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File 142187487165.jpg - (151.44KB , 1440x810 , image.jpg )
26012 No. 26012 [Edit]
4chan is dead. moot is quitting. I know many of you don't care, but I just thought you should know since our roots are there.
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>> No. 26014 [Edit]
Would be fun if I could be the new admin
>> No. 26017 [Edit]
I wouldn't call it dead just yet.

I can't imagine Moot leaving having much of an impact in the long run. Pretty sure the site is self sufficient enough to last for a good long while, at least until he actually closes it down anyway. Aside from paying the bills and randomly trolling boards, what did he do to keep the gears in motion? Nothing that's what, it's the community that keeps the site running. moot isn't single highhandedly posting ten times a second on the site it's the community doing that. His leaving wont change anything.
>> No. 26018 [Edit]
Before he left he set out new rules for mods.


>Prior to starting the Moderation Duties, you must provide 4chan with a copy of a government-issued identification document (e.g. a passport or driver’s license) in a form reasonably acceptable to 4chan.

Depends on who takes over.
>> No. 26019 [Edit]
whats the worst a new admin can do?
>> No. 26020 [Edit]

It's emotional, not rational. I actually cried today. It's very pathetic to say but without 4chan and the internet I would not be who I am today.
>> No. 26021 [Edit]
I agree, i'm relatively young, i started browsing 4chan when i was 12 when i got pulled out of pubic school to be home schooled by a single mom that was always at work.
I just browsed 4chan all day every day and without it i definitely wouldn't be what i am now.
I'm 20 now and have spent a really good part of my life on imageboards, i don't know what i would be like without them
>> No. 26022 [Edit]
I'm extremely sad and affected by this, and I can't tell exactly why.
>> No. 26023 [Edit]
The guy stopped having a hand in the site years ago. He left long ago, it's only now that he's doing it officially for whatever reason.
>> No. 26024 [Edit]
Good riddance man.

That place is full of sociopaths, assholes, and normalfags. It was always that way and just got worse as the years went on.

The time I spent there is one of the great regrets of my life.

I made the mistake of telling my story there one time and not only did I get laughed at, but was told to kill myself and was offered tips on how to do it.

People there are sick and just get off on trolling, posting gore or CP because somehow it is funny to them.
>> No. 26025 [Edit]
Doesn't affect me much. The old moot left long ago and has been a shell for a long time now.
>> No. 26026 [Edit]
4shit has been dead for a long time. It lost all value once the text boards were shut down.
>> No. 26028 [Edit]
Yeah, I saw. Couldn't care less, really. I only frequent some threads on /jp/ and they have been disregarded by moot for ages. This is my home anyway. 4chan could just crash tomorrow and... meh. Life is far more than that.
>> No. 26029 [Edit]
Who cares. 4chan is nothing but porn and trolls. I hope it is destroyed and is finally put to rest after years of suffering since chanology.
>> No. 26030 [Edit]

>The time I spent there is one of the great regrets of my life.


I couldn't care less and I sincerly doubt it will affect 4chan in any way or form. It can't really get worse anyway.
>> No. 26031 [Edit]
The age of elves is over. It's time for the age of men. Those who haven't yet sailed west will die in the wars of the men.
>> No. 26032 [Edit]
I can't give half a shit. Yeah I spent a few years of my childhood there, but I haven't been there in years. I'd be equally disappointed if my local Chuck-E-Cheeze's closed down.
>> No. 26033 [Edit]
Even if the site were to go down, I wouldn't mind much, I only ever visit on special occasions, though I do enjoy the time I spend there.
>> No. 26034 [Edit]
File 142195160751.jpg - (9.71KB , 238x238 , 1417974328073s.jpg )
I don't regret my time there. It was entertaining and what i wanted to do at the time so it's ok.

The community seemed to take cynicism to a whole new level and the callousness of their opinions and reasoning would often make me step back and think about things.

To sum it up - "Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company."
>> No. 26035 [Edit]
Pretty much this. I've only really been on one general on one board for the last 4 years or so and it's been in chaos for almost 2 years due to poor moderation and idiots in general flooding in and scaring the nice people away to hugboxes.
>> No. 26036 [Edit]
I remember that picture and meme.
>> No. 26037 [Edit]
I don't think its dying any time soon.
>> No. 26054 [Edit]
File 14220611315.png - (204.92KB , 2543x1438 , ss (2015-01-21 at 06_38_27).png )
Been using 4chan for almost a decade now so I'm a bit sad with moot leaving. Though, like people have already said in this thread his leaving won't make a difference. Although in his Q&A he did say he was going to leave 4chan to some other people, so maybe it could change.

