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File 130987601034.gif - (62.25KB , 600x530 , 0f5831e2ceaaeb3c850202273405add6.gif )
3843 No. 3843 [Edit]
Anyone else here play Blazblue? I just finished patching CS II after a very long time without a possible connection for my PS3. I still couldn't beat Score attack, and it seems it's much harder now than it was before.

Thought a thread would be good to discuss recent changes, mains, etc. Also thought it'd be nice to share PSN or XBL to play online for a few matches.
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>> No. 3847 [Edit]
I tried playing for a while, but man, I just don't have what it takes for fighting games.

I liked the story mode, though. and Noel.
>> No. 4081 [Edit]
File 131160770795.jpg - (113.90KB , 622x484 , bef7cd6727761b5d0041f1ae40de0d89.jpg )
Beat Score attack yesterday, awesome. If I ever manage to get a solid connection at home, I just need the level 50 trophy and I have double Platinum in the Blazblue games. I'd love to play with some brohno's when I get a solid connection at my home.
>> No. 4106 [Edit]
File 13117916704.jpg - (427.55KB , 768x1280 , 14afxvk.jpg )
Relius joins the roster. Won't be released until winter from what I've picked up though. Pretty exciting anyways though, hopefully new moves will be added to other characters along with it.
>> No. 4123 [Edit]
File 131193510362.jpg - (61.94KB , 300x240 , blazblue11.jpg )
CS II is my first BB game that I've actually owned.

Platinum is my main and TAGER is my sub.
Though, the sub is likely to change once I grow more accustomed to the rest of the cast (like Rachel and Mu).

I tend to stay away from Ragna, Jin, Noel, and Tsubaki. They just feel to easy/OP compared to everyone else.

I'm pretty certain Ragna's kicks and INFERNO DIVIDER go through pretty much every other move in the game, Noel has some kind of invincibility frames for her drives. Jin can spam swords, freeze you, and his grab feels like it has TAGER-level priority.

Tsubaki is just ridiculous. I can literally press buttons and have an easier time winning than with Platinum and Rachel. I haven't even spent 4 hours playing her since I got the game. She's too good.

On the bright side, Platinum, TAGER, and Rachel are awesome... and the main reasons I'm still playing this.
>> No. 4236 [Edit]
File 13129152309.jpg - (207.90KB , 703x1024 , 1311782238270.jpg )
I play Valkenhayn and Haku sub. Valk feels a bit too easy at times with easy 5k meterless corner combos, and how easy it is to get someone in the corner in the first place. Try him out for a bit, probably the most fun character in the roster for me other than Hakumen, who is now considerably weaker. feels like I'm always doing the same combo loop with him, just a different starter every time.

Tsubaki is a very easy character to start out with, but not the best. Her damage is pretty low on average, and charging places you at a disadvantage unless you pull it off after certain moves. Feels like playing a weaker Jin actually.

If you haven't already, I recommend you look up for more in depth info for the game if you need to, as the tutorial and challenges touch base, but don't really cover everything they need to. I'd avoid the heavy discussion threads and just stick with the bare character info though, the rest of the site is a load of whining and trash talking.
>> No. 5558 [Edit]
File 132307975371.jpg - (100.69KB , 533x748 , ztao.jpg )
<- My main character.
>> No. 5560 [Edit]
Tao is one of my favorite characters♄.
>> No. 5563 [Edit]

In CT I used to spam grabs and Ice Car combos with Jin all the time.

The rage mail was always entertaining.
>> No. 5794 [Edit]
File 132547352476.png - (365.04KB , 615x621 , eed88a9f91ad04025a0aa4f6a6915f6a.png )
My PS3 was broken until a few days ago, when holiday money gave me enough to get it working.

That platinum trophy was never uploaded, and I lost all the saves I had. Feels horrible missing my high scores and matchup chart.

Anyone know if Extend has any exclusive on disc content? I can just purchase Relius as the last DLC character rather than pay for a whole new game if that's the only thing coming out.
That limited edition is very tempting though.

Also to anyone who does not play valk, does he seem tremendously broken to you? It's too easy against everyone else.

I wish I were this good at hitconfirming, but fuck, he looks even better in extend version.
>> No. 5796 [Edit]
Wow, I was surprised that he manged to get a perfect in the second round.

I guess that Valkenhayn does seem a little broken. I mean, it would probably take a really high offensive player just to take on a good Valkenhayn player.
>> No. 5802 [Edit]
To answer my own question in case anyone else was interested, Relius will come on a new Disc based game at $40 standard.

Makes me think this game might go down just like Guilty Gear with plenty of iterations and a very long name.
Cant wait for the LE pack, don't know if you guys are also excited since I'm like half the posts in this thread.
>> No. 5835 [Edit]
File 132627851035.jpg - (130.23KB , 525x675 , zkitty_litter_by_chibiniko-d33ycpt.jpg )
>> No. 5844 [Edit]
File 132631154157.jpg - (485.36KB , 750x1050 , 6b5b0e606d12a1a88e42c3261ce66c89.jpg )
Sure wish more daki's were around for blazblue.
The only one I can find is a noel one, and I'm not so sure about requesting one to be done for me.
>> No. 6146 [Edit]
File 132972919666.png - (15.36KB , 300x150 , ztaokaka_finalv.png )
Time for BBCSEx.

>> No. 6148 [Edit]
I was looking forward to it so much. Valkenhayn is supposedly even better than CS2.

Such is life of poverty.

Edit: I rationed out my money that I will spend on lunch this month to get it. Maybe tomorrow, but will someone from tohnochan play with me for real on PSN?
I only had 107ish psr, so please help me get better with friendly matches!

Post edited on 20th Feb 2012, 8:47pm
>> No. 6155 [Edit]
File 132987994165.jpg - (308.01KB , 600x948 , tenderlyloved.jpg )
Okay, I managed to pick up a LE version, that's cool. Calendar, artbook and music CD are pretty nifty.
If anyone wants to play on PSN, please send me a friend request at Saltynapalm. I don't know if friend requests can also send a message along with it, but include "TC" in the comment or something.

I'm not sure how many people here play the game constantly, but having a friend is better than random matches, right?

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