university.
That's all.
>> No. 19616 [Edit]
>> No. 19715 [Edit]
Learn programming and start hiking (or just short daily walks).

Maybe get a job so my parents stop bothering me.
>> No. 19717 [Edit]
I want to save people.
>> No. 19718 [Edit]
From what?
>> No. 19719 [Edit]
Then let us save them.
>> No. 19720 [Edit]
But why should we save them, when they stand for nothing?
>> No. 19723 [Edit]
To stop drinking. It has turned into a real problem.

Those here that don't touch the stuff are smart.
>> No. 19735 [Edit]
>> No. 19737 [Edit]

Since I was a kid I was always influenced by heroes.I figured I would be right to go and save people.I became a voluntary firefighter just for this cause.
I don't get anything back but it is nice feeling.That is all. I hate humans from the bottom of my hear hey are all useless cogs in the system but the feeling is so good.I have yet to save someone since there aren't a lot fires that people couldn't get out of their home. Mostly I am just taking the fire out.
I know that these people don't even deserve it, but I would still continue to do it.
>> No. 19739 [Edit]
Maintain my current weight.
Maintain a normal sleep schedule.
Stop doing various compulsive things.
Learn Japanese, of course.
>> No. 19741 [Edit]
I've made so many failed resolutions in my life so far, I don't dare to make new ones. May yours become reality.
>> No. 19749 [Edit]
If you want to change, just change. Why do you need an arbitrary date to improve yourselves? Pierce the heavens, you bakas.

Thanks for the reminder. I hope you can get it under control.
>> No. 19802 [Edit]
I'm going to stop being a loser this year.
>> No. 19838 [Edit]
Me too!
I got a head start 4 days ago.
>> No. 19840 [Edit]
And you're back to browsing tc already? That didn't last long.
>> No. 19868 [Edit]
File 135726591852.jpg - (60.42KB , 708x438 , Screenshot.jpg )
I hope I can keep this up.
>> No. 19869 [Edit]
Mysterious as the dark side of the moooooooooooooooon!♪
>> No. 19871 [Edit]
I've been using memrise for, I estimate, over 5 months now. I first used it for German, since sentence structure and things like that don't really bother me, and I just wanted to understand what was written, not really speak or write fluently. In that manner it worked, I've learned around 2800 words and I can get by with just that to understand topics, but looking back on it, I think my time would have been better spent studying the way teachers force you to do. I could do that or read books, which is what I did for Portuguese since I'm already fluent in Spanish. Actually that is a good example to join them together. Reading German now feels the same as reading Portuguese as a fluent Spanish writer/speaker/reader. Maybe someone else will know how that feels and just get what I mean, I'm too lazy to explain more in depth.
Anyways, I just didn't like memrise but that could have been due to me only memorizing words as my only study point.
>> No. 19877 [Edit]
I know what you mean, I've tried to study a lot of things by myself and I always end up skipping stuff or glossing over the basics. This time I want to do it right so I've started taking classes as well. The level 1 exam is in a couple months and I plan on getting a great score.

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