It's here if you want to listen: http://youtu.be/XYUKJBZuUig

He put in alot of effort to give us imageboard culture and I'm thankful for that.
>> No. 26056 [Edit]
File 14220787002.png - (32.66KB , 255x595 , 1422074565817.png )
The spirit of 4chan is lost on you, at least the "old" spirit of 4chan circa 2005-2007. It's this edgy humor that's not to be taken seriously at all. It's making original content, it's having fun at the expense of others, a good word for it is "schadenfreude". But like moot said, 4chan has changed a lot since that time. People now take the edgy humor at face value, they really think everyone is a jew and they must exterminate all niggers. People really think moot is a SJW when really he doesn't care about that shite at all, he just doesn't want to get into trouble. That's the new 4chan.

I spent a good 7-8 years on that website, it was my home and I'm sad to see moot go but like him I outgrew some of my earlier hobbies. You start to get weary, having other things on your mind. It's a natural part of getting older. I don't even watch anime that religiously anymore, I take my time to watch old stuff I missed once or twice a month. You only have so much patience for doing the same thing (speaking as NEET with nothing else to do) for so many years. Sitting at your computer for hours on end and having to deal with "le meme culture xD" by 14 year old kids every day gets really tiring.

I'm glad for all the laughs and joys moot provided me over the years. It's because of him that I know about Tohno-chan and met great people in the IRC, that I would even maybe call friends. I will continue to browse both websites, I still enjoy /a/ and /jp/.
>> No. 26058 [Edit]
I would've been a better person without it. It's mind poison.
>> No. 26061 [Edit]
4chan taught me a lot and was one of the most influential things in my life.
It's also probably one of the main reasons I'm such a loser at life but I don't know if I would like a "not addicted to the internet" me, I feel like I would've been dumber and pathetic if not for the internet.
I never really had any friends, in elementary school I was constantly moving places and in middle I became too different from the average middleschooler. Didn't like playing sports, wasn't very good at conversation and I didn't really find stupid jokes funny so I ended up being all alone. It's been like that ever since.
Without the internet and 4chan I would likely have 0 social interaction and no forms of entertainment.
Well maybe I would've actually studied if I wasn't internet addicted but I'm sure I'd have also become really depressed and started doing dumb stuff.
But even then I don't care if moot is leaving, both userbase and administration were going to shit the last years. The only good thing moot recently did was introducing webm to imageboards, which was taken by other chans and used better.
Even to posts about serious issues of the site, all moot did was reply with whatever shitty /s4s/ meme was popular that month.
And he nuked the politics / current events board for the umpteenth time, making one of the most important boards in very site completely shitposts for a whole month and changing it forever. Who knows, maybe he wanted to drive away the userbase and make them go to a better site.
After all this, seeing 9000+ goodbye card threads while moot is introducing how 4chan works to some NSA agent is kinda embarrassing.
>> No. 26063 [Edit]
4chan didn't introduce webm, a few other imageboards were already using them, and a bunch of anons asked for the feature.
The problem is that moot disabled sound and turned them into a replacement for gifs, and now there's a lot of freaking soundless webm all over the internet for that reason.
>> No. 26071 [Edit]
I watched about ten minutes ofthe stream and moot did admit to driving off the userbase of /pol/.
>> No. 26112 [Edit]
The same userbase is still there though, the only people who left/got bored were the /v/ kids that game during the zimmerman trial to make garbage shitposts like skeleton lawyer man. Honestly I didnt even watch the trial because the people in those threads were so annoying.
>> No. 26114 [Edit]
The userbase probably didn't leave because they have nowhere else to go.
>> No. 26115 [Edit]
You really think the userbase didn't change after a whole month of the board being 100% shitposts? It's not even entirely gone, I guess the only mod that cared about the board left after the nuke and >>26018
/pol/ is in the worst state it has ever been, it's become almost as bad as /a/ where you can find at most 3 decent threads out of 150.

