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File 133266388116.jpg - (245.60KB , 1263x726 , Waifu_1.jpg )
8875 No. 8875 [Edit]
Soup /mai/. I just put the finishing touches on an essay about waifuism and my experiences with my waifu.

I'd like to post it here, if you don't mind, so you can read my musings and perhaps critique me.

writing for our waifus thread?
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>> No. 8876 [Edit]
File 133266400995.jpg - (252.66KB , 1260x731 , Waifu_2.jpg )
>> No. 8877 [Edit]
File 133266403155.jpg - (135.93KB , 1264x722 , Waifu_3.jpg )
>> No. 8879 [Edit]
I've tried to write my thoughts about 'waifuism' many times but in my opinion I always end up being too subjective and reader will probably think my view is only right view. I don't want anyone to think like that.

Second problem, what I find in your essay too is comparing waifu to real life relationships and disapproving them. It might be true that for normals it is impossible to understand 'waifuism', but mocking real life relationships isn't helping. It makes reader feel how people who have waifu are bitter women hater just because they got rejected. None of us wants readers to think like that. When writing waifu essays there, essay should be very objective.
>> No. 8885 [Edit]
>I don't think a lot of other husbandos think this way, that their waifu thrives somewhere outside the realm of man. I think I am effectively alone in this school of thought.
Mostly everyone I have spoken to who has a waifu believes there's a world/universe/giant-table-cloth out there where their waifu resides, who loves them back equally if not more than they love their waifu. Still, that's just who I've spoken to.

As 8879 said, you seem to try and convey that waifus are better than 3Ds. While I myself have disregarded pretty much all "3D waifu" material (mostly because I've never had a good relationship with one, neither have my friends, and I'm fairly content with my 2D), I don't think it's the best idea to start shitting all over someone else's beliefs. If you were trying to perhaps enlighten a few people who "don't understand" waifuism, it's probably best to say why 2D is so good, and a competitor for 3D, not why 3D is a big waste of time and that 2D is the only way love should exist because you said so. Take the "A Discourse On and Defense of the Waifu Movement" you mentioned - it never once (assuming I'm remembering correctly) outright claims that 2D is better than 3D, and that's partly what makes it so convincing. It never says 3D is PD, but rather, it points out near-facts as to why there is nothing wrong with 2D, and lets the reader take what they want from it, and build their own opinion because of the seemingly-unbiased opinion they've read.

Still, you did say, "my experiences with my waifu", so I suppose I'm just nitpicking. Either way, I'm glad I read it.
>> No. 8895 [Edit]
>it's probably best to say why 2D is so good, and a competitor for 3D, not why 3D is a big waste of time and that 2D is the only way love should exist
But it's the truth... this is /tc/.
>> No. 8898 [Edit]
I prefer to call them wives. Or perhaps pretend wives. Since its mostly about roleplaying and imagination etc. IMHO the term "Waifu" just sounds kiddish and silly to me.
>> No. 8900 [Edit]
I agree. Well, I sort of call her "my lady". Or maybe "my ideal" would be more suitable, since I know she can never exist.

This is especially fitting, since going by this definition, people have had them throughout all history. Dante, by his account, only met Beatrice twice, one when they were children and once later. Yet he held an ideal image of her that he loved which, being realistic, was almost definitely pretty far removed from the "reality" of Beatrice herself.

So see, we're in good company.
>> No. 8907 [Edit]
I use the term "Rainbow girl" (or boy depending the case) to refer myself to the concept of 2D lover and the characters that are that ones. Why I use that term goes without saying. It's simple, has a meaning and a reason, sounds better than "waifu", diferentiates better between the two definitions of "husbando" and it's poetic.
To my one loved by me I mentally use "My beloved one" or some variation like that.
>> No. 8908 [Edit]
That's a nice idea.
>> No. 8917 [Edit]

Or we could just address them by the name.

However, I personally do refer to her as either "my beloved". Or "my waifu", because I am afraid that if we discourage the use of it, the savages might use it against us.
>> No. 8921 [Edit]
Wow, man. That was really quite beautiful. You put it into a way that clicked with me.

>I don't think a lot of other husbandos think this way, that their waifu thrives somewhere outside the realm of man. I think I am effectively alone in this school of thought.
That's exactly what I think, actually. I was worried that I was in the minority with this bit of insanity. I probably still am, but it's nice to know I'm not alone.

Thank your for taking the time to write this. It inspired me, in a way. Helped me get out of the rut I was in. I just needed to get back to the basics of loving something, rather than pondering the meaning behind it.
>> No. 8922 [Edit]
Well I've tried to write short 'essay' what waifu presents for me. This is just my subjective view of waifu and definitely not the only and right view. There might be few spelling and grammar mistakes because this is still incomplete.

