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File 131688074239.jpg - (319.19KB , 712x556 , Guts with uninvited dinner guest.jpg )
10530 No. 10530 [Edit]
Do you think decades are just gonna become less and less distinct from now on? With the internet you have everything all the time meaning trends aren't as prevalent, and the few that are go by much faster.
Silly thing to bitch about maybe, but I can't help but feel that it's kinda sad.
>> No. 10532 [Edit]
defining things by decade is for pop culture whores
but i don't think its going to change just because of the internet. maybe this decade doesnt seem defined to you, try looking back it in 20 years time and im sure it will
>> No. 10535 [Edit]
I am confused by OPs question do you mean
consumer behaviour and subcultures are defined by decade or can we expect a more homogenic future society by the "international generation" interweb influence? Trends would be very easy to analyze in statistics and writings.
>> No. 10540 [Edit]
Decades are kind of indistinct themselves. Culturally 1969 would have been a lot closer to 1971 than to 1961, for example.
>> No. 10541 [Edit]
  Sort of on-topic, I thought it was cool how Back to the Future 2 totally nailed how the 80s were going to be seen 30 years into the future
>> No. 10549 [Edit]
What do you mean by distinct?
If you look in the past 1880-1940's pretty much had the same fashion trends, so their was no distinction at all. It would seem that with technology we are granted the opportunity to make distinctions. If anything I'd say they are becoming more distinct.

But obviously as others have stated seperating it into decades is inaccurate, and future historians will probably re-name them, but for now it would probably be as accurate as anything else we could come up with.
>> No. 10748 [Edit]
I think culture moves much faster now. I agree that trends are also born and die faster than they have in the past. However, I think every decade will probably still have a few defining things that seem small at the time but turn out to be well remembered later on. If you read this wikipedia article you may find that the 2000's are already very distinct compared to other decades.

>> No. 10770 [Edit]
I'm seconding this brohno, popular culture and trends will appear and end more quickly as the internet becomes the main form of media for most people and is subsequently flooded with advertisements.

Thinking about it makes me pretty mad, really. I like my internet the way it is, and liked it even more the way it was 3 or 4 years ago. I do look forward to the increase in connection speed and bandwidth.

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