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File 134037758498.gif - (28.74KB , 388x400 , 2chtop20120619.gif )
10862 No. 10862 [Edit]
Anybody here wants to know Japanese to be able to browse their gigantic internet, but is unable to learn it because of their laziness?

I've grown bored of the western internet, it seems like I've visited all of the interesting places, all the imageboards, all the sharing websites, everything.
The majority of the western internet is targeted to the typical Ford Drivergish audience. Marketers want to profit from that to make more money, people want to reassure their egos by counting their messages, compulsively checking their shitbookfeed, etc. And for the NEET/Otaku/Whatever audience, we are stuck with 4chan, some equivalent boards and that's pretty much all. We are doomed to look at second-hand anime, manga and doujin, cut out from the very source of all this production and hobby: the Japanese internet.

And there I see an enormous anonymous BBS waiting to be read, 2channel. The problem is that I don't understand Japanese and I'm just too lazy and too much of a procrastinator to actually learn it.

If anybody recognizes himself in what I've just described, how do you cope with it? If anybody has managed to learn Japanese besides being a hopeless procrastinator, how did you do it? Was it worth it, or am I just being delusional?
>> No. 10863 [Edit]
The "Japanese internet" is really no different than what you're already surrounded in. Same jokes, same sites, same social networks, same advertising etc.

I taught myself Japanese, but unless you really want to do it, it's a lot of work.
>> No. 10865 [Edit]
I didn't find the jap internet to be that much better, or different. But then, I've never considered it might be different and thus never bothered exploring it. Most of the time I just go into it when there's not enough info on a particular artist/anime/author/game on the western net.

As for learning japanese, I really don't know how it went so well. If you rush through Tae Kim you can pretty much just start reading things with rikaichan or ITH and mantain your own anki deck, so it isn't as boring as just reading textbooks, I guess.
>> No. 10866 [Edit]
Yeah because everyone's a NEET on the japanese internet and there's no advertising right
>> No. 10867 [Edit]
Please don't assume that I said that. But it seems there are more NEETs on the Japanese internet than in ours. The "marketers [...]" part was retarded, I admit it.
>> No. 10868 [Edit]
romanticizing the internet in japan to be much better then the english internet is dumb
>> No. 10869 [Edit]
I already learned japanese some time ago, I'm N2 in JLPT, and I must say that you are being too delusional about what the japanese sites are like. They are pretty much the same thing as the english ones, memes and reposts, marketers trying to take profit over ads and what not. It's all the same. Japanese text boards, when compared to english ones, can be a little bit more interesting, I guess, but that is just about it. There is this guy,, who has some very good translations of long 2chaneru threads in case you want to look at how it is in english. I personally don't see anything special in the japanese internet.
>> No. 10875 [Edit]
The only "good" thing about Japanese internet sites is they tend to be mobile friendly (since most Japanese browse via mobile).

Apart from that, they're no different. The internet is global after all, we just speak different languages in different parts of the world.
>> No. 10886 [Edit]
I wish I knew japanese so I could enjoy what they produce without needing a middleman to translate it. English isn't my first language, so I know how much content you can find when you leave your own internet bubble.
>> No. 10887 [Edit]
I haven't felt anything like that. I know English, German, and Italian.
All I visit are Chan sites like this, and they're pretty much the same thing and really shitty just like the other ones are. I can read the Portuguese in BR chan decently enough and it's still a shit site, might as well be translated 4chan, same with krautchan.

If you knew Japanese you would want to discuss the same topics you do here, only in Japanese.
You probably only feel that way because of English being the main tongue of the internet.
Then again, I grew up with multiple languages so it wasn't like I learned one later in life and saw all this new stuff.
>> No. 10897 [Edit]
Not who you are responding to, but I became proficient in English only near my 15/16, and it came as a huge shock to see all the stuff that was available on the English internet.
I kind of expect the same shock to happen if I become proficient in Japanese one day.

At least my internet addiction can teach me new languages.
>> No. 10898 [Edit]
As everyone else has said it's pretty much the same. You'll gain access to a lot more entertainment though. Plenty of cool games and manga that never gets translated.
>> No. 10913 [Edit]
>I've grown bored of the western internet

how can you even type this out with a straight face? you havent even seen 1% of the English internet.
>> No. 10926 [Edit]
And yet I've got the feeling that I have visited everything worth-visiting.
Has it ever happened to anybody to want to delete all of his bookmarks to "start a new life" on the internet? Or to feel like the first day you were all excited in front of google?
>> No. 10927 [Edit]
No, I love all my bookmarks, a handful of which I found my accident. Some of them I haven't even looked at thoroughly like my teeny tiny folder for Finnish learning resources.
>> No. 10930 [Edit]

I tend to drop out of communities after a while. Delete bookmarks, quit IRCs and such.
>> No. 10934 [Edit]
The only time I ever use my bookmarks is for auto completion when typing a web adress.
It's fun to revisit em after a year!

As for 2ch/2chan, I don't have any motivation to look into that.
>> No. 10940 [Edit]
I rarely find new sites I find interesting. I still go to sites I found back in 97 back when I first got on the net. I am a bit older than most here ;_;

I do want to learn Japanese, not just for something to do, but to better enjoy what I already do. Finding new web sites isn't really that big a deal to me.

How to get past the inability to concentrate, and being stupid is going to be rather difficult.
>> No. 10941 [Edit]
I have a lot of bookmarks that probably shouldn't even be bookmarks, like youtube channels. I could just follow them or whatever but I'm so used to checking things via my bookmark list that I would probably forget about them
>> No. 11019 [Edit]
Easy, just buy some Ritalin and start studying japanese, by new year you could read raw manga and light VNs with ease
>> No. 11024 [Edit]
The only value I see in the Japanese side of the Internet is that they would (hopefully) be more in touch with their own media, namely visual novels. Sure, there's a good amount of English visual novel discussion, but it's mostly about the few that have been translated.
>> No. 11222 [Edit]
Does this actually work? I'm a complete drug noob and have no idea about any of this stuff.
>> No. 11223 [Edit]

All Ritalin does is increase your attention span/focus. You could drink some coffee or tea and achieve the same effect, since both are central nervous stimulants.

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