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File 13860841988.jpg - (152.59KB , 768x1024 , http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale_tumblr_com%2Fimage%2F1280%.jpg )
23320 No. 23320 [Edit]
Thinking of making a farcical Social Justice tumblr page, since it's become ridiculous at this point.

So what should it be, TC? NEET SJ or 2D-complex SJ? Bitching about "income privilege" or bitching about "3D attraction privilege"? Both seem like a lot of fun.
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>> No. 23322 [Edit]
How about since people are arguing for gay marriage to be legal, they also make it legal to marry your waifu, using all the same arguments that they use
>> No. 23324 [Edit]
Do one that supports pedophiles and zoophiles.
>> No. 23325 [Edit]
why not both?
>> No. 23331 [Edit]
its like i'm really on 4chan
>> No. 23333 [Edit]
No, but your post makes me feel like that.
>> No. 23334 [Edit]
File 138614446172.png - (318.18KB , 779x1224 , 1325771232796.png )
The pedophile or zoophile one would be censored quickly.

The NEET one would probably get some flame war. It's not a bad option.

>make it legal to marry your waifu
This is the best option in my opinion since it would get all serious responses.
>> No. 23338 [Edit]
Oh look, it's Shinden again.
>> No. 23339 [Edit]

Well DUH, don't post any fucking pictures. Just talk about the subjects and only post pictures that are perfectly innocent.

Words can sometimes be way more offensive than vulgar pictures, anyway.
>> No. 23345 [Edit]
Normals will always be the same. Every single day it’s a struggle just to get by. Normie privilege is real and every time I go get some groceries or whatever I'm forced to put on a shit eating grin for those normalfuckers who think they're above me and pretend EET privilege doesn’t exist. Out there you feel like you’re in a concentration camp ran by a madman that gave you a list of things to do but they’re in korean so you don’t understand them. But you know if you don’t do SOMETHING then you be worse off so you carefully and casually try things to see if thats okay. I can't wait until the economy implodes so they all lose their fucking jobs and end up skinning each other alive like the animals they are while I watch from my window.
>> No. 23414 [Edit]
The way they talk about people which disagree with them makes me wonder if I really have become some kind of nazi.

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