Anyone that wanted to have at least some semi-serious discussion moved to 8chan.
It's a pretty well done site, that combined with the smart move of waiting for the right time to advertise and it became the 2nd most popular imageboard on the internet.
You can really see the effectiveness of having a jew as your manager.
>> No. 26116 [Edit]
It's a really weird feeling, I spent most of my teenage years on 4chan and in the last few months I wanted to go back but it just wasn't the same and then the gamergate thing went down, now this. But Tumblr's community is really suffocating me and I miss anonymity.

I'm trying out 8chan, though most of the boards I like are pretty dead. I remembered this place too and was rather happy, as it's a nice board.
>> No. 26117 [Edit]
I hope it never dies, for that might increase the chances of them finding this board. I've had enough of people trying to be funny. Tohno-chan is my favorite. It's great that a board like /so/ and even this one can exist without being derailed or abused. Having serious discussions is greatly underrated. Seriously, is it just me or 4chan reeks of young adult spirit? And Kurt Cobain thought teenagers were bad, the worst part comes after that. But I digress.

Thanks for making Tohno-chan what it is and has been, guys. Don't lose your way.

Post edited on 30th Jan 2015, 1:42pm
>> No. 26118 [Edit]
He's absolving himself of the role to avoid certain forms of liability that come with the position. It's a direct reaction to recent (frivolous) litigation that befell the site and is reflected in binding staff positions to public identities. 4chan is a humongous lawsuit magnet begging to be SLAPPed out of existence - its meager financial returns are insufficient to justify the active legal threats its proprietor must be capable of responding to. It's unlikely that moot cares enough about/remains blinded by the civil liberties the site represents to act as its martyr.
>> No. 26120 [Edit]
4chan's existence or lack thereof will have no impact on this site as most people will just forget about *chan sites without 4chan there to remind them of it.

Westerners have already moved on to Reddit, Tumbler, and such other sites that 4chan's infamous name has started to slowly but surely fade away.

>> No. 26121 [Edit]
If 4chan goes down, people will just move to 8chan. That seems to be what's hip and cool now.
>> No. 26122 [Edit]
4chan and imageboards in general are more popular now than ever, especially after gamergate and all that stuff /pol/ did
You regularly see internet "journalists" writing articles on it or retards from the sites you mentioned talking about it
This will definitely impact tohno's userbase, when 4chan gets bought and they start making changes to it, people will start posting threads about where to go next and that will lead to way more idiots mentioning tohno on /a/, /r9k/ or whatever shit
That is assuming those changes are for the worse but they will probably be
Just check out the archive, it's already slowly starting

Post edited on 31st Jan 2015, 10:52am
>> No. 26123 [Edit]
imageboards are serious business?
>> No. 26124 [Edit]
>> No. 26125 [Edit]

They're even on textboards. At least, the textboard I visit the most. You can go to SAoVQ and find the exact point where they all came in; someone arguing that "feminazis" are posting there, telling people to go back to Tumblr, and several idiots like dubs-guy and "Mittens" trying to create identities for themselves. It's fucking gross.
>> No. 26127 [Edit]
perhaps. There is a time and place, and whether this is the time or the place is up to debate.

But is it a business?
Does Tohno write off the /tc/ related domain and bandwidth costs as losses for tax write off purposes? What about the plane and lodging prices for the yearly /tc/ meetup convention, or for mansion scouting?
If so, it's clearly a business. If not, Tohno needs to take some financial management courses and start up Minami Tohno, LLC and start taking advantage of the current tax laws.
>> No. 26129 [Edit]
Make Waifuism a religion, get tax free status
>> No. 26130 [Edit]
We've certainly tossed that idea around more than once.
>> No. 26136 [Edit]
File 142292875591.png - (29.96KB , 877x521 , 2015-02-02-205758_877x521_scrot.png )
>4chan's infamous name has started to slowly but surely fade away.

Not quite.
>> No. 26140 [Edit]
You know, I know that not much will change on 4chan, at least immediately, but it's the symbolism of it all. Moot is 4chan. Without him at the top it just don't feel right, you know?
>> No. 26143 [Edit]
wow, were you the dial soap guy?
you bumped a thread i started in 2007, thanks
>> No. 26145 [Edit]
File 142300539614.jpg - (23.02KB , 230x296 , 1395188415949.jpg )

moot has changed. he's no longer the m❤❤t he once was. He stopped watching anime, he can no longer remember Asuka's last name, and he even gave up lifting. Him becoming together alone with Snacks on /r9k/ almost like old times, only both of them posting anonymously and nobody the wiser is really the brightest future there is for him.

