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File 142376728766.jpg - (245.59KB , 1146x753 , kakuhido-e1423515258804.jpg )
26274 No. 26274 [Edit]

“The blood-soaked conspiracy of Valentine’s Day,
driven by the oppressive chocolate capitalists,
has arrived once again.”

>> No. 26277 [Edit]
Japan never ceases to amuse me.

Maybe they're right though; romantic struggle is class struggle? The very things that make someone attractive would scale with their wealth, even if their finances were not a direct factor.

But what about waifuists? Where do they fit into this, participating in the holiday in their own way.
>> No. 26279 [Edit]
>after being dumped by his 3DPD and began reading the Communist Manifesto.
Hahaha, so he read one book, took up the ideology and made it fit his own situation. There's no way that isn't both ridiculous and hilarious. He sounds like such a loser that I can't help but like him a bit.

>At previous events, leaders of the group have yelled slogans such as “I hope all riyajuus explode! But we’re still a little jealous!” while wearing shirts that say, roughly, “sex is useless.”
>“riyajuu” (リア充), a neologism frequently used in online communities such as 2chan to refer to those who experience fulfillment in their offline lives (riyajuu is a portmanteau that combines “real” with “jyuujitsu”, the Japanese word for fulfillment).
If it wasn't because of the whole marxism thing, I'd think they were great.
>> No. 26280 [Edit]
I didn't know 3DPD gets changed to 3DPD. That's great!
>> No. 26283 [Edit]
>Japan never ceases to amuse me
it isnt "Japan" as a whole; its a group of like 20 people. you could find the same 20 losers in any country, just need one person to organize them and make a banner.
>> No. 26287 [Edit]
This is so dumb
>> No. 26288 [Edit]
>> No. 26291 [Edit]
You seem to be unable to comprehend that the 'Communist Manifesto' has agreeable points, or that Japan actually doesn't like capitalism that much as a nation. You should know that they executed a bunch of Christians one time because Christians, being from the West, were bringing in capitalism to Japan, which undermined their core values.

And as a nation that St. Valentine has no relevance, Valentine's Day would, in fact, be nothing but a capitalist agenda.
>> No. 26297 [Edit]
St. Valentine barely has relevance anywhere. Even in the west it's just a bunch of bullshit meant to guilt you into buying things. That being said, these guys are more than a little extreme about it.
>> No. 26300 [Edit]
I can't even fathom caring about something like that. Just goes to show that some guys are extremely bitter about sex and all that. They need to mellow out.
>> No. 26301 [Edit]
>You seem to be unable to comprehend that the 'Communist Manifesto' has agreeable points

I wrote "one book" because I don't think he has explored what else could be the reason for his break-up, and because if he had picked up another, he'd have made that one fit as well/instead. It's just like the first time I read anything related tp existentialism. About my other comment, I don't like it when people publicly and one-sided criticize something by standing in a group and yelling about it be it marxism, capitalism, abortion, ethnic groups, sexuality etc.

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