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File 133418534313.png - (501.26KB , 800x700 , 1308625885635.png )
8965 No. 8965 [Edit]
Hey guys,
I want to print out a picture of mai waifu to take with me outside of my home but I'm not sure which one to take as I have so many.
what I want to know is, of those of you have done so, how did you choose the picture you wanted to take with you everywhere?
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>> No. 8966 [Edit]
File 133418629477.jpg - (192.72KB , 532x745 , 7241c10a977ebf3ab033212a8aa22285.jpg )
I picked according to how faithful to her original design the artist was and how much I liked the pose.

This is the picture I now carry in my wallet. I almost didn't pick it, but then I noticed she had grey eyes instead of gold or purple as she is commonly shown with.
>> No. 8972 [Edit]
How big picture are you planning? Life-size?
>> No. 8973 [Edit]
I have about 6 Favourite pictures of her, i wasn´t able to decide so i printed all of them and put them in a notebook that i use to carry with me.
So yeah, i wasn´t really able to decide.
>> No. 8974 [Edit]
Good Lord no, just like wallets or something
>> No. 8976 [Edit]
It's easy, just look through all your pictures of her. Then later or soon you'll find one that will make you say "This one".
Take that photo, print it and Voila!
>> No. 9367 [Edit]
File 133982692094.jpg - (92.02KB , 577x800 , UsuSB.jpg )
Thinking of having a printed photo of her, my phone and ipod aren't enough for me.

Also; a re-enactment style milsim event is coming up and I wanted to go in full character, and one of the things I wanted to do was carry a picture of Konata into battle with me.

One of the inspirations for me was Leiji Matsumoto's story about a kamikaze pilot. He had a picture of (I forget which, his girlfriend or a woman he knew, I really forgot which) a girl that he carried with him to the moment he died, and it somehow survived the explosion of the rocket he was piloting.

I want the photo to have a Yamato Nadeshiko feel to it, and carry that essence that 1930s and 40s personal photographs held. After thinking on it I went with this photo, and have made some edits but what would you suggest?

These are a couple possibles:
>> No. 9368 [Edit]
The former, as the latter is too bright. And I always think of old photographs being in black and white.
>> No. 9392 [Edit]
File 133990293742.jpg - (903.45KB , 1200x1800 , frames.jpg )
I got a few printed recently, but not for taking out.
I plan on getting a few more large sized ones latter, along with a number of smaller one.

the main factor in deciding was image resolution, which means going with scans of official artwork, which is what I'd prefer anyway.
I tried hunting down posters of her before, but with no luck, it involved spending a good deal of time trying to figure out which megami magazines had posters of her, after narrowing it down I bought a bunch, and struck out completely.

I'm sure if I had a photo in my wallet, it would get ruined over time.
I had one in my psp case, and a bit of rain turned half the image tie dye.
I stopped taking out the minifig/keychian I have of her, out of fear I might loose or damage her.

I'm thinking of going with fanart for the smaller frames I'm gonna hang around my room, mainly going with those that really bring out her charm.
>> No. 9399 [Edit]
I have a sticker on my laptop of her, and I take my laptop everywhere, so that's the way I do it. I found the sticker at a con, so I didn't choose the picture. It's a very cute picture anyway, so I don't mind.

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