The only sad part of him leaving is that there will be no jewish mother's bank account to keep the site afloat when jlist goes under and captcha becomes non-painful to the point where passes have no value other than not-donations and the server bills come due.
>> No. 26147 [Edit]
4chan is worth dozens of millions, it will be bought by some rich kike that will be able to pay 100 server bills at once.
>> No. 26151 [Edit]
File 142303791772.png - (229.43KB , 600x800 , I don;t know.png )
I think that 4chan suffered from an "Eternal September" from 2007 onwards, and an inability to best accommodate the desires of new users, but it has really improved upon this in the last few years.

With the exclusion of /b/, perhaps /v/, and some porn boards, 4chan's boards serve as some of the most convenient mediums for various interests which did not merit their own website, either for lack of relevancy and community outside of a certain demographic, or for reasons involving censorship, infighting, or appealing to the common denominator in the communities outside of 4chan.

By forcing transience through inevitable deletion and lax moderation, 4chan served as a place where one could speak their mind without triggering a paper trail. Alos, imageboards remain one of the few places where the weight of one's words is displayed without bias, unlike Reddit's upvote system, a forum's manipulation of board software and the categorization of users, or the heavily abstract, nuanced, and arbitrary Social Media platforms.

4chan is no French salon, though, and in order to compete with the attention span of the average poster/lurker, people needed a way to construct a safe set of assumptions about the topic in which they were engaging, without being wordy or repetitive.

So developed board culture, where certain phrases and names attached with them a colloquial meaning which was much deeper and nuanced than they appear to be at face-value. For instance, that one can declare a topic, an alliance, a certain personal taste, a set of preloaded arguments against naysayers, and the forum for debate with a phrase like "Homura did nothing wrong" is a pretty powerful compression of the English language.

However, it is also very esoteric. And so you get users who are attracted to the site for various reasons, but who do not fit in, and who do not practice "lurking more" for whatever reason.

How is the site, which has no barriers on participation, supposed to preserve a stable medium of conversation?

One method is the creation of sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica to preserve the colloquialisms, generalize them as memetic lingo, or "memes," qualify and quantify them, and present the culture of 4chan in a nutshell. It is widely despised, and I feel the hate is deserved, because it nullifies the experience which led to the creation of these very particular phrases.

By declaring a particularism to be a meme, and then attempting to prescribe its use to the wider society, it is then accepted and parroted, bound to a rigid, written context. In essence, to declare and define something as memetic, will inevitably lead to it being memetic. And Encyclopedia Dramatica fine-tuned this process to an art.

[Another method is open hostility towards those who do not conform. By berating, calling out, ignoring, etc. those who do not conform, you establish to the poster directly that they are not properly embodying the assumptions with which the accuser has become acquainted. This is still commonly done, but its effectiveness varies.

For one, a mischievous user can easily play this animosity to his own benefit, and aggravate board discussion by triggering the passion of other posters for their own benefit. Secondly, it is easy for one to disregard the complaints of other users, until an objective, direct consequence results from their nonconformity. Third, the entire process is entirely subjective, and their may not be a relatively certain validity between the ideals of both posters. /pol/ and /v/ are the prime examples of these consequences.

Yet another method is a more active involvement of moderation in preserving post quality or board culture. I disagree with this vehemently. While minimum moderation keeps spam away, request at bay, and CP removed without delay, placing cultural authority into the hands of the few limits freedom of expression and opens the way for greater abuses in moderation. IIRC, this occurring on /jp/ helped to jump-start the creation of Tohno-chan.

Any of the many imageboards which practice this ideology have less potential for growth, as the culture of the board becomes the culture of a few, all-too-human individuals, whose personal misinterpretations and faults become one of the entire board.

The best method, IMHO, and one which seems to work alright, is the division and compartmentalization of over-populated and over-generalized boards into its largest constituencies. By creating a so-called "containment board," those within receive a space in which to discuss their interests and produce a new culture for their own, and those on the outside are relieved of their overbearing presence. They can be universal alleviating, like /mlp/, /pol/, or /r9k/ for the whole of 4chan, or exclusively so, like /vr/ and /vg/ for /v/.

Either way, they tend to work. Ponies are only rarely seen outside of /mlp/, political crossposting is less frequent than after the deletion of /new/, and /vr/, and /vg/ are free to discuss their niche yet numerous subjects without spam.

