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File 143640859112.jpg - (343.53KB , 1307x1200 , 366076effabf7117ef4ec7901c993c42dead5217.jpg )
18482 No. 18482 [Edit]
Has anyone else experienced this? Having a brief crush on someone who isn't your waifu, while with your waifu. I got over her in about a week and a half, and now my relationship with my waifu feels stronger than ever, but I can't help but feel really weird about what happened.

Pic related.
>> No. 18485 [Edit]
Infatuation happens. I don't pay it any mind any more, or I try not to anyway.
>> No. 18489 [Edit]
I had a crush for a few months a while ago (about a year into my relationship with my husbando it started) that turned into a friends with benefits type relationship. My husbando and I aren't really compatible sexually and I have a lot of trouble in the bedroom, but this other guy was pretty dominant and helped me let loose a little. I guess in the end it helped my husbando and I grow closer sexually but I still don't really feel great about it. It caused a couple fights but we're okay now and the other guy is out of the picture.

I'm sure that wasn't really the answer you were looking for but as >>18485 said, infatuation happens and sometimes for reasons you can't really explain. Do you think there's some aspect in your relationship that is lacking and you are subconsciously searching for someone else to fill that desire?
>> No. 18497 [Edit]
Nope, I think other characters are cute/attractive/whatever, but they're just characters while my waifu is something completely different to me.
>> No. 18499 [Edit]
Yeah, I'm trying to not let it bother me. I know that I love my waifu much more than I ever did this other girl.

Sexual compatibility isn't really something that I take into account. I don't really understand sexuality very well, honestly... As for your other point, I saw your comment a while ago and got to thinking about it. I can't pinpoint anything missing from my relationship with my waifu. I guess I just happened to notice another girl who happened to be much my type.

The feelings I had for this other girl weren't quite the same as what I have for my waifu. Well, they were similar in nature I guess, but not as strong. Either way, it was different, but not different enough to where it didn't bother me.
>> No. 18502 [Edit]
I don't really understand sexuality either but I don't want to push my asexuality off on him. He's not particularly interested in sex but I would think it would be something he would want every now and then so I would like to be able to do those things with him if he so desires.

But are there qualities in this other girl that remind you of your waifu? You mentioned she was your type but were there other things like general personality traits and such that were similar? Maybe that's it?
>> No. 18503 [Edit]
I don't think she would mind my asexuality. She's not super into sex herself, and I'm not sex-repulsed or anything so (assuming it were applicable) I wouldn't mind having sex every so often.

>But are there qualities in this other girl that remind you of your waifu?
She's not super different from my waifu, but at the same time she's not super similar either. She does remind me of a much more awesome, more mature version of an ex-waifu though.

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