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File 133350856823.png - (58.22KB , 526x215 , logo.png )
6444 No. 6444 [Edit]

>The cost of the game is still undecided, but it's likely there will be a monthly fee for joining the Multiverse as we are going to emulate all computers and physics even when players aren't logged in.

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>> No. 6445 [Edit]
Why would you want to emulate the physics when no one is even there.
>> No. 6446 [Edit]
I really hope pumping his money into a stupid space game and a stupid card game ruins notch.
>> No. 6447 [Edit]
>> No. 6448 [Edit]
Yeah. A space minecraft-style game doesn't sound too bad in theory (Starbound looks cool), but a monthly fee seems totally unnecessary and that card game basically exists solely to give him money
>> No. 6449 [Edit]
>> No. 6452 [Edit]
what happened to that other game he started
or minecraft
>> No. 6454 [Edit]

He quit Minecraft, and let the redhead guy take over.
>> No. 6455 [Edit]
The feature list is funny because most of the things he promised for minecraft never happened, or happened in a ridiculously limited way (villagers that do nothing)
>> No. 6456 [Edit]
Notch has proven himself as a top tier troll, he promised a shitton of things in Minecrft and never really delievered. Let's see how many people will fall for it again.
>> No. 6457 [Edit]
That's not being a troll, it's being a lazy lying asshole who doesn't give a shit about anything but money.
>> No. 6458 [Edit]
to be fair I think he cared at first, back when minecraft would get at least one update a week, but once he got rich he stopped caring. Maybe it's a good thing seeing as his code is apparently a huge mess
>> No. 6479 [Edit]
File 133376270377.jpg - (35.90KB , 549x254 , no textures.jpg )
>> No. 6480 [Edit]
Sounds like an interesting idea, really.
>> No. 6481 [Edit]
File 133376383281.jpg - (29.08KB , 1536x864 , dP3M5.jpg )
heres a screenshot
>> No. 6482 [Edit]
>> No. 6483 [Edit]
Does Notch have some problem with lights now?
>> No. 6484 [Edit]
File 133376549165.jpg - (111.77KB , 1856x970 , XIXc4.jpg )
another one
>> No. 6485 [Edit]
No wonder the other one was so dark, that shit is ugly.
>> No. 6487 [Edit]
The instruction set he made for the 16bit cpu is damn ugly
>> No. 6490 [Edit]
This game looks retarded. Asking for a monthly fee too?
>> No. 6491 [Edit]
I think he put a little computer in the game because he saw the youtubes of people building graphing calculators and things in minecraft, and didn't realize people built those things for the challenge and not because they actually needed an in-game calculator. In other words Notch is stupid
>> No. 6492 [Edit]
Have you actually read the game proposal? It's aimed to be just as autistic-friendly as Minecraft. Only you'll be hauling bytes around registers in a sci-fi setting to manage a spaceship(or make shitty games/applications), instead of blocks around a blocky world in a bland setting to build houses(or giant cocks/computers).

Not that I like Notch, but he's not stupid in any way. He's a very smart asshole.
>> No. 6493 [Edit]
its not even a "sci fi setting" its a bunch of textureless cubes in a room with a shitty programming language
>> No. 6494 [Edit]
That's what the distant future will look like
>> No. 6497 [Edit]
I love how the guy is trying to pass off a product of his own laziness as some sort of edgy and unique style.
>> No. 6498 [Edit]
It's like he's trying to be as pretentious as possible now.
>> No. 6499 [Edit]
who needs textures when you have dark floating orbs
>> No. 6500 [Edit]
I don't think anything could be more pretentious than that weird poem after you "beat" minecraft
>> No. 6502 [Edit]
Eclipse? Really?
>> No. 6511 [Edit]
File 133408805067.png - (319.33KB , 1536x864 , 7LPvP.png )
>> No. 6512 [Edit]
>> No. 6513 [Edit]
"Playstation era FMV cutscene" is a pretty odd art style to go with, most indie devs just go with SNES graphics
>> No. 7436 [Edit]
a new video has surfaced. it's, uh
>> No. 7437 [Edit]
why does anyone still care about this? This game is obviously shit and Notch is obviously a fraud who only got lucky with minecraft.
>> No. 7438 [Edit]
I "care" about it for exactly that reason. I think it's funny.

I think 90% of my videogame "care" stems just from laughing at how stupid things are

Post edited on 5th Oct 2012, 12:33pm
>> No. 7440 [Edit]
I thought it was fun for like 2 weeks and I got some enjoyment out of dicking around on multiplayer servers after that, but yeah minecraft is way overrated. There are mods like tekkit that add a bunch of stuff but I don't think that would be enough to make me care about minecraft again.
>> No. 7442 [Edit]
I find Minecraft to be a game you can only play in small doses, while occasionally starting a project you can get real into for a while before it becomes boring again.

This 0x10c game just looks like shit, though.
>> No. 7448 [Edit]
another video

it actually looks a lot more interesting but I'm not sure why a TF2 soldier is there
>> No. 7449 [Edit]
also I like how at the end he goes under that bridge, presumably to show off the shadows he's so proud of for some reason, but then can't jump out. He should probably rehearse these
>> No. 7450 [Edit]
So much for no textures.
>> No. 7616 [Edit]
File 135379839993.jpg - (210.68KB , 1476x740 , akByX_jpeg.jpg )
This game's actually shaping up to not look that bad. It's more pleasing to look at than minecraft, anyway

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