The imageboard which protects, caters, and cultivates the mindsets and ideas of the many modules of the masses most completely is the one which will succeed. 4chan adapts primarily through the userbase, and only with caution does it modify the structure of the site. This careful change allows communities to organically form and for user participation to be omnipresent.

8chan, the primary opposition to 4chan, goes one step farther in its free board creation, the main consequence being a "Chicken before the Egg" scenario where the community is not populous or organized enough to drive its own board, self-moderation, and the other responsibilities of board management. So for the time being, 8chan thrives on providing what 4chan cannot legally or technically afford, while 4chan preserves the main userbase.

Tohno-chan is largely conservative and reactionary (exceptions being /mai/ and the 3d idol board), and is only valued, if even relevant, to certain people, from a certain place, at a certain time, as a static testament against the effervescent, transient board culture. Users may be gained in the short term, but the size of its community and the sum of its activities have been largely predetermined.
>> No. 26152 [Edit]
You write like a retard
>> No. 26153 [Edit]
I don't think retards write long-winded posts about communities, but you are right in that I have issues conveying my thoughts through language, both written and oral.

I have the meddlesome problem in that I know that my writing is off-putting to others, but even before revision it is not off-putting to myself.

One cannot win them all, I suppose.
>> No. 26154 [Edit]
Long-winded, but you do have a handful of good points. I'm not sure TC is nearly as strict as you seem to think it is though.
>> No. 26157 [Edit]
You wouldn't think so. But then again, look at you.
>> No. 26187 [Edit]
The reason why people like >>26152 get upset is because they read

>4chan suffered from an "Eternal September" from 2007 onwards, and an inability to best accommodate the desires of new users, but it has really improved upon this in the last few years

and can't connect it at all with

>Tohno-chan is largely conservative and reactionary (exceptions being /mai/ and the 3d idol board), and is only valued, if even relevant, to certain people, from a certain place, at a certain time, as a static testament against the effervescent, transient board culture.

either because they didn't understand or bother to read your body. If you want to appease these individuals, it's necessary to concisely summarize and conclude your thoughts, particularly if your post is a rambling, autistic thesis about girl cartoon forums. If you have to underline sentences and use attentional cues, you yourself probably understand that what you've written isn't very economical.

>One method is the creation of sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica
ED doesn't limit itself to imageboards and was never envisioned as a meme field guide for the unwashed. Something doesn't attain memetic status because it's posted to ED - quite the opposite actually. I'd argue the propagation mechanisms are more dependent on present board activities than static archives. Not everyone needs to know or bothers to learn all da meems to contribute to board culture.

>open hostility towards those who do not conform.
>more active involvement of moderation in preserving post quality or board culture
The most effective solution is a combination of these, with particular care to limit and expose moderator influence. Somewhere along the line the staff forgot the function of bans as both the means to prompt certain users to modify their behavior and to publicly humiliate offenders. The red text acts to do the latter, but also promotes transparency in the moderation process. The system of a single deluded autist deleting everything he doesn't like/thinks might be a ban evader achieves neither of the above functions and destroys board content. Deletions should be limited to spam, advertising and cp while all bans should be communicated directly to the community with the offending material undeleted.

>where the community is not populous or organized enough to drive its own board, self-moderation, and the other responsibilities of board management. So for the time being, 8chan thrives on providing what 4chan cannot legally or technically afford, while 4chan preserves the main userbase
8chan is just reddit + 4chan without the archival and organizational capabilities of the former and cultural identity and settled userbase of the latter. It manages to have even less moderator accountability and transparency than 4, but operates under the unique condition of board disposability. If the moderation is shitty, people can just pack up and leave - it will be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out.
>> No. 26192 [Edit]
It is
Thats the main reason this site is so slow, because the moderation is humorless, inconsistent & abusive and quickly drives off most new &/or returning older posters. Its the same thing that happened to 7chan and 420chan and Operatorchan and a lot of other formerly interesting sites.
>> No. 26327 [Edit]
Looks like r9k and s4s have been wiped. Lets hope they get removed completely.
>> No. 26332 [Edit]
hopefully they never come back.
>> No. 26334 [Edit]
Why did you think only /s4s/ and /r9k/ got deleted?
>> No. 26335 [Edit]
I checked /a/, /jp/, /b/ and those two boards, and only those two boards were wiped at the time.
>> No. 26336 [Edit]
whoa the drama is killing me!
>> No. 26338 [Edit]
Why are you discussing this here? It has nothing to do with /tc/. If I wanted to talk about 4chan I'd do it - gasp! - on 4chan.
>> No. 26339 [Edit]
there has been a 4kuso metathread on the from page of /ot/ also most constantly since this site opened. its because some of the end users here are the same incredibly amusing and intelligent posters that have turned 4chumps into such a wonderful site.
>> No. 26341 [Edit]

