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File 130347883397.jpg - (357.94KB , 728x780 , jackie.jpg )
453 No. 453 [Edit]
So MangaStream dropped this too, how can a freaking Urasawa manga have so much trouble finding a translator? He just introduced the totally moe girl protagonist too.
>> No. 455 [Edit]
I thought Koizumi Kyoko from 20th Century Boys was incredibly cute.
>> No. 456 [Edit]
Only Naoki Urasawa could make a global conspiracy thriller about a cartoon bat.
>> No. 457 [Edit]
>MangaStream dropped this too

Good, now a proper group will pick it back up.
>> No. 458 [Edit]
You should be celebrating. Mangastream's translations are absolutely horrible on anything above WSJ level Japanese.
>> No. 459 [Edit]
They have pretty good editing though
>> No. 462 [Edit]
If by pretty good you mean filtered to hell and back. They're consistent, I'll give them that.
>> No. 536 [Edit]

Got picked up by Muda.
>> No. 685 [Edit]

>Only Naoki Urasawa could make a global conspiracy thriller about a cartoon bat.

Murakami wrote a global conspiracy thriller about a sheep (A Wild Sheep Chase). Apparently chasing a sheep with a power to revolutionize the world all over Hokkaido is business as usual, though.

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