As a man I’ve always felt need to have a female companionship. Ever since I was watching Disney cartoons, I’ve been dreaming about similar love like those romantic stories told me, stories which end “Happily ever after”. Soon I realized reality is something very different from those stories. I felt really disillusioned by human relationships. “Why can’t love and relationships be as beautiful as they are in stories?” I asked. I already knew the answer but I didn’t want to admit it, “That’s why they are stories, because they aren’t reality”. It took me really time to accept that when I was seeking perfection from swarm of imperfections. Of course it is not fault of others. People are born to be selfish and ideal of love is just something created humans’ imagination. In reality love between humans is just full of disappointments. I came to conclusion that human relationship isn’t what I want. I thought I rather am alone than in relationship that doesn’t offer me anything but disappointments.

This is where waifu came in my life. For me waifu was something new. Something I’ve never thought about. After reading the most famous waifu essay, I felt enlightened about the concept. Before that I was rejecting concept of loving something unreal. After that idea of loving imaginary person felt kind logical because my ideal of love has been created humans’ imagination. For me love wasn’t love in first sight. I just found female who was very appealing for me; she was something I’ve never met before and I felt strong attraction towards her. I felt maybe this could be something what I seek. During time my feelings for her kept growing and she became even more and more important thing in my life. She fulfilled my need of the female companionship I’ve always had. Her presence has positive influence in my life and I think I couldn’t be happier. Of course there will always be things that could be better. She is 2D but for me advantages outweigh disadvantages by miles. Love isn’t fully ideal but I am quite sure she will still make me happy for very long time. I think in realistic view she is the closest thing about ideal of love I want. Well I am not even sure what it means to love someone because my current feelings made question all my previous “love experiences”. As long I feel I am progressing making myself happy, I don’t have any reason to feel I am doing something wrong.
>> No. 8923 [Edit]
A very enjoyable read if you ask me.
ecspecially the last part reminded me of a though that struck me the other day as i happened to run into a former classmate.
There was the usual chit-chat with those well known smalltalkish questions. I noticed something that really began to bother me, he asked "Do you have a girlfriend right now?" in the exact same tone of voice and manner he did when he asked me about my drivers license and the cellphone i use.
It may not apply to all 3d´s out there but he superior number of them, a relationship doesn´t have anything to do with love or even sympathies, it is just another status-symbol for them to show off. Like you wrote it, it is connected to money, if you have money you have the girl and the other way around. Its the only thing they think of, showing off their pseudo wealth.
Those people out there are seriously hopeless.

Post edited on 31st Mar 2012, 5:24am
>> No. 8925 [Edit]
Your essay--which is very nice, by the way--reminded me of this one guy who went around the Internet posting long, eloquent pieces about his love for his waifu, Kagami. Pretty admirable man. Shame his images are all gone.
>> No. 8926 [Edit]
Status symbol? I'd look at it another way. Everyone is conditioned by society to believe that certain things such as having a significant other are normal. Make no mistake this includes most of us here, the difference being we choose to approach the issue from an alternative perspective. In my opinion it's quite likely that, yes, there's a good portion of people out there genuinely interested in romance, but another sizeable chunk get involved in relationships, get married, have children, etc., because it's what you're "supposed to do" and they feel they'd be ostracized by their peers otherwise. I dunno if I understand a significant other being referred to as a "status symbol" unless they aggrandize their partner in some way, maybe more attractive or wealthier...otherwise what is there to show off? Intelligence, perhaps? Desirable for sure but not really a trait in a partner that would make someone feel self-important. It seems to me most people end up dating someone on their own level of attractiveness and social standing, so there's usually no prestige boost from it anyway. In general though, the societal pressure to be in a relationship is ridiculous. How many people do you know who would view a 50-year old, never married man as normal? Regardless of his actual circumstances. I think the automatic assumption is flawed, not everyone needs nor wants a traditional relationship...and I'm glad to see more and more people in mainstream gradually acknowledging this.

To OP, thank you for the essay. It was a pleasant read and I always like to hear other people's opinions on this subject. Cute picture too. Personally, I don't have a waifu (or whatever you choose to call them) and it is something I've been struggling with on and off for a while. I'm totally open to the idea, and actually sort of had one for a while, but I eventually realized my heart was not in the right place when it came to that particular person. The approach to this situation is definitely not something a person should undertake lightly, I believe. Another thing I fear is whether I'm even capable of properly loving someone. Aside from what we could call moderate passion, I've never really felt strong emotions for somebody, most likely not love. Although I'm sure this is something spontaneous that begins to grow when the circumstances are right and the person is right, I've yet to experience it. I'm still hopeful it will work out for me in the future.

Post edited on 2nd Apr 2012, 5:20am
>> No. 8928 [Edit]
File 133340341441.png - (1.80MB , 1794x1430 , bad news.png )
>writing for our waifus?

Challenge accepted. Pic related.

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