>there has been a 4kuso metathread on the from page of /ot/ also most constantly since this site opened

No, there hasn't. We haven't had one in ages. Even when they still were some they all used to sink rather fast whereas this just keeps getting bumped.
I mean I kinda sorta understand why some people would care about moot announcing he's sick of this shit and retiring but that's about it. The rest is all dull 4chan meta. If I wanted to see what's up on 4chan I'd just go there. The thing is I couldn't care less.
>> No. 26349 [Edit]
>> No. 26360 [Edit]
I still love 4chan. And I want to talk about 4chan.
>> No. 26361 [Edit]
Then go there and stay there where you belong to talk about it as much as you want.
>> No. 26362 [Edit]
I hate 4chan. I wish moot shut it down along with his departure. A place that began for people who wanted to talk about anime is now full of anti-Japanese, I cannot imagine a thing greater deserving of death.
>> No. 26363 [Edit]
If by 4chan you mean /v/ then I understand why you hate it.
>> No. 26365 [Edit]

I thought I was the only one. It really irritates me how 4chan has this sort of obnoxious culture built around it that bleeds into real life; when I went to uni, I could always spot the 4channers, because this was at the time when Anonymous the hacking organisation was just starting up. Every idiot freshman with a swoop fringe and skinny jeans would have a V-mask badge on their bag. One guy in one of my classes had proudly drawn Pedobear on the front of every one of his notebooks.
>> No. 26372 [Edit]
> i started browsing 4chan when i was 12
>when i was 12
>fucking 12

Holy fucking yellow penguins, no wonder why that place is so full of bullshit.

Are you telling me that i've been eating shit from fucking twelve years old all of this time?? Or even worse: From fucking people that know no better than creepy, fucked up places just like imageboards are since they've got into the friggin internet?!?


This, fucking this.

I'm so sorry for you that you got dragged into their bullshit, man. That place can be even more cancerous than fucking tumblr sometimes. No, seriously. And i hate tumblr with a burning passion.

And to all of these people who says stuff like "b-but without 4chan, i wouldn't be the person i am today...!" or "4chan has taught me some of the most influential things in my life...!" Go fuck yourselves. I'm sorry, but you say shit like this referring to a book, an author, a mentor, a manga or even an anime if you want. Not about some fucking shithole on the internet, may it be 4chan, may it be any other fucking place. Seriously, I hope to not ever meet you anywhere.
>> No. 26373 [Edit]

Why are you getting emotional over something so un-important and irrelevant?
>> No. 26381 [Edit]
Why should I stay there? This place may be slow but I like coming here too.
>> No. 26389 [Edit]
I was on /d/ since 14 or 15 and it was great. Finally found somewhere where I could relate.
>> No. 26391 [Edit]
I was under the impression that most of us left /jp/ and by extension 4chan in 2010, but it looks like I was wrong. Fuck you.
>> No. 26396 [Edit]
I started visiting 4chan when I was 12 years old

>> No. 26621 [Edit]
File 142726133317.png - (76.70KB , 1521x460 , 1359082482437.png )
Ponies only stopped because they were banned outside their board. At the very least it fits into both "active involvement of moderation" and "division and compartmentalization" parts of your theory. They were only being spammed to get a reaction out of people in the first place and probably would have stopped on their own if they were allowed on /co/ and people didn't feel some weird compulsion to respond to every single image of a cartoon pony they saw. Even the most dedicated of spammers will stop after a long enough time.

moot has also had an awful history with board creation/deletion decisions. You're never going to get a situation where everyone is happy with a decision you've made, but moot seemed incapable of picking one way or the other. Either it was his site and if you didn't like it you could fuck off or he backpedaled as hard as he could to please everyone. His overly rigid stance against having "too many" boards was constantly undermined by some of the criminally dumb board creation decisions he made.

Making new boards may very well be the solution to many of the problems an imageboard faces, both in regards to culture and moderation, but 4chan has to be one of the worst examples of that around.

