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File 139278262056.png - (333.97KB , 500x664 , 1332155904049.png )
23692 No. 23692 [Edit]
Shitting fart pedophiles on a stick, Shizune is fuckin adorable.
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>> No. 23693 [Edit]
Why does she need glasses if she's deaf?
>> No. 23694 [Edit]
File 139279178926.png - (152.86KB , 400x683 , 1390635116168.png )
If Emi can run then why can't Shizune hear?
>> No. 23700 [Edit]
>> No. 23722 [Edit]
dear diary: today i saw a .png of a sad girl in snow
>> No. 23723 [Edit]

Sounds like a good day, those are always nice.
>> No. 23724 [Edit]
File 139318018533.jpg - (218.76KB , 800x600 , beautiful and intelligent girl.jpg )
Shizune's my favorite katawa by far. I don't get why people hate her so much.
>> No. 23725 [Edit]

Too competetive to the point where she comes off as cutthroat, it's no surprise people who have interest in VNs don't like that type.
>> No. 23730 [Edit]

There must be SOME demand for that character type, or they wouldn't keep showing up. I don't quite understand it myself.
>> No. 23732 [Edit]

There is. The point of having 5+ girls in VNs like this (or harem manga/anime/LNs) is to cover a wide range of preferences. It's not like nobody likes competetive girls, it's just that it's a niche archetype that is bound to get trumped by ara-ara Lillies, s-stuttering shy Hanakos, genki Emis and tons of other archerypes.
At the same type it's also an archetype that rubs lots of people the wrong way which is why you hear all the complaints.
>> No. 23734 [Edit]
Also her route was poorly written.
>> No. 23740 [Edit]

I don't think that's a major factor, she was disliked before the game even came out.

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