On the topic of moot leaving: I'm glad he's dead. 4chan will only get worse and worse, but I'll always enjoy how that faggot never accomplished the nijiura he wanted.
>> No. 26622 [Edit]
>Making new boards may very well be the solution to many of the problems an imageboard faces
As clearly demonstrated by Tohno-chan's success right?
>> No. 26628 [Edit]
File 142731914797.jpg - (309.25KB , 1600x1200 , 5008100.jpg )
I'm glad it is done. I stopped going there in 2013; frankly I honestly think it would have gotten worse on its own, no matter what happened.

It is interesting how the tumblr invasion completely backfired, though. Didn't see that coming. I guess it revealed to us just how the SJW bullshit has spread like a cancer and has brainwashed people. Not just people, but people who just a few months previously would have never been anything like that. What causes such things to happen? How could it happen? That is what I'm trying to figure out.
>> No. 26631 [Edit]
File 142734439686.png - (110.67KB , 562x562 , susan.png )
>all the newfags are finally leaving 4chan
>> No. 26633 [Edit]

I think it just appeals emotionally. Like religion and cults and such things. Once you tap into people and make them feel good for doing essentially nothing - just thinking a certain way, they're hooked.

Break them down then provide answers and congratulate them. Real feel good bullshit. Classic techniques.
>> No. 26638 [Edit]
More like 1/2
>> No. 26639 [Edit]

I think you're right. Too bad what makes you feel good generally isn't what is actually true. I guess that is why I'm almost always drawn to the morbid; I only appreciate the happy, sunny things when I need to realize that not EVERYTHING about life is negative.
>> No. 26841 [Edit]
File 14294450334.png - (179.41KB , 538x601 , tmp_3657-14174423959371401340667.png )
I'm thankful to moot for creating a board that has provided me with so many hours of entertainment ever since I found the site in 2006 or so. As for what he did: He held the site together, for starters. Just look at 7chan and its troubled history for contrast. moot was certainly one of the most capable imageboard admins, as can be seen from the size of the userbase and his track-record of uptime.
Him leaving doesn't affect me directly, because even though last time I checked /a/ was still the best place to discuss anime with a large community on the Anglophone internet, I haven't been on /a/ or /jp/ in years because even though I still read manga and watch anime, I simply don't feel the urge to talk about this stuff anymore. And I took most of my other posting to 4chon (and now 8chan) when moot destroyed /new/.
Only thing about his adminship that really bothered me was the political stuff that cropped up over the last few years, where tumblr-style leftists were free to shill for their garbage on even on boards like /vr/ etc. while anyone refuting their shitty self-contradictory worldview was banned and had his posts deleted by the mods.
That, and how he let /b/ completely go to ruins over the years.

4chan has had an enormously beneficial impact on western online culture because of its promotion of anonymity. I do hope the internet of the future won't be entirely in the hands of Facebook-style social media where people post everything under their real name.
>> No. 26857 [Edit]
Hey... I like 7chan. Its been my premium content network since /b/day. It has its own culture, rules and the quality of posts is generally quite a bit better. Slower... But better IMHO.
>> No. 26871 [Edit]
But look at how often the site simply ceased to exist before having to get resurrected. After some trouble in the very beginning, 4chan has been pretty stable for a full decade.
>> No. 26872 [Edit]
It doesn't matter, anonymous message boards existed before 4chan, they will exist after. 4chan is just the brandname version of a generic product. Its not better at all, and it costs a little more.
>> No. 26921 [Edit]
What else is there besides 4chan? Even 8chan is dead as fuck.
>> No. 26922 [Edit]
Well I wouldn't expect a newfag like you to know of all the countless secret clubs.
>> No. 26923 [Edit]
you aware that you are bullying me, right
>> No. 26930 [Edit]

It just depends where you go on 8chan.
>> No. 26931 [Edit]
A site that the owner himself has referred to as 'a mix between 4chan and reddit' sounds like a real treat.
>> No. 26938 [Edit]
By that he meant a mix between the anonymous imageboard part of 4chan and the ability of the users to create whatever board they want like reddit
But yeah the userbase is pretty much reddit and 4chan, usually the worst of them, so that's shit. The small 4chan boards are still better
>> No. 26998 [Edit]
I'd like to start visiting a forum again but I don't really know of any good ones.
I just have some nice memories of them from when I first started using the internet but maybe it's just nostalgia.
>> No. 27007 [Edit]
420chan is still alive, and as terrible as ever

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